Fresh Randomness

First I watched the BET Awards on Sunday night. Then this morning, I had to deal with people at motor vehicles. I’ve officially reached my nigga quota for the week……

Listen…real talk…..if you’re complaining to me that you’re late for work (and this is the new job you got after being laid off for 5 months)or you’re complaining that you haven’t gotten enough sleep AND I find out that the reason for this is because you’re on Facebook, should I really feel sorry for you?

And speaking of Facebook, if your profile is viewable to the world, heads up, soon so will your status messages…..that’s what I just read……

And to piggyback on that, can you please please please be careful about what you post on Facebook, who you allow as friends and what you post on Twitter? Especially if it’s something related to work? Writing “this place sucks ass” could come back to haunt you?  I gave a warning before. Consider this the second one.

Blackberry Bold or iPhone S? Who you got? If you want to give me a long drawn out techy reason, email me……………

Next week…..I’m blogging about relationships…all week……..should be interesting……….

Once again, I was forced to listen to the radio…….Damn I feel like I’ve been on punishment all week! What’s a Pleasure P? And why is he singing about Boyfriend #2? What the hell happened to Boyfriend #1? How come boyfriend #1 doesn’t whoop boyfriend #2’s ass? And does Jeremih have a stuttering problem? Girl you know I-I-I?!?

This right here is one of my favorite scenes from ATL…

And my reason for showing you that, is the dude “Brooklyn” is AlBeBack and this dude’s CD has not left my car yet…..It stays in rotation with Joell Ortiz, Jay-Z,  Q-Tip….16,17,18 is CRAZY!!! Mira Mira is CRAZY!!!!  And this joint here…..whooaaaaaaaaaa…… Peep Lord Finesse in the video….Peep the Teena Marie sample……HIP HOP!!!

Happy 20th Anniversary Do The Right Thing……


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 30, 2009.

8 Responses to “Fresh Randomness”

  1. Everytime I have to listen to the radio, I feel a part of my soul leaving me! LMAO. Umm..I’m going to say go w/ the BB reason to expalin. I guess you won’t be watching the premiere of ‘Tiny and Toya’ tonight then huh..since you already reached your nigga quota for the week. LOL

  2. I have an iPhone, but I miss the keyboard and cheaper monthly plan with the BB. But the iPhone has saved my life many days, from finding a new bus route home on Maps to ordering movie tickets ahead of time to buying MF Doom’s cd while I was standing on the corner. Yeah, iPhone wins there.
    LOVE ATL!!

  3. I love that song. Anything with Teena Marie in it is alright by me. And Joell Ortiz is the truth. There is no hip hop like NY hip hop.

    Birthday Sex? *yawn* If that’s all you’re giving me for my birthday (which is tomorrow by the way) you can save it. LMAO!!!

  4. Do what? I need more info on that FB profile/status news. Please share!

    It has gotten to the point where I listen to the gospel radio station in the car – that way I don’t have to hear pure drivel or worry about being embarrassed by whatever comes out of my daughter’s mouth. I learned the hard way – she was walking around singing “I’m calling you daddy, daddy, can you be my daddy, daddy…” Hell no!

  5. Did you just say you have a nigga quota?

    You and me, Fresh? Just like Sixty and her Ike Turner NYP headline…we’re done. DONE!

  6. You’re in my head Fresh! I just wrote a blog yesterday about folks not thinking about the mess they post on the internet.

    Looking forward to the relationship posts!

  7. damn I’ve gota lot of posts to catch up on!

    but yo, i”m bout to hit you up on the Blackberry iphone thing…I was thinking of getting the new iphone.i currently have a plam jump off.

  8. correction: (how come i cant delete my previous post if I want to?!?!) I meant “palm OS” not “plam” lol

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