Fresh Convo

Me: That’s nice the way he treats his grandfather. I hope I get the same treatment.

Wifey: I’m sure you will but that’s not his grandpa.

Me: Uncle, whatever?

Wifey: Nope. Try father.

Me: How old is dude?

Wifey: About to be 81.

Me: How old is shorty?

Wifey: About to be 8.

Me: Gimme a sec. Let me do some math. *using fingers* 3, take away 1, that’s 7. Wait a minute, he was 72-73 and popping off?!!?!?!?!

Wifey: Yup.

Me: How old is the mother?

Wifey: You don’t want to know. Let’s just say divide his age in half…almost. She’s right there.

Me: DAYUUUUMMMMM….he got hypnotized by the phatty. Oh well……..I guess the blue pill really works……

Wifey: Guess so.

Me: I wonder how that shit went down.

Wifey: Do we really have to go there?

Me: Like, I wonder if he was like “hey babes, I’m feeling kinda horny, go get the pills”

Wifey: Fresh…..

Me: Do you think he was smacking that ass? That shit probably felt like a feather tapping her ass.

Wifey: FRESH!!!! Why?!?!?!….c’mon….I don’t wanna…..

Me: How about talking shit?!?! He was probably like “tell me you like the pill baby”…cause that’s what I would say….. 

Wifey: *Deadly black woman stare*

Me: I’ma be poppin’ them joints like crazy  when I’m his age….like  they’re Flinstone Vitamins…….. especially if I scoop something like that……..gotta keep up with the youngin’s…….

Wifey: You keep talkin’ reckless, you gonna get popped and you won’t see that age…..

Me: Damn.  Why you gotta be violent though?!?!?!


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 17, 2009.

16 Responses to “Fresh Convo”

  1. You know I keep saying I’m not going to come back over here anymore. But I know you’ll have me laughing and I can’t stay away.

    Sounds like my family, almost. My grandfather was 58 when my aunt-who is the same age as me- was born. So we get a similar reaction from folk, sometimes.

  2. Man, you and the Mrs have the most ‘spirited’ convos! Omg!!!! Dude, is clowning though being 81yrs old w/ an 8yr old….wtf!

  3. I like your wife.

  4. You? Not so much.

  5. lmao!!!

    i missed your blog. hilarity.

    and um, ewwww.

  6. I have no words.

  7. ….why! why why!!! LOL!

  8. LMAO Wifey is from the county you betta behave!!!

  9. I love it! LOL

  10. LMAO!!!
    “what’s yo favorite pill?? what’s yo favorite pill?

  11. Nobody likes you Fresh. NOBODY!

  12. LMAO…y’all too funny!

  13. BWAAAAHAAAHAAA! at the *Deadly Black Woman Stare*…the rest….D.E.A.D

  14. LMAO!!! I hate you!!!

  15. You guys got jokes huh?!?!?

  16. LMAO @ “poppin’ ’em like Flintstones vitamins”!

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