Hold Your Balls

I chose to ignore the story at first because it dealt with the Republican party and well, since it’s not my party, I could care less.

But this battle, or so-called battle, between Rush Lim.baugh and Michael Ste.ele is interesting. 

In one corner you got Mr. Rush aka Mr. Conservative and you got Mr. Ste.ele aka Mr. GOP. 

Mr. GOP calls Mr. Conservative incendiary and ugly.

Mr. Conservative unleashes on Mr. GOP.

Mr. GOP apologizes. The GOP tells Mr. GOP to focus on running the party. (I’m not sure which one happened first). 

I can’t front. When Mr. GOP received the position, I was happy for him, although I knew it was a puppet move and a way to combat what the Dems have. A feeble effort but I understood.  I’m quite familiar with Mr. GOP as he used to represent my state and in fact used to reside around the way (maybe he still does). He has a voice and on the real, he’s in a tough position. I’m not making excuses but you can imagine that he must really be an outcast in that party.

So when he called out Mr. Conservative, I was like….oh good stuff. Then he retracted. That bothered me. I know his hand was forced. His tongue has been tied but I can just see him called into the room with a bunch of stiff white shirts pounding on the table saying “we control you, you’re just the face, we make the decisions”. 

Man listen. They hired you to do a job. Speak your mind. You spoke the truth. Don’t let a conservative idiot punk you.

Hold your balls.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hold Your Balls”

  1. lol ditto.. I caught him on that DL show on nnc and well it was hilarious but chuck d ripped into him LOL and I couldn’t stop laughing.. Mr. GOP needs to get a grip on reality

  2. i agree… I was so disappointed he apologized. It’s like, where’s your spine homeboy?

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