Quickfast in a Hurry

First off,  my condolences to those victims in this week’s Metro tragedy.  Although I am not a frequent Metro rider, I still  take it even now and then. That day, I was headed to a friend’s house to help them hook up their wireless network. This friend lives literally 5 blocks from the incident . I sat in traffic trying to get there and wondering why 10 ambulances whipped past me. At the time I had no clue what was going on. After parking what seemed like miles away from my friend’s house, when I got there, I finally found out what was going on. So again, my prayers go out to all of the victims.

In today’s society with your traditional media (news, newspapers) and now the internet and social media avenues like Twitter, everyone wants to be the first to report something. It has to be the exclusive. Celebrities can’t even go to the store without a bunch of picture hungry camera folk following them. And when tragedies occur, people (and I’m including the media) are quick to speculate.

I read an article online a few minutes ago talking about the Metro incident and you should see the responses written by some people. Everyone is trying to guess what caused the accident.  Faulty signals, faulty brakes, you name it. I even read someone say that the reason the train crashed is because the operator was a black female. Are you serious? A black female? So if it was a white female, it would have been different? How about a black male? A white male? An asian male?

Can we let the NTSB do their job?  Unless you were driving that train…..unless you were in that museum…..unless you were in that car when the assault happened…..you don’t know a thing and you should wait until the facts come out.

Lives were lost. People were hurt.

Stop being so quick to blame but slow to learn.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Quickfast in a Hurry”

  1. “quick to blame but slow to learn” — Fresh.


  2. I concur!

  3. Well said.

  4. I had the same issue today with people wanting to be the first to announce the death of Michael Jackson. I mean, some folks I follow were talking cashmoney trash about CNN and major news outlets for not reporting, but, of course, major networks report facts a little more reliably than tabloid sites. It was disgusting.
    Yeah, folks need to slow down and understand what’s going on – appreciate life a bit.

    Glad you weren’t on the Metro.

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