He’s In You…..

You know what’s  funny about this weekend…..Father’s get little to no love.

Mother’s get brunch advertisements and jewelry and the like. Dad’s…..well….let me put it this way. Last night I saw an ad for concrete mix company. Father’s Day special. Get your driveway repaved. Can I just ask…what does repaving a driveway have to do with Father’s Day?!?!?

But I’m not bitter. It’s just funny.

To me, everyday is father’s day. I was there filming the birth, changing diapers and running to the diaper genie right afterwards (best damn invention EVER), up at night making bottles (sorry I don’t breast feed), I drop off at school, pick up from school, make dinner, do the homework, bring to practice, cheer at the competitions, know the friends “Hi Mr. Fresh”…all that. And I’m not saying that to impress anyone because wifey does more than her fair share. But for all that I do, I don’t complain about it and I don’t need any day for people to give me accolades. Being active and hearing the word “Daddy” is truly all I need.

This weekend, instead of avoiding the topic of Father’s Day with your child because “he” decided that he didn’t want to be active in your child’s life, instead of being bitter and mad at the world, instead of shielding your child from men because they are all dogs, sit down and talk to them about being a man, the importance of man and a man’s role in the family. Go ahead. Call me traditional. But you need to grow up and stop dodging the subject. Even though my parents divorced at an early age and despite all the hangups my pops had, my mom NEVER shyed away from any question that I had, and NEVER denied him the right to see me. NEVER. Even if she didn’t get her child support check. When I asked her why, she told me that she didn’t want me to grow up not knowing.

Even if you are at ends with your father, like I was, if you just initiate contact with them this weekend, it would mean the world to them. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be your biological. It could be step-dad or any other man figure in your life. If you’re at odds with him, it’s not going to change overnight. It took years before my father and I were cool but each year, we progressed and grew AS MEN and understood that, things happen and if we can get past the past, we can share the future.

We men have egos and we’re macho but I guarantee there’s nothing like receiving a call from your child or hearing the words “Thank You Daddy” or “Love You Daddy”

Now if I can get somebody to write a song about Fathers, I’ll be good.

*UPDATE* Wait…found a song AND video….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 19, 2009.

5 Responses to “He’s In You…..”

  1. Happy Father’s Day, Fresh!

  2. Aww…Happy Fathers Day big bro!

  3. Happy Father’s Day to you and all the fathers out there! Enjoy your day – great post!

  4. Happy Father’s Day….you know I love that video. LOL

  5. 🙂

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