Not when I saw his name on the ballot.

Not when they announced the results.

Not when I read the emails, text messages, Twitter updates.

Not when I saw Jesse crying. 

Not even when I saw Oprah crying.

I understood why though. Those were tears of struggle finally released. Those were tears of joy. Those were “I never though I’d see the day” tears. Those were “change” tears.

You know that word “change” is so powerful. Change. Change really isn’t that difficult if you put your mind to it and just concentrate. But we, us, America, we have short attention spans. Change breaks the norm. It’s scary because when you’re so used to do things a certain way, change seems impossible but yet behind the door of change is opportunity. Even if we’re talking money, those pennies, nickels and dimes eventually add up.

I called one special lady in my life. 93 years old. She knows just a little bit about change. She couldn’t even speak. She was crying. I’d imagine she was shaking and just couldn’t get it together. My mom took the phone from her. Her grandmother (my great-grandma) let it all out.

Even then, it still didn’t happen.

But then I heard the announcer say that he was about to speak. So I put that proposal down, went to the tv, press the record button on the DVR and stood there. Stood. Couldn’t sit in my own house. Guess I was just too anxious. But it  still didn’t happen.

Not until I saw them walk out on stage, hand in hand, side by side. Waving. Smiling. Looking like they just came from Pict.ure P.eople taking their Christmas pictures. You know how you always have to co-or-din-ate for those flicks?

Black man. Black woman. Black children. Black family.

W.hite H.ouse bound.

Then it happened. I wouldn’t say I lost it but I was instantly overcome with emotion and I probably shed a tear or two because for the first time that I can remember, a real black family is in the spotlight. A beautiful black family. Not the Huxtables. Not the Jacksons. Not celebrity. No Hov and B. No Janet and Jermaine. No Nick and Mariah.

The Obamas.

Some will argue but the black family has long been either destroyed or on the path to destruction.  Name all of the factors you want. Divorce, drugs, crime, infidelity, economy, fake love, marriage for the wrong reasons, sexing everybody in sight, slavery, etc.  Shall I continue? It has all caused us to not be “us”.  It’s him and her and them. Sure we’ve had the struggle for equality in the workplace, in society, all external. All outside of our home. But what about home? Inside?  What about our husbands, wives, daughters, sons? What about wanting to be a husband or wife and not settle for some bullshit ass baby mama title? We place things outside of our home with a higher priority than we do our own home.

Take care of home. 

We’ve become ashamed of our blood. We tear down instead of support. Imagine just for a second how this whole election would have turned out if Michelle O.bama did not lend her full support to B.arack. He even said it in his speech, Michelle is the rock of the family. Strong black woman who in effect knew her place. (don’t take that statement the wrong way but she knew what she had to do to help him get to where he wanted to go)

He needed her to win. She needed him to win. And they both needed each other for their daughters to see that despite what happens on the outside of their house, inside they are one. Nobody can take that away from them. Ever. When a family has a unified bond, it’s stronger than any negativity out there.

Hopefully people aspire to be like them. To want to do better than them. Maybe they can be our role models – a representation that the institution of the black family does exist in America. We are familes. Not an item on the extinction list.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on November 6, 2008.

16 Responses to “Us”

  1. I am applauding. Beautiful.

  2. well said

    That’s the part that touches me more than anything, a BLACK FAMILY in the white house.

  3. YOU just brought a tear to my eye. So well said and it needed to be said. It was good to see a family that looked like my own take the White House. There were real and not ficitional characters (although to an extent the Huxtables were real). I think the fact that they were so unified was why the conservative media was so outraged by the fist bump. It defined teamwork, sollidified the bond between a black man and his black wife. For the last 25 years they could get away with saying the Cosby show was not a true depiction of the black family. The Obamas are the Huxtables come to life and they are handling their business. I hope seeing them in the White House will show us as a race that they are the rule and not the exception. We need to strive for the kind of unity and balance that they have rather then succumb to the media falsehoods that black men and women can’t and don’t get along.

  4. I’m crying again(I’ve been an emotional mess these past few days). Your exactly right Fresh. They show us that anything is possible. The bar has been raised. It’s time for us all to step up our A-game. They show ‘us’ and America that beautiful black families DO still exist and that with love, the sky is the limit. Your post is beautiful.

  5. chile i had been boohooing at all those moments you mentioned where perhaps you thought you might and then again when i saw a BLACK FIRST FAMILY!! i’m getting tears in my eyes again. wow… deep.

  6. beautiful. so much hope and realization will be brought to the black community from this. and your passion, put to the keyboard so eloquintly. on point as always.

  7. dammit fresh.. you done made me cry again!!!!

    absolutely beautiful and VERY VERY true!!!

  8. Fi real.

  9. You said this perfectly. I might have to post this on my fridge.

  10. I’m moved b/c it’s so true but also b/c my black family is becoming a stereotype as we speak. I will soon be divorced and seeing this black man with his black wife and his 2 chocolate girls makes me proud but also envious.

    ’till next time…

  11. Goodness this was perfectly written!!!

  12. i sure did shed a tear or two
    ima cosign everything u said

  13. Beautiful post!

  14. Yes.

  15. This is fabulous work. We are indeed not extinct. I see it daily in my beautiful parents, married for 38 years this year.

  16. Well said.. I dont think I have read a post about them winning that was more inspiring. Especially expressing how they needed each other to get there… That is so true. Black love!

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