Bossman: It’s looking like the 31st will be the last day. Both the PM and “Her” feel like they have a good handle on how to use the software.

Me: Sounds good. That’s what I expected but me and “Her” never did any official knowledge transfer and it’s not an easy piece of software to use.

Bossman: Well she feels pretty confident.

Me: Sounds good. I’ll send out a final report and contact info.  I’m going to tell my other project that I’m starting them in January since we’re ending.

Bossman: Shouldn’t be a problem.

Me to Her: I spoke with Bossman. The 31st is my last day here. Do you need any help with the current project?

Her: Nope. I’m good. All you gotta do is this, this and this.

Me: Have you started yet? You need to give yourself some time for these runs and analysis. Let’s try and schedule some knowledge transfer sessions before I go.

Her: I’m starting next week. We can do one session. I think I got it though.

Me: You sure? It’s no biggie.

Her: Yep.


Me: How’s it going? Do you need my help? You know next week is my last week.

Her: Nope. I’m good.


Me checking email and see this in my inbox 1st from HER:

 “I checked the results. Things don’t look good. I’m not doing something right. Some of the runs don’t even complete. This is due tomorrow. I need your help. Please help me. Please”

Right behind that email is this one from Bossman:

“Please come see me as soon as you get this. We need to talk about what our options are to possibly extend you”

Right behind that email is one from the PM:

“We need you to talk to Bossman ASAP and get on a conference call with HER today”

Those are exact emails (with the name excluded to protect the innocent). Did you guys read the part when she said “Nope. I’m good”??? Now she and the PM are screaming for help. Mind you, me and the PM have butt heads this whole project. He didn’t want me. Bossman convinced him that they needed me. The PM is old school. He developed the current way they do things. I’ve come in and showed them a better way. Faster. More detailed. He doesn’t like it one bit and you can hear it in his voice everytime he speaks. So he naturally annoys me. ASAP? I’m not jumping for this dude.  Now they have a deadline that they may not meet and risk looking like a fool to their customer. And they can’t extend me. I’ve already committed to a start date some place else. So now they’re panicking and not one ounce of me feels bad.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 30, 2008.

12 Responses to “Timeline”

  1. I don’t blame you. You did ask if she understood everything and you offered your assistance. That’s what they get for being proud. Let them suffer.

  2. Um…yeah. Congrats on that NEW project.
    Keep it movin’.

  3. Bored-n-Talkative said everything I would have [minus a few choice words of course]…

    The bottom line is they’ve no one to blame for this BUT themselves.

  4. On your last day, send ole girl her email messages declining your offer for help. Sounds like you rolled out right on time…

  5. Good for you. Always leave em wanting more. If they ever want you back,who knows….but it will COST them.

  6. You’re using ‘innocent’ loosely right? How did you respond? I’mma say Jimmy Crack Corn for you.

  7. Ditto Coop! Keep it movin’

  8. errr… double your original quote for the emergency consulting fees?

  9. I agree with HF. IF you do go and show ’em how it is done, make sure you charge them extra for your time when YOU have the time. That is what I did. It is funny though. Why in the helz in THIS job market did she decide to front like she got it all under control? Hilarious.

  10. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA It seems like it’s always that way. That’s a dam shame. Oh well, clearly ain’t your problem anymore.

  11. applause. You go Fresh!!! sounds like her and PM got control issues!

  12. thats what they get. if she had at least taken the time to listen to you regardless if she needed the help she would have least had first hand knowledge of the project. People are just way to prideful. … at least your wanted! some people dont have jobs..

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