Where you at Fresh??!?!

So it’s obvious that it’s been a while since I last blogged…..let’s see, what’s changed………

“I got a little older, tid bit wiser” (anyone know what song that’s from?)

That’s about it. Nothing else to report.

I contemplated on shutting the blog down. Kaputz. Done. Finito. Audi 5000. Outta here like swimwear. But then I got a few emails from people saying they enjoyed it, then I thought, well maybe I’ll keep it a little while longer. Trust me, I’m not tooting my own horn but I was surprised and very appreciative of the love. I think the blog gods have something to do with it.

So what brings me out of hibernation?

Check it.

I get this BB message the other day from BK asking me if wifey got the new Essence mag and telling me that my girl is in there. Now granted I saw the picture she was referring to but when the Essence mag came, my arse was right there flipping the page. It was like a kid waiting for Christmas. Ralphie waiting for his secret decoder from Ovaltine (who knows that reference?) and then it arrived.

I flipped through the pages but first I was easily diverted by the shorty on page 54. YOWSERS. She’s a stunner and that pencil skirt makes a dudes legs feel like jello (ladies take note). But anyway…..I flipped and flipped and there it was, albeit small, it was there.


Rather go naked than wear fur? C’mon son…..I’d much rather her naked than see her in fur 😉

Listen me no likey fur either but to see her support it like that, I really don’t like it now. Damn you fur wearers.  In fact, I don’t even like words with “fur” in it. Sulfur. Refurbish. Furniture. Furlough. (Scrabble anyone? )

Of course, the first thing I focused on when seeing the ad were the underlying messages. Yeah that’s it. I didn’t even know she was naked.

Who cares if she’s photoshopped? I’ve seen waaaaaaaay worse photoshop pictures. Some of you ladies probably have a few in your inbox. Let’s focus on the details on the picture (and the message)!!!!!

Seriously good job P.E.T.A. I might even go veg for the whole month, next month in support of your best ad to date.

Boy, what I wouldn’t do to be that “pole” right now!!!!! I gotta figure out a way to make this my screensaver while avoiding the massive onslaught wifey might unleash….

Off to scheme……..


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on August 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “Where you at Fresh??!?!”

  1. ONLY YOU!

  2. trey i dont wanna leave? (not sure) a christmas story – i know that one’s right.

    i hope you keep blogging but by all means do you.

    as far as nia…she’s cute. the end.

  3. Hadn’t seen that pic of Nia, but she looks wonderful. ”
    I got a little older, tid bit wiser, I gained twenty pounds, six inches higher” Tribe, Bonita Applebum!
    We’ll miss you in blogland if you leave!

  4. Leave? Don’t even think about it. I knew you would go nuts the minute I saw that picture.LOL

    Bonita is the song and A Christmas Story is the reference.

    Words with fur in it…LMAO!

  5. I, for one, am mad you know the page number, lol.

  6. LMAO hahahaaaa WELCOME BACK HOMIE!!!!

  7. *wave* hey Fresh!!

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