Big Bro is Watching

I remember having a convo with my female cousin a few months back. I was telling her that she needed to remove a picture on her Facebook page because it was too revealing and with some of her co-workers being so-called “friends”, it might be detrimental. After basically hounding her about it, she removed it. 

I had her do this after I received emails and heard undercover rumblings at work about a co-worker who had skimpy bikini and boyshorts only pics on her page. News and the pics spread quick amongst the male contingent and even had the mailroom dude trying to kick it. She quickly earned a nickname, which I will not say but it wasn’t the least bit of a compliment.

I frequently interview people here, even though I’m not in HR. After one interview, the VP of HR asked me what I thought. I said the person wasn’t a fit. She agreed. I asked her how because I was the first one to internview the person. She tells me that they looked at their  Facebook page. 

I heard on the radio this morning that some NFL teams have “ghost” pages set up to get a sneak peek into the lives of some the players they plan on drafting. Read for yourself.

The craziest story of them all is probably now an internet legend.  Ci.sco F.atty.  Do a Google search on those words. Basically some guy gets offered a job  by the company and says that the paycheck will be fat but he’ll hate the job. He puts this on Tw.itter page. Well someone from the company saw it and reported it to the hiring manager. End of job offer. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know. But do you really want to take that chance in today’s job market?

Even celebs get busted. Ask Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He made a comment about the officials on his Tw.itter page and the NBA fined him.


I’m telling you all of this to say be careful.

First,  maintain some privacy unless you just don’t give a f*ck.

Don’t put all of your business out there on front street unless that’s part of your job. Be discreet. Use nicknames. Or just don’t talk about things that could put your livelihood (read: paycheck) in jeopardy.  I know for sure that the company I do work with for has a Facebook page, has a Twitter page. I know for sure that some of my customers have FB, Myspace and Twitter pages. Obviously fellow co-workers have pages too. Have I added any of them to my page? One or two. But then I see who they’ve added and then who they’ve added has added and my page has gone completely stealth.  And yet I get the “how come I can’t add you as a friend” or “damn your page is boring”….Yup, you right. Boring. Just the way I like it.

Back in the day, this stuff didn’t exist and if you wanted to find out about a person, you had to ask. Nowadays, you don’t even have to talk. You can just type. It’s wack but it’s real.  

Listen up youngins. All of those pictures you have with your shirts off, poppin’ bottles, or  tight dresses or taking the shot from between your best friend’s breasts don’t belong on the internet. You may think it’s in. I say you’re crazy. You think it’s safe because who’s going to find your page.  Keep thinking that. My boy put me up on a website where people (mostly dudes) can upload videos and pictures of women they’ve been with performing the acts.  Yeah. Uh huh. 

The world is small but the internet makes the world smaller. 

Companies are using social networks as a way to basically perform background checks for free. Essentially they’re investing in you and if they see something of concern, well, why should they invest?  They see what type of person you are, your comments and even more, the people you associate with.  So if Pookie from around the way has a page with some questionable material, you might want to think twice about adding him to your friends list. 

Don’t put up idiotic status updates like “I’m bored at work” and it’s 11am and you’re at work.  Or “this place is so wack” and it’s 10:30am and you’re at work. You think your company won’t see that if they’re online?  They’ll see the message AND the time stamp.

If you’re going to put up a status message, at least make it constructive. “I’m so busy today” or “This is the best place to work!”

Don’t sleep. Most companies watch this stuff. It affects your productivity. And if employees aren’t productive and that impacts their bottom line, then guess what happens? You get the .5% raise and you’re pissed. So when you’re on FB all day, they know. Trust me. Sure everyone is going to have their days here and there but when it’s consistent, they’ll know and flag it. So try and keep some stuff for home.

Big Bro is watching. Trust. Any techie can tell you that and as a techie who was just asked by a VP of a company to set up a system  so that  he can get a daily report of  how many people use Tw, FB, Mysp. and how long each person stays on those sites…….yeah…..I’m just sayin….consider yourself warned…….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on April 9, 2009.

10 Responses to “Big Bro is Watching”

  1. ***Applause***. So very true! I was once asked to remove my Myspace page(a few years ago) b/c I worked for a public official and it was felt that I shouldn’t have a Myspace page(even though there was nothing of ‘questionable’ nature on it) After that incident I got way more protective about what I decided to let the online world see about me.

    I blog and this is one reason that the pics of me on my blog are very few and far between. I’m not even sure if I’ve ever mentioned my government name on my blog.

    As for Facebook, hmmm yep I have a page but I do NOT add anyone that I do any sort of business with. FB is reserved for my friends, family, and classmates. I’ve also managed to ‘hide’ myself so even if the average person knows my name they aren’t able to find me on FB.

    Fresh, this is a post that we all can relate to! As for the folks at your company, I wonder how many people will be w/out jobs once your system is up and running..yikes. LOL

  2. Excellent post…In this day/age, one can NEVER be TOO careful.

  3. Imagine the world you speak of in the land of law school. With people who have to take the bar and as a condition to their admission, they have to pass character and fitness. Which is just code word for “we gonna know all ya business since you’ve been an adult” and if it ain’t what we think it should be, sorry you wasted 3 years of your life in law school but you ain’t practicing no law ’round these parts. Think they playing? Ask Kwame Kilpatrick.

    What folks also fail to realize is that even if they do mark those photos ‘private’ that it is still being stored on a server and can be subpoenaed under the right circumstances.

    Hence the reason, I don’t have FB or MySpace anymore. I’m daring to be different.

    I agree with MzInspired though…some folks gonna have to answer some questions when the VP gets the lists of sites folks are visiting. Wouldn’t I love to be a fly on that wall!

  4. Loved this post! While you would think your words are common sense, often times common sense is forgotten.

  5. Yep! that’s why I never register anything under my real name. Also, while at work, i log in to facebook from my cell phone and one can request me as a friend. I dont use myspace at all while at work.

  6. Alright now! Very timely post, and a must-read for even those who dare feel a little comfort about the measures that Big Brother will go to to keep you in check.

  7. This is so true! I joined Facebook to see what my teenage nieces were up to. Ha! We had a “come to Jesus” moment and they promptly removed the pictures and messages that I found offensive, compromising and generally distasteful.

  8. Ur positively absolutely right…lemme go log off rite nah!

  9. you touched on some really good points and reaffirmed the reason why i’m not on Facebook — i know i’m the only chica on the plant that doesn’t have a Facebook page, but i revel in anonymity at times; you given me fodder for a future blog post… stay tuned!

  10. very good information!

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