Veggie Love

So this is what it feels like to blog on a Sunday. I feel out of my element. A fish outta water. Kool-aid without the sugar. Lil’ Kim without a plastic surgeon.

Well my 2 week veggie quest, that was extended to 3 is finally over. I did it. I’m finished and here are some tidbits about my journey.

#1 – It’s really not as bad or hard as I thought. I had a few tests where I went out to eat with customers but I just opted for a veggie option (read: salad) and despite the constant barrage of ridicule during one lunch, it really wasn’t that bad.

#2 – For protein, I supplemented with whey/soy protein shakes or just ate a rack of beans and nuts.  I’m sure wifey was pissed at the bean option but hey it kept the bed warm at night……..

#3 – Speaking of which, the first couple of days, I was VERY regular. Let me take it back to my roots in Brooklyn for a second. YO SON, I was very intimate with the toilet to the point where I considered going to buy a cushion toilet seat…That’s TMI…

#4 – I ate less. I’m not saying I used to pig out (no pun intended) but if you would drop a good amount of meat on my plate, I wasn’t getting up until it was GONE.  So this little quest has given me a little lesson in portion control. My biggest meals are lunch, which they should be. Dinner is light weight.

#5 – My energy levels are up but I don’t think this is all related to the veggie quest although most vegetarians will say it’s totally related to diet . At the same time that I started this, I also started working out more.

#6 – I discovered that are quite a few vegetables that don’t taste so bad. I even got nice with it and cut up a bunch of veggies. Threw those bad boys in the wok and made what I called “the funky fresh medley” You want the ingredients? I just told you. Throw a bunch of veggies in a wok. Add onions if you want. Add stir fry mix. Whatever. Cook. Eat. There you go.

#7 – Wheat.grass shots are nasty. It tasted like someone cut my grass and put it in a cup.

#8 – Did I mention that I was quite regular?!?!?!

#9 –  I was a pseudo-vegetarian, not a pseud0-vegan. I ate dairy.  Maybe the next time when I do it for a longer period time, I’ll axe the dairy but for now….nope.  

#10 –  I did not try tofu nor the soy ribs at the restaurant I went to (I was surprised that places offered veggie options) but maybe next time…..One of boys is a vegan and kept telling me, it tastes like chicken…….oh yeah, that’s the same thing “she” told me…..

Next time I’ll do it for longer. Maybe 30 days. The last time I did a challenge for that long, it backfired. I had a friend challenge me to not eat red meat for 30 days. I did it and on day 31, I dived into it and got sick as dog. Day 35, tried it again, sick as a dog. Day 70, tried it again, sick as a dog. Needless to say, I’ve been red meat-less since. So will this become a life time option for me where I become green, save the earth and grow dreads? Who knows…


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 1, 2009.

10 Responses to “Veggie Love”

  1. ‘Become green, save the earth and grow dreads’ *FAINT*

  2. LOL@ #2 keeping the bed warm at night! HILARIOUS!

    i did a “no meat” fast for 30 days at the beginning of 2008…it wasnt so bad after the first week and whenever I felt like I wanted to eat meat i would get some calamari or have some tuna..wasn’t the same but it got me by my red meat/chicken cravings.

  3. DEAD!

    Too funny… Gald you enjoyed it. I’ve been thinking about doing a detox… yea just thinking. Really want to but I’m a picky eater that LOVES to eat. And vegan is out of the question, don’t like enough fruits or veggies to survive! lol

  4. Way to go Fresh! Um…who is “She”?????

  5. Why are you so crazy? I’m sure your colon is thanking you.

  6. @Mzinspired – You don’t like the dread idea huh? Vegans, “Save the whales” t-shirt and flip flops???!?! LMAO

    @V.Wright – Yeah I’m gonna try the 30 days thing…No doubt..

    @REIGN – Just eat the same fruit and veggie everyday! LOL!

    @Kellz – “She” is yo’ cousin Shawaneequa….She told me it taste like chicken when she was trying to get me to……

    @Missmajestic – My colon was singing praises…..

  7. LOL! Dude – you’re funny.

    I know you’re telling the truth about #s 3 and 8. I was . . . amazed during my fast. Let’s just leave it at that.

    #10 – dead wrong!

    I’m going to try a Green Naked Juice after work – I hope it doesn’t taste like freshly mown grass. I can’t believe I got hooked on $4 juice on my fast – during a recession no less!

  8. Giving up red meat and pork was hard enough! LOL

    I think I could go vegetarian but I would need to be super prepared and have all of the ingredients at my disposal. The tough part would be eating out and eating at work. *sigh*

    Kudos to you for sticking with it.

    As for Shawnequa? TMI….Fool! LOL

  9. LMAO it’s not as bad as you thought!!! tons of options available and it also probably made you cook more LOL prep in advance LOL

    TMI.. hahahaaaa

  10. I’m so mad I gave you the benefit of the doubt and asked who’s “she”!!! ROFL! ewwwwww

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