I Am…….Sadat Fresh

I’m being silly. Hell if Mrs. Carter can have an alter ego, so can I? If I was H.ov, I’d watch my back. Those alter ego chicks are scurry. (that’s scary for the non-DC area folk)

DJ play my song!

All the singles ladies (say that shit however many times you feel necessary)
Now where your handcuffs?

Up in the crib, incense is lit
We ’bout to do the damn thing
You’re all up on me, rubbing my d
Making him exciiiiited
U want some more, head to the draw
U see one condom missing
lost your wig,  started to flip
Yellin’ crazy ass shit at me

If u wondering why I never put a ring on it
If u wondering why I never put a ring on it
Don’t be mad cause you ain’t got no bling on it
If u wondering why I never put a ring on it

You’re psycho ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo
It’s your fault….ooo ooo ooo ooo o oooo oo ooo ooo

Geesh. I need help.


I’m still random with it. Sorry.

Am I the only one that goes into a covered parking lot and IMMEDIATELY surveys the spot for places I could get some?!?! C’mon now. Don’t lie.


I’ve started the process of looking for another car. Hate this shit. Gives me a headache. You know the minute I step foot in a dealership, those sales people are going to be like vultures especially since nobody buying a whip these days. I’m trying to hold on. I’m allergic to car notes.


I got pulled over on the motherflippin’ Beltway for going 70. Seventy. 7-0. Seven-dee. Can you believe that shit? I wasn’t even in the fast lane. Cars were zipping past my ass and this state trooper fucka gonna flash his lights behind my ass. (for those not in the DC area, people “rarely” drive 70 on the Beltway. More like 90) I mean sometimes the shit is a race track and this was the slowest I was going. It’s not like I was on the Yamaha eating up the road weaving in and out of traffic. NOOOO. I was driving miss f*cking d.ais.y. Oh in case you’re wondering, the police officer looked NOTHING like the one in this video….


There’s snow flurries outside. I’m not ready for winter. I’m a Leo. Lion. I’m going in my cave to hibernate. Guess that means I’ll have more time to post.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on November 21, 2008.

14 Responses to “I Am…….Sadat Fresh”

  1. u are a damn nut.. OMG that remix made me choke!!! hahahaaaaa

  2. LMAO @ that remix…especially the chorus…hilarious!

  3. awww that is funny! luv that remix. luv the beat but the concept is just not working for me. you’ve been crying within this relationship for three years and you still have interest in marrying this dude. and i’m not marrying a guy that only “likes it,” what ever it is. i need life lasting love.

    i went to the acuright dealership the other day, and they are desperate! and i won’t let you be the lone wolf… i look for those places too. what about the deserted dressing rooms of some department stores… weekdays are best.

  4. Love the remix,

  5. For real though….Mrs. Officer got out the car wearing pum pum spandex shorts and the girls all exposed. WHAT THE FUDGE?

    And no, you’re the only one scoping out parking lots for your escapades…..crazy azz.

  6. Lmao Bwaaaaahhahahahahahahah!!!!!
    You a damn fool! And I mean that in a good way!

    Strike back against dealeritis!!! Craigslist!!!! You know muhfuggas is desparate to get rid of stuff right about now.

    They pulled ya ass over for driving too damn slow gramps!!!

    And I don’t scout for spots in parking garages, but I was most definitely doing that in the Science Library the other day! It is all abandoned these days with the new UGLi (but there are some honeys up in the UGLi). Shame of it is in the olden days I would have gotten it in the old SL cause there was somebody definitely motivated. Did play with her huge ass titties betwixt the stacks on occassion… But I bet y’all didn’t want me to share that…

  7. You are CRAZY!!!
    I scope the parking lots for crazy people who might want to kill me or something. Can we say paranoid?
    I’m looking for another car too and I absolutely hate it.
    70? They just didn’t feel like chasing the fast drivers down so you were easy bait.

  8. dawwwg… I second “You’re psycho ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo”


  9. Dam, Fresh we need to market your remix….it’s way better than Mrs. Carter’s version!

    Ummm I agree w/ 1969, I don’t look for spots to get ‘some cut’ in when in covered parking. I do check for spots that a potential car jacker could be lurking though. lol

    I HATED the Beltway when I lived in MD. I mean like I literally had to psyche myself up to drive it (and I drive fast). That cop know she was wrong for pullin you over going 70…wtf…folks be dam near doing 100 on that bish!

    Yea, it’s cold than a witch’s nipple here in the Midwest..SIGH. I hate being cold.

  10. Dude, you need to get a Car Broker. He’ll do all the work for you. I have a friend that does that for a living and I have friends that have purchased their cars that way. Seems to alleviate the headaches and teh vultures.

  11. It’s best the time to bargain IMO. Maybe you can get a good deal on a car. You check out Eastern Motors. Those commercials are still ALL OVER TV.

    We should sell your Remix out of my trunk. 2 for $5. Sound like a good deal?

  12. LMAO @ that damn remix!! It’s better than Sasha Fierce’s version hands down!

    Umm, musta been a bad day on the beltway or it was a rookie who needed to do a traffic stop while in training.

    Someone else suggested a car broker. Definitely the way to go. It’s a hell of a lot less stressful.

  13. You need a Greatest Hits link. Too damn funny.

  14. I hate you right now for that rendition of ‘Single ladies’. lol

    That is all.

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