Code of Silence

All of this steroid talk in baseball recently got me thinking.

If you see your teammate “juicing” it up, would you tell management? 

What if you know that he just signed a contract for $250 million over 10 years? Would you say something? What if it would have an impact on his family?

Let’s leave the baseball reference alone for a second and bring it to something that most of us could relate to.

If you’re co-worker somehow cheated either before or after they received a promotion/pay raise, would you tell management? Seriously, would you say something to management or would you say something to your co-worker?

At some point, our morals, if we have any, have to takeover or do they?

If you witnessed a crime, would you notify the authorities? 

What if the person who committed the crime is your relative who just got laid off? Do you still turn them in?

Can you really be like Lil’ Kim, a so called, obstruction to justice?

In college, I got lit up on my first two exams but my Korean roommate aced them. Now I showed him how to do the assignments but he still smoked me. Turns out, the TA who was Korean, was tipping him and his crew off with past tests and answers.

Should I have been a snitch? (for the record, I did what most other students would do. I asked him to share those tests!)

If you’re out with your girls and you see your best friend’s husband in the restaurant getting intimate with another woman, what do you do?

Turn the tables….what if you go to the restaurant and you see your best  friend’s husband with his boys and it’s your girl, the best friend, that’s creeping? You were her alibi. Now what?

What makes a person determine if it is right or wrong? What makes you shut up or speak out? What say you? (you can answer the poll or leave a comment or do both)


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “Code of Silence”

  1. Man this is a real tough one…it’s such a double standard.

  2. Unless it’s affecting me in a major way… I mind my business. Don’t want no trouble bawse LOL

  3. Wow this is hard. I think it would depend on the situation. If it is affecting me personally then I’d have to do/say something. Otherwise I’d just mind my business, people always tend to shoot the messenger.

  4. Well.. If it’s someone I know, like a friend or family, I’m calling their azz out. Even with just a simple “you know you wrong…”

    If it were a co-worker, I would probably keep it to myself. Unless I felt that their cheating could somehow affect my job or productivity. Then once again… I gotta call you out.

    However, I’ve never been a snitch.

  5. If a crime occurs I’m telling alll day every day. If something occurs at work I’m minding my business unless it has a direct effect on me.

    If my girl’s husband is at a restaurant canoodling with another woman I’m introducing myself.

    Being my girl’s alibi and being put in a situation to lie is tuff. I wouldn’t out her, but I’d give her a tongue lashing…its likely if we’re so close, than I’m close with her husband as well….and NOT like

  6. Nah I doubt I’d tell…’sides…haven’t you heard —> Snitches get stitches/Talkers get walkers?

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