There’s a few things in life that baffle me. 

How do they build bridges? 

How do they build tunnels? Do you have to be a nice swimmer to get those jobs?

But even better, the most baffling question EVER……

How do you make a baby and not take care of it?  

Now if you were short for cash one day and dropped off a few kids at the sp.erm bank….okay….I’ll give you a pass. 

But if you exerted some effort to court the person, express interest, get the number, go on a date, go over their house or hotel or back seat of the car, get undressed, remember that either you had no condom or you haven’t taken the pill in the last 3 months because it makes you gain weight, get aroused, split the legs, do the grown-up, talk smack, do some smacking, release, grab a drink, go about your business, feel nausea, miss the period, go to the drug store, drink water, pee once, check the stick, don’t believe it, go to another store for another test, drink water, pee twice, check the stick, same result, still don’t believe it, make a doctor’s appointment, get blood drawn, get results, yes it’s true, tell him, what you going to do?, say you’ll be there, grow a belly, embryo forming, can’t eat what you like, crave pickles and ice cream, clothes no longer fit, can’t find fly maternity clothes, you’re glowing, he’s starting to slip up, hormones raging, feet and ankles swelling, he’s pissed cause he can’t get none cause you’re uncomfortable, gotta sleep awkward, waddle down the hall, hear a billion comments from everyone that wants to be your doctor, water breaks, now it’s time, front like you going natural, but really need that epidural, push for hours, looks like you, eyes like her, beautiful baby….all of that, you don’t get a pass.

It’s frustrating when I hear stories about men not taking care of their children. How does it get to the point where a stranger with a black robe and pallet, (judge for the slow ones) determine when you see your child and how often and what you pay?  Isn’t that crazy.


Or when the mother decides to use the child as a pawn because although the child’s father is willing to take care of his, the mother is pissed because the father didn’t want to be with her.


How can you ‘forget’ to pick your child up on the weekend? Forget? You forget your bluetooth headset at home. You forget to pick up clothes from the cleaners? You don’t ‘forget’ your child. 

Maybe I’m biased cause I’m a parent.

Maybe I’m just off my rocker cause the minute I saw mine, I realized that it’s no longer about me. 

Maybe it’s just me.

Somebody explain.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 24, 2009.

10 Responses to “Baffling.”

  1. There is no explanaztion

  2. explanation

  3. It’s not just you – trust. I don’t know how anyone can not take care of a child they helped create. Unbelievable.

  4. You got me. I don’t even know why.

  5. I have to agree w/ you. I don’t understand some of these ‘parents'(I use that term VERY loosely). Nothing pisses me off more when women have a child’s father who WANTS to take care of the child but b/c the man doesn’t want the woman anymore or b/c he’s not giving her enough money to get her hair AND toes done, err I mean pay the light bill and get some groceries, the child is a pawn. That is bs and it pisses me off. I swear some folks need to take a test before they are allowed to have kids. *Rant over* stepping away from soapbox.

  6. You know I feel you on this one. My children mean more to me than anything in this world and there is no way I would ever NOT want to be around them or NOT allow them to be with their father. No matter what the circumstances.

    For someone to have no desire to be a functioning parent in their child’s life tells you about their level of insecurity.

  7. Titled quite appropriately….Baffled is right. I agree with 1969 in that parents who withhold themselves from their children do not have adequate self worth, so being absent doesn’t strike them as harmful to the kid because they don’t see themselves as valuable anyway. Thats my theory.

  8. don’t get me started here fresh.. it has a lot to do with the level of maturity and the persons insecurities.. whether it be man or woman period.

    My shorties will always be taken care of no matter what.. there is no other way period.

  9. I had a mini rant about my daughter’s father on my blog the other day. I really can’t understand how anyone would want to turn their back on an innocent child. I also hate that “baby momma” mentality. Those chicks that use their kids for their own gain. It’s crazy. Baffling is definitely the right word.

  10. My explanation – probably not popular, but everyone shouldn’t be allow to procreate.

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