Proof I’m getting older….the remix

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When I was growing up…….

My cable box was a A/B switch. Flip it to A. Flip it to B. My cable channels. HBO and WHT. Who remembers that? HBO – Haitian Body Order and WHT – White Honkey TV….Now kids got TIVO pausing live tv.

No iPods. I had a Walkman. Sony joint. That had a radio on it so I could listen to DJ Red Alert on Kiss or Marley Marl on WBLS. Chuck Chillout. And the headphones had that cheap foam cover that always ripped.

There was no call waiting. If someone was on the phone you got the busy signal and called back later.

Cell phones were car phones and they were in these big ass bags that people would carry. Now you just put the shit in your pocket and roll out.

Remember when chips went up to 35 cents?!?! and that fugged you up because usually you could get a bag of chips and 2 Bazooka gums for 10cents but now you had to spend all your loot on the chips…

Coca Cola was more than a soda. It was a clothing line. You know I had the sweat suit right?

Albee Square Mall. Airbrushed jean jackets. Nuff said.

Triple Fat Goose, Starter Jackets with the matching hat, Hilfiger and Polo shirts. Girbaud jeans. Guess.

V.I.M (Flatbush and Church Aves. – right by Erasmus Hall – that’s where you copped the different color Lee’s and there was even a rumor that if you brought back X amount of Lee patches, you’ll get aVCR or some shit.

No Treo’s and Blackberry. I rocked the digital watch with the calculator or a Swatch when I wanted to get my fancy on.

Video games were like one pixel. There were no commercials for it. You get your “case” quarter and get busy. Pac-man, Track and Field, Dragon’s Lair, Centipede – who wants it. Joysticks had one button. Two at lost. The games now have like 8. That’s probably why I don’t play them. Too much going on.

You played games outside. Run Catch and Kiss. Off the Wall. We made up this joint called Jail Tag. Skelly, skully, skellsies….I would spend hours melting candles in a medicine cap, fill caps with puddy……just to be nice..(I realize that some of you are completely clueless…it’s okay)

Does anybody play handball anymore?

Do you want to go with me? ___YES ___No ____Maybe. It was that simple. Seal up the note and have them pass it up hoping one of the knuckleheads wouldn’t read it and put you on blast.

Mister Softee….let me tell you…I can still hum the theme song….the ice cream man around my way now…he’s wack. He doesn’t sell ice cream. He sells ice’eee’s. Booooooo……I want a vanilla cone with chocolate sprinkles (is it sprinkles or jimmies?). I want a lemon ice with the wood stick so I can scrape. I want the ice that only the pizza spots sold so I can mix flavors….

Central air was an air conditioner in the window with the bricks underneath so it won’t fall out. Lugging that crap from The Wiz.

Remember when you would hit that red record button on your tape deck to make a tape and hope and pray the DJ wouldn’t talk while you’re recording? And then you pop those plastic pieces off of it so you couldn’t record over it but then if and when you wanted to, you put a piece of scotch tape over it……

Wow. That felt good………

What do you miss?


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 18, 2007.

25 Responses to “Proof I’m getting older….the remix”

  1. FREESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH!!! SON!!! you made my day!!!

    you know what I miss.. getting a beef patty w/ cheese from da pizza spot.. or wait.. a slice with extra cheese, mad garlic and a cherry italian ice!!!! Ok you have inspired my flashback post.. cause damn I miss a lot about home!!

    Handball was my shyt.. my momma embarrased me enough days down at lefferts and wingate when I didn’t come home at allotted time!!! LOL I miss the bazooka joints, with the quarter water and the bingo gums you know the penny joints!!!.. with a bag of chips.. and my cousin harrasing me for 10cents to buy a loosie!!! LOL

    HATIAN BODY ODOR.. damn you took it BACK!

  2. Yoooooooo…BK…the beef patties with cheese from the pizza spots!!!! Yeeessss….What about…umm…Canolis with mad sugar?!?!?

  3. Man, I played skelly all day. I remember melting candle wax and getting it on my mom’s carpet….talk about pissed? LOL

    I liked my patties with Coco Bread. The Pizza spot across from the Albee Square Mall!!!!

    I also miss roti from Gloria’s and the jerk chicken men cooking on the sidewalk on Utica avenue.

    The dollar vans always had the BEST REGGAE/ROCKERS playing. The reggae version of all the hot songs? LMAO!!!!

  4. Yoooooooooooooooooooooo!!! We called it scummy! Melted wax in a Coca Cola cap…outside till the street light came on pluckin the shyt out them joints LOL!!

    I remember making “emergency breakthru’s” on people’s phones just cause you was tired of they joints ringing busy.

    Hatian Body Odor…OHMYGOD!!!

    Bodega’s on the corner…7 Eleven, nah Dude!

    Ok 1969 brought it back for me with the $1.00 Van. I lived in Queens for a minute and the Van saved us from many an azz whipping trying to get home from the train before curfew.

    I miss my $54.11’s and ice cups, penny candy, and quarter waters (we use to set the bottoms on fire to watch the plastic melt after we drank the juice)…I miss my Atari—playing Tetris until I dayum near passed out. I miss my jelly’s (the little plastic shoes chicks wore in the summer, all colors and great for wearing in the water. What about Jams (them colorful azz shorts with the tops to match), two tone jeans (black in the back/red in the front with the red/white and black jordans to match). M.E.M.B.E.R.S Only jackers LMAO!!! Someone mention the infamous “slice” here in DC these muddafuggas dont have a clue what a slice is…I hate it Son! LOL!!

    Awwwwwwwwww this was a great post…lemme go call my sister LOL!

  5. @1969 – The pizza spot across from Albee Square…WOOOOOW..

    @Roycee – I think I had a pair of jeans called Cotler’s or some shyt. Black in the front. Gray in the back. Two-tone what?!?!?! My members only jacket almost got snatched…bastards…but I was definitely rocking that with my namebelt…Seriously, I had no idea what a 7-Eleven was till I moved down these parts….

  6. WOW!! That was a nice little flashback LOL.
    I actually miss playing hot peas and butter…remember that?

  7. You already know I’m behind you on this
    I can hear TJ Swann sing Albee Square right now LOL
    The A/B switch LMAO!!!
    Nothing was hotter than the Coca Cola Polo though

    LOVE this post fam…this is my world


    The Message board (Grown folk talk)

  8. whoa! i read your list to my hunny and he said that must be an east coast person! and we bust up laughing because we definitely remember all of what you posted.

    dang, i miss nowlaters and rocking my fav color pro keds so people can hate 😉

    i LOVED this post!!!! loved it.

    i miss being able to go and get a single slice of pizza. SINGLE slice!!!!!!! awwwwwwwwwww……….

  9. OMG.. well I had my moments and wanted my coco bread too but yes.. I miss my roti from gloria.. but wait.. what about the dude with the cart selling his doubles and roast corn??? Son!!! wait did 1969 say da spot across from da mall?? dat was my shyt and the other joint on that side street with Beat Street!!! LOL

    I miss Sally’s rice & peas and hitting up flamingo, starlight, biltmore and tilden ballroom.. I miss da sound clashes.. awh.. the memories!

  10. @Roycee – yo, I’m still laughing at this line “pluckin the shyt out them joints”….hahahahahahahaha…got me in tears..
    @MsBehavin ‘ Hot Peas and Butter…Come and get your supper!!!! C’mon now. I remember that. Kids would go home with bruises from getting whipped with belts!!! HAAAAAAAA
    @E – TJ Swann son….the original hook singer…..
    @tanyetta – I found a place in Maryland that sold single slices and lost my mind. A SLICE!!!!!!
    @BK – Beat Street record store?!?!? now that was my spot….you never knew who you would see in there….

  11. Wow Fresh, I wanna go back home!! Mister Softee, he used to be out on the block till like midnight. Every night, even in the winter. I’ll NEVER forget the song!

    I’m a little younger than you, but so much of my childhood was filled with this stuff. I really wish I could go back to that time. My world was filled with so much happiness then.

  12. Back when we used words like FRESH, dope, fly and maybe threw stupid in front of fresh?!!

    50’s and 90’s beef.

    Walkman that only polayed in one direction so you had to take the tape out, flip it, fwd and then turn in back around – and more than likely it was that tape from the radio WITH THE DJ TALKING! Never forget, I heard The Show and it had mad curses. I was hooked! LOL.

    You don’t hear me tho.

    Decepts and LoLifes, haha! AirMax that came in red, blue, or if u was alladat, red & blue!

    1969 – the pizza. Damn, the pizza. 1.75 when everybody else’s was still a dollar. Still haven’t tasted any that’s better.

    Freeze tag and cocolivio (manhunt depending on your block!)

    Skelly, that the boys wouldn’t let us play. So we jumped double dutch until they went to play football, then we tried our hand at it.
    Beat Street, yep. Super Power records on Church. Got me some dutty records from over there! RECORDS! LOL.And 1969, yes the follar cabs played the baddest sh*t. Given a Chance turned dub! LOL.
    Aww man, I could go on and on….Great post.

  13. So mad at HBO. Sooooo mad. LOL. But I had WHT!

  14. I miss when Big Mac were actually BIG. I use to have to hold those suckers with two hands!

    I miss the penny loafer shoes when you tried to find the shiniest new penny to slip into the slit! I was mean and hated on for my penny loafer.

    I then loved my Kangaroo’s shoes with the zippers on the side. I would fold my dollar bill in twelves halves and stuff it in the side zipper.

    I remember going on long trips down south with my family. My grandma would be cooking fried chicken the whole night before. Us kids would be making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Daddy would be crushing ice and packing the colder in the trunk with all the food and pop. Back then we never stopped for food!

    I miss falling asleep and waking up with TV went off! You know when the National Amethem would come on and the American Flag would be swinging….TV for the nation was OFF. That was time to turn the knob off!

  15. LOL… man, I sure do remember that cable box…ours was big and brown with the fip buttons and there was HBO and Prism…lol. wow. those were the days.

  16. soooome of those were a bit over my head… one of my work friends was appalled b/c she had to explain pegged jeans to me. i was like huh??? i do remember makin tapes off of the radio. and my djs in charlotte used to piss us off on the regular talkin until the last second. YOU KNOW YOU’RE RUININ OUR TAPES!!!

  17. OH. and how bout once before the end of college, my friend’s sister opened the door to her room on a tour of the house and said, “that’s my sister. she remembers when imx was immature.” there was a collective “oooooooh” before she threw something at them. LMAO!!!

  18. I remember when the remote control was called the “clicker” and it made that sound when you pressed those big ass buttons. Oh your family was “hi-tech” when you had the floor model tive with the recorder player on one side and radio on the other. That thing was HUGE and it took up the ENTIRE wall. LMAO..I had a red and white striped pair of Coca-Cola Jeans with the matching sweatshirt. Didn’t I see that sweatshirt in a Heavy D video?

  19. I remember when the remote control was called the “clicker” and it made that sound when you pressed those big ass buttons. Oh your family was “hi-tech” when you had the floor model TV with the recorder player on one side and radio on the other. That thing was HUGE and it took up the ENTIRE wall. LMAO..I had a red and white striped pair of Coca-Cola Jeans with the matching sweatshirt. Didn’t I see that sweatshirt in a Heavy D video?

  20. Damn.. Ms. Lee took it back.. da 50’s and 90’s beef!!!! LOL the fake me out kids from 87-89th and off of Remsen that used to front like they was from da 90’s LMAO

    oh gawd.. we need a trip home.. just to laugh!

    remember pink houses?????

  21. I think there was IT TV, some booty cable company back in the day.


    Penny candy and getting a dollar’s worth of stuff thinking you had it made. LOL.

    Or playing Fatso Twoso jumping rope.

    The flavored ice from the ice cream truck.

    Oh, yeah remember fruit pies made like the pot pies.

    Hot pickles and Fun Dip.

    Footlong hot dogs from DQ and Champale slushes.

    Kangroo boots, Max Julian, Jingle boots.

    Putting a quarter on the needle so it would not slide across a record.

  22. I don’t remember all of that NYC specific stuff since I am from Detroit. BUT…

    I remember the cool family member being the one who had the 8-track RECORDER!.

    Footwear came in five different varieties, Buster Brown, Stride Rite, Beta Bullets, “Chuck’s” and the slip-n-slide AKA the Kresge Special!

    Karate movies at the Fox Theater, before the renovation.

    And all that other stuff that Fresh remembered

  23. The ring from a soda bottle was my killer skelly piece. Ahh SUMPTER STREET,BROOKLYN NY…

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  25. Awwww, man! What memories!! As a Brooklyn boy, I can relate. You can take the guy out of Brooklyn…… I remember cocolivio and skelzies, feeze tag and swapping baseball cards. Remote controls? What were those? My sister and I were the remote controls! Was so pissed that I couldn’t buy a pair of those phat Puma’s that everybody seemed to be wearing. Had to settle for Converse and Pro keds. Remember “now and laters”, “red hots” and those different sweet sour round candies! (Lemon was the most popular flavor) 60. 90 and 120 minute casette tapes! Who remembers the Walkman with the gizmo so that you didn’t have to take out the casette to play the other side? Thanks for the memory lane trip!!!!!

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