No, I didn’t make a mistake in the title. It’s a scrambled word. That word describes exactly all the thoughts in my head right now. Can you figure it out?

#1 – I caught the second half of the Super.bowl. Yup, I, as a dude, missed the whole first half. Shoot me. But I have a perfectly legitimate excuse. The little one had a competition which will always reign supreme over any sporting event. I walked in as soon as Harr.ison was gasping for every last piece of air in the stadium.  Big ups to the Steelers and big ups to Coach Tom.lin. I like that dude. He’s humble and despite the fact that every time I see him, he reminds me of Omar E.pps, he is now the youngest coach to ever win a Super Bowl. Lookee see ->

#2 – MC Hammer is officially a Super Bowl commercial bee-atch….C’mon, Hammer. Cash.4.Gold…….Geeesh

#3- Black people. Listen up. I’m going to need you to stop bringing the whole family to Out.back or TGI.F’s for a birthday celebration. Got the cousins, little bad ass nieces and nephews and even Grandma in heels up in the spot talking about I need my food cause I’m going out afterwards. Please. Find another spot like ummm home?!?!? I’m sitting there trying to enjoy my Kookabura wings and here comes the whole wait staff clapping and singing and shit disrupting my meal.

#4 – Blog BEEF is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.  Some bloggers are real. Some are fake as Lil Kim’s breasts. But all, well mostly all have opinions and you, as a reader, have to respect that. You don’t have to agree with it. But you have to respect their opinion. Unless they personally attack you, putting someone on blast is childish. That’s my 2 cents.

#5 – Second dumbest thing I’ve heard of. This evalute the President in 100 days crap. Who came up with that idea? I was watching the news the day after the inauguration and the reporter is asking someone in Congress, “how do you think the President is doing?”. It’s his first day. What could they say?

#6 –  Michael Ph.elps got caught with the pipe. That doesn’t bother me one bit so I can’t see why people are pissy over it. He listens to Jee.zy and We.ezy too.  Get over it. As long as he wasn’t puff puff passing during the Olympics, it don’t matter.

#7 – The hardest part about O.b.a.m.a being Prez is it’s going to annoy me everytime I hear someone disagree with one of his policies and not have a good reason and people are going to scrutizine him more than ever before. Listen up for a second homies. The reason we have to come up with a damn stimulus package is because of previous fu*ckups who are now in Texas chillin’….Don’t knock my man ’cause he’s trying to get things right again. See, politics getting me fired up again. Wooo-sah.

#8 – Do you ever pay attention to some of these names of these athletes? On the real, how do you come up with Santonio? Was he born in San Antonio and you put it together? (the answer is no, he’s from Florida). How about D’Brickashaw? A couple of you out there are getting advanced degrees. Explain that sh*t to me. D [apostrophe] Bric.kasahaw Ferguson. Do you know how long it took him to write his name in class? The whole class was probably at recess and he’s just starting his last name. Plaxico? What’s a Plaxico?

#9 – I am the pickiest person in the world so shopping for me can be tough. I can make the simplest things difficult which explains why I’m having the hardest time trying to find a pair of nice, classy, black shoes that don’t break my pockets.

#10 – Why is it that when I go to a fast food restaurant, I grab a shit load of napkins knowing damn well I don’t need them all? I know I’m not the only one because I’ve been in other people’s cars, at their desk, and I ask for a tissue and here some a napkin that’s from Mc.Donalds. How do I know? The emblem is all up on it!!!!!!!!!!


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 2, 2009.

13 Responses to “ERBIGBHSI”

  1. Gibberish.

    Now let me go read.

  2. Damn B-Tech nerds I tell ya.

  3. Okay….I read it. (You know I’m competitive and had to win right?)

    Yes, Plaxico and half these folks need to have a talk with their parents cause Anfernee is not a real name.

    Big ups to Mike Tomlin and Omar Epps!!!! It was a good game. Not better than last year but good nonetheless.

  4. My all-time top name is Anfernee Hardaway. Could they just not spell Anthony. Even worse is that his nickname Penny comes from people not being able to understand his grandmother calling him Pretty.

  5. @1969- I call him Coach Epps! LOL!!!

    @fresh- I hollered at Harrison. I was like dude, that play was 10 minutes ago. Why you still need oxygen. But big boys can run!

    I get mad at people like you taking all those napkins. Save some trees!

  6. When I was in middle school, I had a classmate named Santonio. He was a class clown/badass.

  7. I will never understand where some of these people come up with these names. And it isn’t just the new “creative” ones that folks are using, but the ones that would otherwise be “normal”, but of course people have to put their own creative spin on it. Example, I have a 4 year old niece named Ya’Niyah. As her aunt, I was given the esteemed honor of picking her middle name (wish I could have picked the first name…). I liked Rene. I thought it flowed well with the first name and the last name.

    R E N E

    My sister liked the name… but was she satisfied with giving the poor girl one simple name to spell? Of course not. My sister spelled Rene… R E N E I G H.


  8. I’m so OCD about napkins as well. I MUST get a thick stack and I wipe my fingers with one every time I take a bite, lol. But unlike you…I need them all.

  9. lol i would call her horsey if i were in her class…

  10. LMAO.. I see sixty beat me to it..

    Umm SMH @ the names.. I said the same thing.. I’m sending that link to my homegirl who argued me down that he didn’t look like Omar LOL

    Great game.. so how did baby fresh do at the competition?

  11. I was trying to figure out who Coach Tomlin looked like…BY GEORGE he does look like Omar Epps…mmmmm me likey. LOL

    I’m too through with those names though.

    Oh and if I didn’t check this like a year later I would’ve gotten the word gibberish too. LOL

  12. Yea ol boy does favor my ‘husband’ Omar Epps! Hmmm…

    The word is ‘gibberish’

    OMG, the Barber does the same thing w/ the napkins. Open my dam glove compartment and all these dam napkins fall out..LAWD!

  13. Gibberish – good one!

    Who got blog beef? You got the scoop? When was the last time you said scoop? LOL

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