Inauguration Randomness

President O.bama hasn’t even been in office for a week yet and already people are taking swipes at him. He’s going to have it tough because he’s walking into a mess and if he doesn’t clean it up quick, the Repubs will launch an aggressive campaign against him. But all of the Repubs need to worry about helping rebuild this nation and then rebuilding their party, because if this man does half of what he promised, it’ll be a long time (read 2017) before they could see office. 

I stood there  that day and witnessed history. I was a part of history. It was surreal. I don’t think I truly grasped what was going on until I saw him being led inside in the Capitol. But then when I saw that man walking behind security and military with that slight trademark grin, it hit me. This was my president. It’s the first time I felt truth behind making that claim.  My. Mine. My first family. Everytime I see his daughters, I think about my own. He does it for them just like every parent should. Life becomes more than just you. 

That man has a load on his shoulders. Not just our nation but our people and I only hope and wish that “we” help him out by not showing out. You know that everything “black” will be related back to him and vice versa.  This is a whole new learning experience for mainstream America. They have no problem accepting our athletes especially since they’re such big revenue generating puppets at times but accepting a leader? The highest position of authority? They’ve got some learning to do. But please, don’t give them any reason to talk about or doubt him or us. (Read: don’t act up)…..


FUNNIEST MOMENT: Jamie Foxx imitating B.arack O.bama


As we’re walking on the mall, we hear this behind us….

“Dang, look at that….It’s soooo big…that’s where he’s going to live….Maaaaaaannnnn”

There’s one problem with that statement. She was pointing at the Capitol. *sigh* So to help her out, wherever she is, let me just show these.

This is the Capitol…

This is the Whi.te House…..

whitehouseCool. Each one. Teach one. Let’s move on…

COOLEST MOMENT: The people standing next to me watching the swearing-in ceremony flew in from France. Yes. France. Parlez-vous francais? Yes.  How cool is that?

CRAZIEST MOMENT: Trying to get on the…


I’m not  complaining. It was well worth it. I’m standing of these steps taking the picture thinking I hope I get home before night time… Speaking of pictures…..

COOLEST PICTURE: The satellite view of everyone that day…






I was ready to keep her warm 😉



Yes I was rocking mittens. When’s the last time you saw a grown man in mittens?!??!?  But wait…Fresh…how did you take pictures with your mittens?!?!?!

AH HAAA Sn*tches….

dscn0173Flip the lid off the mittens and you got gloves. Man I wasn’t playing. These are my extreme weather mask and gloves. I rocked them the few times I’ve been skiing and since I hadn’t hit the slopes in a while, why the hell not use them when it was 20 degrees without the wind chill when I first left the house……

SONG OF THE MOMENT: I think I literally irritated people I was with singing this song but the funny thing was when I had the white girls next to me singing it….HA…..


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 23, 2009.

9 Responses to “Inauguration Randomness”

  1. I am loving this post! LOL @ Kerry Washington. She probably needed your services, she had that shorts dress on and no coat. She could have borrowed your gloves. LOL

  2. Best inauguration post ever!

    And, um…you kind of had me there at the mittens. But to quote Young Reezy…mittens are very not gangsta!

    Yup, the BS has started already. On my way to work this morning, this dude was expounding on how Barack had messed up by closing down Gitmo because, and I quote, “Those are the prisoners who were given chances but they can’t be rehabilitated.”

    The worst part?

    People were looking at this dude like he was a sage.

    I’m confident Obama has THIS and that is what makes me proud. I have a leader in whose vision I absolutely TRUST and he has a solid foundation in his wife and family.

  3. I’m still LOL @ that ‘Fresh Was Here’ pic. Sounds like everyone had fun down there and it was definitely a historical moment.

  4. At the concert, I was singing that song like I was getting paid for it. I think I slightly embarassed my friend.

  5. Son I’m so done.. LOL that overhead fresh was here LMAO.. Jaime imitating President Obama.. LOL.. man priceless memories!

  6. LOL @ Fresh was HERE. Great run down and schooling on the Presidential digs. Each one, teach one indeed. You know, a lot of folks might actually start learning these historical tidbits now that the person in charge kinda looks like them…

  7. *looks like them/us…*

  8. Fresh I swear u make my gut hurt! BAWAHAHAAAAAA @ “AH HAAA Sn*tches….”

    FYI, I’m doing my best to not act up and I promise to pay forward the each one teach one *saluting*

  9. Don’t hate on mittens…I rock ’em daily!

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