Not my people….

My inauguration experience was cool. In fact, I have no complaints. I’ll write about it more in the next post. For now, just read everyone else’s blogs who was there. They have plenty of pictures, videos, complaints, etc.  Me, I’m still trying to savor the moment.

But speaking of complaints, why do WE do so much damn complaining about stuff that isn’t in our control? 

There were 2 million additional people in DC and the surrounding areas this weekend. What does that mean? Let me break it down for you in the simplest of terms…….

Some things will be f*cked up…..excuse my french but there I said it. 

So with that being said, whenever I got into something this weekend, I planned for the f*ck ups. That way if things went smooth, ehh, I was surprised. But if things were f*cked up, guess what? I was cool because I expected it. I had a plan A, B, C and D for everything. Call me anal.  I went out. I ate at one of my favorite restaurants (O.ya in case any of you want to treat me to a drink one day) smack dab in the middle of DC the night before the big day. I was out on the mall 2 days. No problems.

All resources were stressed and stretched this weekend. 

If you only have one ounce of patience, it was probably best you stayed your ass at home.

You knew it was going to be cold so why did you wear a flimsy ass shirt and a jacket? That’s your own fault. Me, I had gloves, turtleneck sweater, thermal underwear, foot warmers, 2 pairs of socks, bubble jacket AND a ski mask. I was ready to battle Jack Frost.

You knew that the clubs and lounges would have higher prices this weekend, so why you bitchin?

You knew there would be balls, galas, events all damn weekend especially near the Convention Center, Verizon Center, hell all over…so why are you mad that there is traffic and you can’t find parking? 

You knew that there would be over 2 million people on the mall and as soon as he finished his speech, THOUSANDS would rush to the same metro station as you. You didn’t think you were the only one with that idea did you?

So here comes Michelle Obam.a in her green and I’m thinking to myself, man, we got a beautiful black woman in the Wh.ite Ho.use but yet, after the cheers die down, I hear someone say “I wish she would do something about her hair”.

Her hair? Is that the first thing you can think of when you see her? We’re about to get our first black family and you commenting on her hair?  I didn’t even have to say anything. The people next to her tore into that azz. Then she got all defensive.  Bullsh*t unnecessary drama. I don’t get it.

Seriously if all you ever do is complain, do me a favor and go borrow that bubble from Michael Jackso.n and stay in that sh*t for the rest of your life.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 21, 2009.

12 Responses to “Not my people….”

  1. high five.. I already KNEW my patience was low.. and with my bad knees I couldn’t hang.. I watched from the comfort of my home..

  2. I so agree! Why is it that some people will take the negativity in something and just run w/ it…UGH!

  3. Her hair? Are you serious?! Her hair stays bouncy and nice. Her hair? I know they people have insecurities but dang. Is it really that bad?

    If I come in to contact with anybody all I want to hear is peoples positive experiences, what this means to them, and how they see themselves growing from this. If I have somebody start talking to me about this inauguration and start talking negative let alone talking about my first lady, I am going to tear into that azz!

  4. I am glad you were out there making history and I already know that Brooklyn was out there in the Triple Fat Goose. 🙂

  5. As always, you have SAID IT ALL!!

    My fav, fav, fav, part: ***If you only have one ounce of patience, it was probably best you stayed your ass at home.*** I’m reading complaints about the crowd and about people having ‘issues’ with the logistics. YAWN is all I gotta say! I was WARM on my couch by the way 😉

    p.s. I would pay $1 to see you all goosed down too! HaHa. I know you were NOT playing.

  6. Wow you are witnessing history firsthand and you are commenting on the first lady’s hair. Yeah I would have had to smack that fool.

  7. I love being able to hear about first hand perspectives like this… thank you so much for sharing.

    Her hair?? Come on, seriously? I swear, there is no pleasing some folks (not that anybody was out solely for that purpose, but you catch my drift). Mrs. Obama looked amazing from hair follicle to toenail, as did our president and the first daughters.

    I am glad she was put in her place for making such an ignorant comment.

  8. I loved every minute of my inauguration experience. The good, the bad, and the frigid.

  9. Sooo true. I’m reading some complaining as well and it’s like, uh…SIGH. Yup, there are going to be errors and frustrations. It is what it is.

    So that was YOUR ski mask, huh??

    Michelle’s hair is fabulous!! The whole family was supa fly…but then again, I guess Michelle is supposed to be the Super Super Strong Black Woman now, huh?

  10. Her hair? That says so much about my people. *sigh* It was a great ceremony.

  11. yeah alot of folks left with complaints (those 2k or so that couldn’t get where they were “supposed” to be with their purple or silver tickets) but with 2 milion folks in town and only 2 thousand unhappy..they’d jsut have to suck it up…Tuesday was an EXCELLENT day!

  12. Those kinda folks can take the shine outta the sun.

    But guess everybody has to have a job….and theirs is to h-a-t-e.

    Just stank!

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