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Like many people who live in the DC area, this inauguration thing is becoming more of a headache than anything else. A few weeks ago, I knew what party/ball I was going to and what I was doing on that day.  But the more and more this thing sounds like an NBA All-Star weekend, the more and more I want no part of it (except the actual day of course), in which I’ll be amongst the masses and even that is up in the air right now. 

I’m having a hard time coming to grips with paying 100+ bucks to get into a spot that I normally pay 5-10 bucks for. Aren’t we in a recession? 

If another dude comes up to me at the barber or at the gas station and tries to sell me an Oba.ama t-shirt, I might lose it.  “I got that CHANGE brother!”

If another person hits me up on Face.book and asks to stay at the crib, I really might lose it. Dude, I haven’t seen you since kindegarten. What makes you think I’m gonna open up my home to you like that. I don’t know you. Go thatta way <—-  Plus I already have guests staying with me. 

So with that, I have two requests. First, know where the hell you’re going. North, South, East, West. Somehow I know my phone will be ringing off the hook this weekend. “yo fresh, I’m in my car driving downtown but it says the bridge is closed. What does that mean? Where do I go?!”

Second, leave your ghetto ass gold digging cousins at home. Oh yeah, one more. This isn’t a damn fashion show. It’s not H.oward’s homecoming. It’s an inauguration and it’s going to be cold and there will be a million plus people out there. What does that translate too? Keep those heels at home.

Man I had the chance to be in Miami this weekend. I should have did it……

Moving on………

Someone explain to me how this is dancing? 


C’mon…….some of the island bredren have some explaining to do……

Man, I don’t care how hard times are, how you gonna sell your own child for beer? http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/01/13/daughter.for.sale/index.html

How come when you want to buy stuff, you don’t have the money but when you have the money, you can’t find ish…….

There are 100 cajillion black celebrity blogs…..and most of them say the same thing…….Who’s giving them info??!?!?!

When a black athlete gets in trouble, the ish is plastered all over the news. When a black college athlete leaves school early to go into the NBA or NFL, it’s plastered all over the news. But when this happens, http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=3831211, you don’t hear a peep. Brother man is a Rhodes Scholar. Rhodes and he’s deferring his chance to go play in the NFL to go study for a year at Oxford. You know what that means. It means he potentially put millions on hold because he wants to further his education. Ed-u-ca-tion. How many black athletes can even pronounce that word? Dude graduated in 2.5 years with a degree in pre-med while his teammates struggle to pass classes like Grass Sciences or some crap. C’mon……Props Mr. Rolle. Props.

Ray-J has his own reality show looking for love. Guess that Kim Kard-ass-shian tape didn’t work out after all. But then again, he has a show, so I guess it did work.  It’s on VH1 which means trash-a-coming…..Just when I think we’re moving forward with OB, I realize we still have some people bringing up the rear…….

It’s a sad day when you think your self worth comes down to how phat your ass is. When your ass is your meal ticket, something is wrong. When you aspire to be on a reality tv show with a degrading name trying to get with a dude that looks like a raisin, you lack something. Hell, you lack a lot of  things. Should I list them?

If your blog is constantly negative, I hit the “x” and move on. I’m sorry but the “I-can’t-take-this-why-am-I-living-I’m-never-going-to-find-a-man” theme gets old. Quick.

How come I can’t find a pair of gloves in the store? I went to two stores and both have spring gear out. It’s 20 degrees nuccas. I need some gloves especially since I need to snap some photos this weekend….

If you ask me for advice, I’ma give to you straight. Why sugar coat? So when I say something like ” that’s stupid. where’s your morals?” – don’t get offended.

Black folk – don’t act up this weekend. Please.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 14, 2009.

11 Responses to “Random | modnaR 3”

  1. 🙂 just laughing because ppl have asked to stay with me too..BRUH.. I haven’t spoken to you in forever.. the funniest one was someone I NEVER spoke to in HS and rejected their friend request.. sent me a msg anyway LOL

    I’m going to the one at GWES lol I am staying home and cooking up some food and prop myself up on the couch.. HD looks great!

  2. So…Does this mean I shouldn’t ask if you and the wife have room for one more??? LOL

  3. @BK – You know you gonna be at the GWES ball hurting the 5th graders!

    @Ms B- I didn’t know you were that type of lady?!?!?!? LOL.

  4. This is gonna be All Star weekend, the Pro and Super Bowls, HU homecoming, and a touch of Freaknik. Just you wait and see. You know how your people do. LOL.

  5. I opened the door for that one huh??? LMAO!!!

  6. @Kayellejaye – Why they gotta be my people though? Why you gotta put that on me?

    @ Ms Behaving – Sure did. Sure did. Now explain that dance move I got up there in the pic? You doin’ that when you roll to carnival?

  7. “Black folk don’t act up this weekend. Please” LOL It needed to be said. Because you know our people!

  8. That dancing is called “the chair”. You gotta see how close you can get your body to resemble a chair. Extra points for Swedish design.

    The blogs are trash. Lots of them TYPE IN ALL CAPS and have never heard of spell check.

    I was actually watching that FSU game when Rolle found out he won and was flown back just before halftime. It was such a great moment. He’s a really smart and humble kid. Maybe it got more press in Florida than further north. I dunno.

    Scram negativity.

    Shopping for gloves and couldn’t find them. Missed the chance to be in Miami. Sucks for you!

  9. @ Ms. B and Fresh…LMAO!!

  10. Are you kidding me? That dance takes skill!!!!

    Eff dancing with the stars….nobody can dance with my island peeps. *Pon de River*

  11. *Pon de bank* lol

    It is a blasted shame how that story didn’t nearly get the press coverage that dummies shooting themselves in the thighs get! I don’t see anything but GREATNESS in his future…I ain’t Miss Cleo…I’m jus sayin’! LOL

    Ray J has a show coming out?? Geesh…I have a belly ache.

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