•July 6, 2009 • 1 Comment

I know I’m supposed to blog about relationships this week but hold up for one second because this weekend was quite eventful in the news………..

First, Sarah Palin resigned on the 4th of all days and then threatens to sue media outlets and bloggers who speculate or spread rumors about her resignation *crickets crickets*

Then, Marion Barry who is 73 decides he needs to stalk his former ex-woman, who’s 40. *crickets crickets and more crickets*

And finally, Steve McNair. R.I.P. Talk about unexpected. Talk about mouth dropping. The more and more I hear about the details, the more and more I’m just in shock and disbelief. I don’t want to speculate, especially since I just wrote a post a few days ago about waiting until all the details get released but man, there has been way too much “death” in the news lately. What I will say is my prayers go out to the McNair family, especially his wife and kids. If what they say is true that he was having a relationship with this woman that died with him and IF this is the first time that the wife is hearing of this and now has to deal with this AND planning his funeral, I can only imagine how heavy the load is. *Shaking my head*

Thankfully, Barry and Palin provided me with the necessary comedic highlights to help me get through……


Fresh Randomness

•June 30, 2009 • 8 Comments

First I watched the BET Awards on Sunday night. Then this morning, I had to deal with people at motor vehicles. I’ve officially reached my nigga quota for the week……

Listen…real talk…..if you’re complaining to me that you’re late for work (and this is the new job you got after being laid off for 5 months)or you’re complaining that you haven’t gotten enough sleep AND I find out that the reason for this is because you’re on Facebook, should I really feel sorry for you?

And speaking of Facebook, if your profile is viewable to the world, heads up, soon so will your status messages…..that’s what I just read……

And to piggyback on that, can you please please please be careful about what you post on Facebook, who you allow as friends and what you post on Twitter? Especially if it’s something related to work? Writing “this place sucks ass” could come back to haunt you?  I gave a warning before. Consider this the second one.

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Do I Have To?

•June 29, 2009 • 5 Comments

*sigh* Do I have to?  The B.E.T Awards 2009……

My thoughts….

* I played basketball this weekend for the first time in about a year. Half way through the game, my ass was tired, gasping for air. I quickly realized it’s not the same as running outside or the treadmill. Where am I going with this?

Well, if I’m tired after a year break, then why the hell would I think my ass wouldn’t be tired after a 5-10 year break on stage? Do you really think you can sing legendary songs in the same key and dance at the same time when you haven’t done a thing athletic in years? C’mon son…be real. And oh yeah Bobby, keep your tongue in your mouth.

* When you win an award, YOU win the award. Not your cousin Pookie. Not Ray-Ray. Leave them in their seats. The only person you’re allowed to bring up is your kids and even then, there should be a limit.

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Quickfast in a Hurry

•June 24, 2009 • 4 Comments

First off,  my condolences to those victims in this week’s Metro tragedy.  Although I am not a frequent Metro rider, I still  take it even now and then. That day, I was headed to a friend’s house to help them hook up their wireless network. This friend lives literally 5 blocks from the incident . I sat in traffic trying to get there and wondering why 10 ambulances whipped past me. At the time I had no clue what was going on. After parking what seemed like miles away from my friend’s house, when I got there, I finally found out what was going on. So again, my prayers go out to all of the victims.

In today’s society with your traditional media (news, newspapers) and now the internet and social media avenues like Twitter, everyone wants to be the first to report something. It has to be the exclusive. Celebrities can’t even go to the store without a bunch of picture hungry camera folk following them. And when tragedies occur, people (and I’m including the media) are quick to speculate.

I read an article online a few minutes ago talking about the Metro incident and you should see the responses written by some people. Everyone is trying to guess what caused the accident.  Faulty signals, faulty brakes, you name it. I even read someone say that the reason the train crashed is because the operator was a black female. Are you serious? A black female? So if it was a white female, it would have been different? How about a black male? A white male? An asian male?

Can we let the NTSB do their job?  Unless you were driving that train…..unless you were in that museum…..unless you were in that car when the assault happened… don’t know a thing and you should wait until the facts come out.

Lives were lost. People were hurt.

Stop being so quick to blame but slow to learn.

The New Hustle

•June 22, 2009 • 8 Comments

My Daddy Day was good. No complaints. Breakfast served. Cards. I’m good. Best of all,  I realized I’m raising a hustler. Check it.

After breakfast, Lil Freshalina asks me if I wanted a massage.  So of course I’m like yeah. She says she’ll be right back.

Mind you, the little one is 7 going on 25. A true girly girl but active so don’t get it twisted.

Next thing I hear this snap. My eyes are closed because I’m supposed to be getting relaxed but real talk, I had a serious case of the “itis” so bruh-man was about to doze off for a quick nap. But the snap sound – I couldn’t make out what it was. So naturally my mind is racing trying to figure it out.

First thought, damn, wifey trying to get busy in broad daylight. Wooooo-weeee!!! Then I remembered nah, the kid is up. Boooooooooo.

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He’s In You…..

•June 19, 2009 • 5 Comments

You know what’s  funny about this weekend…..Father’s get little to no love.

Mother’s get brunch advertisements and jewelry and the like. Dad’s…..well….let me put it this way. Last night I saw an ad for concrete mix company. Father’s Day special. Get your driveway repaved. Can I just ask…what does repaving a driveway have to do with Father’s Day?!?!?

But I’m not bitter. It’s just funny.

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Who’s Fake?

•June 15, 2009 • 8 Comments

So I’m in the bathroom this weekend taking a dump and it feels like I’m going to be in there for a while so I reach for one of wifey’s magazines to pass time.

Well this one particular magazine isn’t specific for women of color but you know, there’s no law saying that each race has to only read their own magazine right. Hell, I read GQ and Details occasionally myself.

Anyway, as I’m flipping through the pages I’m pretty bored. They have typical articles like “shed 20 pounds in 4 weeks” (blah), “how to get the man of your dreams “(yeah right he doesn’t exist), “shopping on a budget” (never seen those two words in a sentence before)…….and then I stumble upon something that catches my eye. Nope it wasn’t Mel B’s abs or that Nicole girl from the Pussycat Dolls (cause if it was that page would get ripped out!)….it was an ad.

What was the ad for Fresh?

Glad you asked.

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