Freshdog Blogginaire

I didn’t see Mi.llion.aire. Hell, I didn’t even know the movie existed until like a month ago but everytime I turned the channel back to the O-scars, they were winning an award…..Geeesh…..that show was on for 3+ hours. I couldn’t deal.  Everyone started sounding the same. Reading like they were in a Shakespear.e play or something.  But uhhhh….am I the only one that wanted La.tifah to stop singing in the middle of the song and just break out with “Who you callin’ a bitch?!?!?”…….you can’t tell me that wouldn’t have been hot……..

Tomorrow ends my meat drought. My return journey from Granola Land (copyright Kellz 2009). On the real, it hasn’t been that bad. It was only supposed to be 2 weeks but since it was going well, I extended it till the end of the month.  It took a few days for my body to adjust, if you know what I mean. And it was tough watching the kid eat……damn. The crazy part is I was most concerned about not being full but in actuality, that was never an issue…..I’ll do it again but for a whole month. If you ever need motivation to try it, go to and watch some of those videos……All I’m saying is P.E.T.A goes HARD….

I don’t care what your background or experience is, if you show up for job interview and you have a tattoo of two cherries on your neck with “juicy” written underneath, there’s a damn good chance, they’re going to look right past you and on to the next person…..I’m just sayin……

I’m starting to have faith in hip hop again….

Pet Peeve # 8000 – When I get invited to a “theme” party and half the people didn’t follow the theme. I go to an “all black affair” and people are in yellow, purple, red. WTF?!?!?! 

Pet Peeve #8001 – When I’m at the light and as soon as it turns green, somebody blows their horn. I haven’t even taken my foot off the brake and these mofo’s wanna move all fast.

Has anyone else noticed that more people are getting pulled over by cops? I’ve been pulled over twice…yes TWICE…in the last 45 days (although it seems like 2 weeks). Both times they “claim” I was speeding but one time it was OBVIOUS that it was DWB (driving while black). Look police departments, county, state and local governments, I know we’re in a recession and your departments are suffering, and you figure that pulling people over is a way to gain some revenue but this sh*t is ridiculous. For the record, I’m fighting the ticket….

I’m going to try blogging everyday in March…..
31 days of blogging for y’all
31 days to blog
if one of those days I just happen to forget cause my ass is too busy doing work and shit
that’s one less day of blogging for y’all……

Finally, here’s an oldie but goodie black hist.ory month moment….Celebrate Cyrus.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “Freshdog Blogginaire”

  1. Man drivers in the DMV, especially the ‘D’ of that are good for that. Dam I’m just realizing the light is green and you ready to run me over…WTF.

    Ummm I’m over theme parties for that exact reason…all white and all black affairs and your bish azz want to come in red cause you ‘want to be seen’ girl bye!

    I’ve gotten pulled over quite a bit more too, but I’m chalking that up to having a nice car, being a young black female, and living in a part of town that’s dam near all ‘Keeblerville’.

    Hmmm I think I may try to do a blog a day in March now too..especially since I’m about to have a whole lot more time on my hands.

  2. I look forward to 31 days of Freshness!

    Please check out Slumdog Millionaire. It is one of the best movies I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m not a big moviegoer, but I love the theatres that show old movies & indie films. If you’re in the DMV, check out AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, MD (that’s where I saw Slumdog) or Landmark Theatre in DC.

  3. Don’t sleep on Slumdog Millionaire. If you ever wondered what the hood looked like in another country, India for instance, this is your opportunity. Definitely not your typical Hollywood type of movies.

  4. slumdog was actually pretty good.. dwb.. sigh yeah it’s becoming an even higher alarming trend.. you blogging for 31 days??? hahahaaaa I got 5 on it that you don’t! What son!

  5. Slumdog is a great movie. Go see it!!!!!

    31 days of Freshness???? We’ll see.

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