A Blog Tale

Her: So where ya been?

Fresh: In the cut, chillin….

Her: Oh that’s it. In the cut. What the f*ck is in the cut?

Fresh: What’s wrong with you?! Why you buggin?

Her: *hmph* Why am I buggin? You think you funny Fresh? ha ha nugguh. Hardy Ha Ha…Look, let me right down to it. Are you cheating on me Fresh?

Fresh: Huh? *confused look on face*

Her: You heard me. Are you cheating on me? Is there someone else?

Fresh: Why would you ask me a stupid question like that? 

Her: I mean…..one minute, I hear from you everyday…sometimes 3-4 times a day….Then, you just disappear for weeks. No contact. No nothing. I’m not about to be played. I am not the one….

Fresh: Whoa whoa pump your / brakes…..it’s not that….

Her: Then what is it Fresh. Huh? What is it? Tell me something. I don’t have time to play these games and I know you be out there. F*cking with FB and your ex-jumpoffs, tweeting and shit. They ain’t got nothin’ on me……

Fresh: F*ck are you Denzel? This training day now…..King Kong ain’t got nothin……..

Her: Keep laughin’ nugguh. When I’m gone, we’ll see if that sh*t is funny…..See who else put up with your sh*t…

Fresh: Yooooo….relax…Calm down a’ight….I’m not cheatin….I’ve just been mad busy. Damn. I had to take some time. Get my sh*t in order.  I should have told you…It’s all good….I’m sorry a’ight…..Serious. 

Her: Damn…I hate when you look at me like that…You know I’m a sucka for that……Just don’t let it happen again….

Fresh: Next time I’ll say something….

Her: Thought you was about to do me like you did that b*tch B.lack.planet……

Fresh: Hahaha….you crazy. So umm…can we have makeup se.x now?


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on April 27, 2009.

12 Responses to “A Blog Tale”

  1. Only you…SIGH. LOL!

  2. Fresh…you are a nut!!! LOL

  3. I can’t stand you! 🙂

  4. Poor neglected blog. Glad you two made up.

  5. U stupid…totally forgot about BP!

  6. Thanks for the laugh

  7. Silly! Where ya been, man!?

  8. This is what keeps me coming back!

  9. ROFL!!!

  10. LMAO..


    I’m SO glad your blog is the first I visit (really cause it’s at the top of the list because of the A-Z order but that’s neither here nor there) it gets my blog catch-up experience started off just right!

    I’ve been neglecting mine too…i got the baby blues ya dig…this little dude just DOES NOT want to come out!…LOL!

  12. People don’t still use blackplanet??

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