The Haps

That blogging every day thing….yeah that failed this weekend (shut it up BK and Sixty!)….I’m saying with 70 degree weather (after it had been 20 degrees just 4 days prior), there was no way I could stay in the house, let alone on a computer.  Eh, I tried.  I know I know, you could have scheduled some posts Fresh. Nope. No scheduling. Its not serious for me. Plus how many people read blogs on the weekend?

Begin Randomness

## I felt like I was on punishment this weekend because I went to see the Ma.dea movie. In case you didn’t know, I’m not a big fan of Ty.ler Perry movies. I mean, I respect the dude’s hustle and by no means is this hating, but I just can’t get into seeing a 6 foot plus black man parade around the screen as a woman. It’s not funny to me. Not even as a Kl.ump and the only reason I peeped Big’s house was because of Nia  To be honest, his story lines are too predictable. I think I knew what the ending would be about 10 minutes into the movie. It’s all good though. I earned brownie points.

## How come when black people don’t like something done by black people, it’s automatically hating? Why can’t it just be my opinion?

## Can someone explain to me this phenomenon called baggy skinny jeans on dudes? Does that even make sense? 

## I’m addicted to Celebrity Apprentice….but probably only until Claudia Jordan gets the boot.

## I saw way too many undone toes this weekend and if that’s foreshadowing for the summer, I hope it continues to snow.

## How do you get arrested at a “Stop the Violence” concert? Isn’t that contradictory?

##I know it was nice out this past weekend but it wasn’t nice enough to break out the linen. Yes. Linen. C’mon

## Awwww shit son. Pimpalicious. Look what I saw in the Menswear store this weekend. And to think you can get 2 of these bad boys. When’s Easter?!?!?!img00027


## Imagine if I flip the game and rock these too


I’ma call these the “Dru Hills” cause they got that dragon joint on them. You see the tips?!?! I can kick someone and cause serious damage to a scrotum or clitoris! and oh yeah, if you leave the house without a mirror, ladies, I got you. You see the mirror reflective tips!?!?! The game done changed.

End Randomness.

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “The Haps”

  1. I knew you couldn’t blog for a month….LOL

    Yo….what the hell were you buying in THAT store. I need to know. No seriously, I NEED to know.

  2. Lemme find out you’re shopping for Easter already Fresh. lol. Those Dru Hills are fly!…

  3. I saw shorts this weekend…ridiculous. So Fresh you picking up the robin egg blue suit?

  4. LMAO yeah you lasted longer than I thought on the blogging for a month LOL

    WTF were you at Harold Penner?? lawd begeeesus LOl and don’t feel bad.. I didn’t like it.. which is why I don’t go to the movies and see it.. I’ll watch on dvd or on cable.. story line is too predictable..

    those shoes I will KICK YO ARSE AND TAKE YOUR BKLYN CARD AWAY.. that is all

  5. @Sixty and BK – I’m glad y’all got my back. Snatch my BKLYN card…..Call immediately…..

  6. I would have to stage an intervention. For real. The shoes alone are worthy of a party at Callaloo. (What chu know about DAT club)

  7. yeah i dont understand the baby skinny jeans phenonmena either! what the HELL!!! I’m mad at those easter suits but I’m even more MAD at them shoes…put them down!!! LOL!

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