Relationship Post #1: He’s Not Leaving

I sat around at a bbq this weekend listening to a female talk about her dealings with a married man.  Then on the 4th, we all heard the national news about someone else dealing with a married man.

Well I don’t care how much he says he cares for you and how much he buys you stuff and says this and that. I don’t care if he’s married, or has a child (or two or three), I’m here to tell you that chances are:


and you are just another piece in his game.  Just being real.

See if you’re naive, it’s easy. Too easy. Because then you hear lines like this………

“Me and my wife, we’re about to get a divorce soon”……or………..”We’ve been separated for a while now” ………or……….

“Yeah, me and my child’s mother, we’re not together anymore….We don’t see eye-to-eye”…..but they probably see pelvis-to-pelvis!

It’s all apart of the game. How far can he get before you give him what he wants without him revealing too much about himself or his life and the minute you believe it and give him some booty, you lost.

But Fresh, he told me loved me?……..Hmmm…was this before or after you gave him the booty?

See it’s like a contract and your signature is  when you give him some. What you are saying when you do that is that he can have his cake and eat it too.  He gives you what he thinks you need to keep you quiet and when you speak out of line (i.e. say you can’t do it no more) he’ll make it seem like it’s your fault and throw it right back in your face (well you knew I was married…why you catch feelings?).


Think about it for a second. If you hold out and give him none and make him prove that he’s getting a divorce (I mean show you the papers) or prove he’s not together with his child’s mother, the whole dynamic will be different.  And if he rolls out, then, you know he was only after one thing.

If he tells you that he’s not with his child’s mother but yet there’s pictures on his Myspace page from a vacation they went on a week ago….obviously something isn’t adding up.


Unless you got that platinum booty that is so powerful it could bring the economy out of a recession, he’s not leaving his wife of however many years for someone he just met. That’s ridiculous.

So don’t waste your time.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on July 7, 2009.

12 Responses to “Relationship Post #1: He’s Not Leaving”

  1. THANK YOU!!!! It’s sad…people are so ‘hard up’ for a relationship, that they will take any piece of a man or woman just for someone to be in their lives.

  2. Well written. Loved it.

  3. So sad and yet so many people need to read this over and over.

  4. Thank you for writing this! Why on earth is this such a hard concept for women to understand??? As 1969 wrote, folks need to read it over and over!

  5. Preach it…Passah Fresh!

  6. I just sent this to a friend who needs to read it over and over. She isn’t getting it and I see disaster coming.

  7. This is good stuff Fresh. You know, the sad thing about this, is that when _some_ women this, they’ll think “well, this is me. My situation is different.”

  8. “If he tells you that he’s not with his child’s mother but yet there’s pictures on his Myspace page from a vacation they went on a week ago”

    OK!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! I knew someone in a situation like this before..of course after nearly 3 years of messing around he didnt leave his wife…the wife found out and homegirl got kicked straight to the curb.

  9. Word.

  10. I would love to send this to one of my girlfriends. She would take offense to it! Shame on her.

  11. werd.

  12. You’d think this common sense wouldn’t be so difficult for some women to understand.

    But…you can’t underestimate the power of stupid, I guess.

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