Remember the Times – Rock It, Don’t Stop

Blimpie makes the best sandwiches but Potbelly is not that damn far away.  Subway is no where near the competition. Jared can keep that stuff to himself. Remember when they used to cut the bread all funny? Give you one slice of turkey and piece of cheese. Supreme Wackness.

Back in the day, when I was ballin’ in high school, I would treat my lady friend to a Blimpie sandwich, Bon Ton chips and a Welch’s Grape. Couldn’t tell me nothing!!!!!! Or if she was special, she got the beef pattie with cheese and an Italian Ice and the soda of her choice. BAAAAAA-LLLLLINNNNN!!!!

Obviously I’m joking about ballin’ in high school but as I was rockin’ the part time job in Kings Plaza and making my $70 a week, you couldn’t touch me. Plus I made friends in other stores quick fast. “Yo son, I’ll trade you this Starter Hat for the Orange Julius drink and a hot dog”. The makings of a hustler.

Who had the best hot dogs? Orange Julius vs. Nathans vs. Gray’s Papaya in the Village vs. this dudecd031_02may04_nyc_hotdog_stand

You know the dirty water hot dogs?!?!? Don’t front like you never had one. Those joints actually tasted good sometimes with some sauerkraut and mustard.  It’s too bad I don’t f*ck with hot dogs no more.  I saw this show on the Discovery Channel one night about how they make them and yeah….let’s just say I don’t eat them no mo’

How many of you can hum or whistle the Mister Softee ice cream song?!? I can. That’s a real ice cream truck right there.


I used to hate when dude would try to cheat me on my chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. Nah son, roll the ice cream in that joint till it’s covered. Now I go to Baskin Robbins and when I get sprinkles (yes I’m a grown ass man that still gets sprinkles), this dude tries to take a spoon and “sprinkle” it on. Don’t be cheap dun son. Dip that ice cream in that joint.

Kids can watch music videos 24/7 now. Lucky bastards. Or should I say unlucky. Watching videos back in the day was a damn privilege. Shows only came on once a day. Imagine if I had R.alph McD.aniels and the Vid Kid in my life 24×7. Imagine if I had Carlos DeJesus and Hot Traxx in my life 24×7.?!?!?!? Imagine I was able to call up the The Box and get to see what I wanted 24×7??!?! My life would be different…

Remember when you were the remote control and the antenna in your house? Tell me your mom wouldn’t make you get up to go change the channel and then move the antenna and stand there…on one foot…..I used to hate that crap. Hear me saying “is it clear yet?”


You had VHF and UHF. C’mon. What you know about that?

Around the way, we used to call these the “beef and broccolis”


And I used to rock these joints right here


With some Hilfiger khakis and a polo shirt. I think that was the last time I wore khakis too although I did by a pair last summer. I used to wear my Travel Fox with my corduroys. Yo, who else would purposely walk rubbing their legs just to hear the noise from the corduroys.

My pimp game took a serious hit in the 4th grade when ma dukes bought some joints that look like this:


Only mine were green with a yellow trim around it and they had these snap hook thingys. Arrrrgggghhh. I can’t believe she threw salt on my game like that. Didn’t she know I was trying to mack Sherry Tyler? (*name changed to protect the innocent). I couldn’t send a “DO YOU LIKE ME?” note rocking those joints. So I did what any sensible kid would do. As soon was out of the vicinity, got to the corner of Nostrand and Farragut, I pulled out the pair of Wildcats I got from here:


That’s Buster Brown for all of you slow and less fortunate folk!!! I stashed those shoes in a bag I got from here:

16_keyfoods_lgYes sir. Key Food, C-Town, Associated massive!!! Stand up!!!

So I get invited to this skating party at the joint on Empire Blvd and I tell my mom. She brings me home the skates that you slide underneath your sneakers.  *Blank Stare* Ma c’mon. So I tell her, I want the black joints, red wheels like this:


Instead she show up with these:



First skate party I went to, man, was crazy.  There were so many shorties up there. Then this song came on and people lost their damn minds.  Skating crazy. Taking off their skates and dancing. I was looking like WTF?!?!? But this joint would rock a crowd. People got it on……


The good ole days….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 5, 2008.

12 Responses to “Remember the Times – Rock It, Don’t Stop”

  1. I love this post. STAND UP BROOKLYN KIDS!!!!

    Soul Sonic Force….are you ready?????

    The best hot were most definitely at Gray’s Papaya,especially at about 2-4am. Nathan’s is 2nd.

    I had fresh white skates but I so remember those blue joints. My friend had those….LOL. What did you google to find those? Cheap azz skates?

    And we repped for Key Food….Utica and Midwood baby!!!!!

  2. Did you get your Buster Brown’s at the Plaza or on Flatbush?

  3. Umm… yea…. I’m a born and raised Texas gal… have no clue and I’m feeling really young right now. Any who, i wanted the inline skates…I’m the chick that never lifts her feet off the floor when skating, decreased chance of falling. And hot dogs are disgusting, corny dogs too… although the bread of the corny dog is tasty with mustard.

  4. Man, there was a Buster Brown at Greenbriar Mall here (ATL) and I used to BEG my mother to let me get some shoes from there. Never did. She’d let me go in and get my feet measured with that metal contraption. lol Store closed before I ever got my BB shoes.

    That song and Computer Love were alway the skate party jams…even for the younger folks. I went to a 80s themed skate/birthday party like a year and a half ago. I’ll just say that the next day, I had a sprained wrist, a sore butt and 2 bruised thighs.

  5. From now on I’m calling you Sprinkles.

  6. as I wipe the tears from my eyes..


    What I had the white skates and I had blue & yellow pom poms and then got some red pom poms for my skates.. EMPIRE BABY!!!!!!

    Hmmm hot dogs.. I didn’t know bout Papaya till I was a teen so until 11th grade.. NATHANS was the spot but OJ in Kings Plaza would have to do and the dude on the corner.. WHAT..get a hot dog, soda and some of them damn nuts!!! hahahaaa

    Sprinkles!!!! hahahaaaa

  7. I can’t take it!! ROFL I’m not a brooklynite, but I know a lil sumthin’…when a guy had beef n broccolis it was sooo sessy! lol…I used to rock mocs myself and you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t cute wit my burgandy girbaud jeans!

    Who doesn’t know the jingle to the “truck” and the knockin’ sound when you turn the knob on the tv? awww good times

  8. Did you say Travel Fox?!?! Lawd, I haven’t thought about those joints in for-ev-er. I am seriously laughing so hard right now. Oh, and Gray’s Papaya was my spot. I ain’t mad at a dirty water dog but I went to Stuy and we stayed playing hooky in the Village, lol.

  9. @Sixty – I just google roller skates and those came up. It brought back some bad memories!!!! And you know I went to the BB in Kings Plaza. The joint on Flatbush had the wiggety wack selection.

    @Reign – You’re a floor skater?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    @Coop – Did you get all of those industries from skating or the throwdown for skating with someone’s man?!?!?!?

    @Babs – Me no likey that nickname. Sounds too…ummm…un-masculine.

    @BK – A’ight…so Papaya is first, then Nathans, then OJ then the dude on the corner. But dude on the corner, especially the dude in Parade Grounds would hook me up with the sauerkraut!!!!

    @Kellz – I just copped a pair of beef n broccolis *wink wink* How many different color of girbaud jeans did you have?

  10. I’ma go with Gray’s Papaya. And, no, I don’t wanna know how they make my dogs. Thank you very much.

    I had the old school skates that looked like blue adidas w/ wheels. Loved them!

    LMAO @ beef & broccolis.

  11. LMAO u know I had to come back because my son says mommy I need a new shirt to wear with my beef & broccolis.. FIRST thing come to mind this morning FRESH.. lawd gawd LOL

    But Blimpies.. Son.. that was the ish especially if you were going on a field trip!!! LOL.. Can I get a blimpie burger??? hahahaaaa

  12. @SDOT – those damn Stuy kids….Supposed to be all innocent, stay cutting class and going to the Village…

    @kayellejaye – sure you don’t wanna know about hot dogs?!? Nah I’m playing. I remember those adidas joints….

    @BK – The Blimpie Burger?!?!?!?!? YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. How you gonna put a burger on a hero sandwich bun. That’s just ingenious.

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