Set it Off…..

Maybe I’m old school but I come from a place where you don’t initially throw someone under the bus.  You talk to them first. Pull them aside. Talk about your issues. Explain to them what the problem is. What ever happened to that?

I guess with the economy and all, people will cut your throat if they think it will help them advance.  I’m no rookie in this corporate america thing. I peep game. 

 I covered a meeting for this dude at work last week. Once the meeting was over, I told the guy who I covered for all of the next steps but I specifically said, don’t work on them until the customer provides the proper documentation. Yesterday, the rep for the account, who just happens to be a brother, decides to put me on blast in email out to management and basically toss my ass under the bus despite the fact that he dropped the ball, saying that I, and my team, are the reason why this process is dragging along. 

So naturally when my BBerry buzzes last night at like 10pm (when Mr. Bitch Ass sent the email), I damn near woke up the neighborhood when I yelled WTF?!? I wanted to call his ass right then and there but I figured that would be a bitch move. 

So I went back to my notes,  looked at the notes in the system,  took his assistant’s notes and crafted a scathing, yet intelligent email which lit his ass up. And oh yeah, by the way, I cc:ed more management than him including his VP, Senior VP and the CEO.

Don’t play son. 

But if a man test my Stuy
I promise he won’t like my reply
Boom bye bye like Buju,
I’m crucial
I’m a Brooklyn Boy, I may take some getting used to…… 


I’m ready to take it back in the day and leave this song on his voice mail….

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 20, 2009.

6 Responses to “Set it Off…..”

  1. DONE.. OMG.. so done.. yo this right here!!!!

    Get’em Fresh!!!

  2. Why they playing with us sonn? Tell em where you’re from……

  3. Punks jump up to get beat down…tsk tsk


  5. did what you have to do!

    Put him in CHECK!!!

  6. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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