Bang Bang

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news about Pla.xico Bur.ress shooting himself in the leg this past weekend. I, like many of you, sat there as the news went across the screen. First I heard that he was shot. My reaction “Get the fugg outta here” Then they said he shot himself so my reaction changed to “what the fugg is wrong with dude”.  Forget all the other details about why he did it, who was with him and all that. Who knows why he did it? I can speculate. He’s worth a boat load of money, didn’t hire security so he figured I’ma roll with my piece. He’s lucky that he’s the one that got shot and not someone else. Things would have been a lot thicker for him then. 

What’s with the African American athletes? We’re shooting ourselves in the leg, pistol whipping pitbulls, “making it rain” in Vegas clubs, spitting in a woman’s face. I know these are the “minority” but there are many more stories that go untold of these athletes flexing their muscle. I have a very close friend who used to date a current player in the N.ational F.oo.tball L.eague who told me that this is just the stuff you hear on tv. A lot more things happen, they just never make the news or it never gets reported. I can’t say I was surprised by the comment at all. It’s just like in everyday life. There are crimes committed, incidents occur in our neighborhoods everyday that never make the news. You would think that these athletes, who are among some of the richest people in the world, woud try to remove themselves from bad press but who are we to tell them they can’t live a normal life?  Who is to say that they can’t go to the Qu.arter and get their dance on with a phatty? Reality is, I don’t care how much money you make. If they want you in handcuffs, you will be handcuffed in broad daylight so everyone can see you, take your picture and ridicule you. Welcome to A.merica Plax. Shit don’t change cause you make a couple of dollars…..

Comments were flying on the radio about how the two guys with him, Pi.erce and, should be punished and people couldn’t understand why they didn’t say anything. First of all, they did. They called the trainer. Yeah I know, it was the trainer but they still said something right? Second of all, what people fail to realize is when you’re on a sports team, it’s a fraternity. It’s your other family. Trust me, I played sports in college. You spend more time with your teammates that your family for a period of time. I’ve been on raod trips before and there’s things that happened in college that I still only talk about with teammates I keep in contact with. So imagine what’s it’s like on the professional level. Millionaires. Teammates. I can’t blame these dudes. What they did, I think most of his teammates would have done. Hell, I know I would.  They were trying to protect him, no matter how idiotic the circumstances. You know the saying…what happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room.

Lastly, Mayor Michae.l Blo.omberg says that the book should get thrown at the dude for having an “illegal” gun. Excuse me, for a second y’all but Mr. Mayor, you need to shut the fuck up. All quick to speak out on somebody shooting themselves accidentally but barely have shit to say when cops get acquitted of unleashing 50 bullets on a young man….Go sit down some where with that bullshit.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Bang Bang”

  1. THANK YOU.. 🙂 Blumberg needs to shut the fugg up for real..

    I feel you on the protecting thing BUT say it with me.. Plexiglass is an ASSHOLE *think hancock* hahahaaaaa

  2. You know I rep for the Giants all day and Plax has been on this path for a while. He was a headcase in Pittsburgh with lots of talent. He came to NY and was instumental in helping us get to the Superbowl and winning. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to hit up a club but carrying an illegal gun with you is stupid. He’s lucky no one else got shot. If it’s so deep that you need a gun to go to a club, hire security with some of that loot.

    As for the Mayor? Whatever. He’s so full of shyt, I can’t even comment. Did the Governor ever do time for using state funds to pay for his call girl? Whateva man!!!

  3. i co-sign on that Bloomberg comment, needs to stfu for real. and for Plaxico’s a.. i’m not even going to lose a minute of my life addressing it. just ignant.

  4. I think Bloomberg’s words were harsh but I can definitely understand where its coming from. These numbskulls don’t learn. Steady flashin’ flossin’ and making stupid decisions…thats just DUMB. What could he have possibly said if he had shot someone? He’s not hard up for cash…unless he’s making more stupid decisions. Kids flock to these athletes, ain’t nobody flockin’ to cops not NY ones anyway.

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