Veggie Me

Next week I begin a new challenge…..

I’m going to TRY and go vegetarian for 2 weeks. Although I’m probably not messing with the tofu, I’m not going to rule anything else out…

Plus I’m really trying to see if this is true…..

Who knew asparagus was so……..

(yo, P.E.T.A goes HARD don’t they?!?!?!)


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 6, 2009.

7 Responses to “Veggie Me”

  1. You know what! LOL

  2. lmao @ you.. it won’t be so bad.. 2 weeks.. I’ve done it for a few months.. be careful of the “frozen foods” because you know they are packed with sodium and well a lot of filler that isn’t totally great for ya! if you must try a frozen brand.. kashi, amy’s and dr. praegers are the best.. and YUMMY

  3. Good luck with that. It will be hard to do at the office.

    I have been counting calories and running. So far so good.

  4. It’ll be easier than you think! Don’t sleep on tofu. IF you go out to eat – Indian, Chinese, etc – try it, they can hook some tofu up! I wouldn’t try to cook it yourself . . . .good luck!

  5. No dairy too?

  6. aside from the fact it make your urine smell like sulfer asparagus is VERY good. Steam it sautee it grill it! tastes great with lemon pepper seasoning and some kind of fish…oh you can have fish…oh well.

  7. I was a vegetarian back in the day. I was so much healthier too. I might have to join you…

    Good luck!

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