Back on My Blog Shhhhh…………

Party people….party people…..can y’all get funky?!?!?!?!  

So much to post, so little time….Ummmmm……..vaca was good. Relaxing. It wasn’t anything extravagant. Just more of a weekend getaway but I will give you this one very important tid bit of information. Write it down because it is crucial to your existence.

Young wh.ite people + lots of alcohol = f*ckin crazy (in a good laughable way)

Let’s get random with it………..

#1 – I walked into work today and was greeted by a fresh crispy $20 bill.  How did I get it? What made this past weekend good? Watching the Cavs lose.  You know what made it even better? Watching this guy…



Act like this….

400_F_7178301_RYE19KTKTG82jvZ8lfBz75PWHB4Zrz78                                                  MAN UP ‘BRON ‘BRON!!!!!!

Dude went from being on top of the world to actin like a little bee-atch. I’m not hatin’ on dude’s game on or off the court but I do think leaving the court after your team loses the series and NOT shaking hands with the other team is just WACK.  Isn’t that the first thing they teach you in sports? When I was younger and played basketball and baseball, when the game was over, coach told us to go shake the other team’s hands. It’s called sportmanship.  You don’t send the other team’s player an email. You don’t avoid talking to the media.  Years ago, I played on a team that got our ass whooped so bad. It was like 56-7 or 63-7 or something. I know we had the “7”. Oh and this wasn’t football. This was BASKBETBALL. You think we walked off with the sour puss? Nope. We shook hands and laughed that sh*t off. Take your punches like a man. That’s all I’m saying. Shake hands. Take the questions from the press and take your defeat like the man you’re supposed to be.

#2 – I officially have a new crush…

0601_melb_tmz_video#2 – That’s Mel B and those are her abs. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.  Didn’t she just have a baby like last Thursday?!?!

#3 – How come Jamie Foxx got to palm Halle Berry’s ass and tongue her down?!?! Me jealous.

#4 – Yesterday, while at Chick-Fi.l-A (I know I know, I shouldn’t be eating it but technically my body is still on vacation)….anyway, the girl behind the counter is having a conversation with her co-worker while serving me. She’s explaining to the co-worker what happened at her OB-GYN appointment the day before. All I heard was “legs”, “put it up there”, “ovaries” and then I figured it was best I tune out. 

#5 – Speaking of being up in people’s business, I haven’t been on or Tw.itter for a while and I’m sure I’ll be back on in a minute but every time I go on there, somebody is taking that “status” crap a bit too far….It’s like this…….

12:01:01pm…Fresh is…..about to wash clothes

12:01:03pm…Fresh is ……….separating his whites from his colors

12:01:05pm…Fresh is….separating the machine wash cold from the machine wash warm

12:01:07pm…Fresh is……putting the clothes in the washing machine.

12:01:09pm…Fresh is…..shifting his boys in his boxers

12:01:11pm…Fresh says….damn look at shorties socks. What the hell she do? Slide her feet in dirt. Gotta soak these bad boys….

12:01:12pm…Fresh is….adding detergent

12:01:13pm…Fresh is…..adding the fabric softener

12:01:15pm…Fresh is…..selecting the cycle

12:01:17pm…Fresh is…..closing the lid

12:01:19pm…Fresh says…..oh no, forgot to switch it to large load from medium



~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 2, 2009.

8 Responses to “Back on My Blog Shhhhh…………”

  1. We’ve already discussed how I feel about some of your randoms..LMAO!

  2. LOL.. welcome back

  3. Mel B is really off the damn charts with that body. Sick, sick, sick. She needs to get her hubby in the gym. LOL

    Facebook statuses….yeah, I have had to block a whole bunch of folks’ updates. It’s sooo annoying.

    And yes, Man up LeBron. You lost but guess what? You’re still a multimillionaire. Life ain’t that bad. Shake a hand and keep it moving to your summer cottage in the South of France. Dumb azz.

  4. BAWAHAHAHAAAAAA @ shifting his boys in his boxers! Is this why I read??? LMBO…I need help!

  5. Lakers in 5!

    Mel B kinda scares me, I can’t lie. Flat stomach – cool. Ripped up like a man? Not so much.

    I think we may have some of the same FB friends!

  6. Mel B’s stomach is off the hook…I’d like to get back to at least 50% of that…now that I’ve dropped this’s ON!!!

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