300. Come Out and Play.

A few years ago someone told me that I had a knack for writing but I brushed it off and figured she was just trying to get some.

On several occasions, I’ve had people tell me that my brain was crazy. The fact that I remember the strangest things actually supplement that statement.

I had always been creative but I kept it in a cage for YEARS. I’m not sure why. Maybe some of it was embarassment. Maybe I just didn’t think people would understand. After all I’m an analytical dude. I need numbers and definition.  But if I could draw? I think I would have been an architect. That was actually #3 on my what do you want to be when you grow up list. #2 was investment banker. After a summer internship on Wall Street, I was amped. Sure glad I didn’t go with that one. #1 – Is what I am today. Crazy thing is. It’s even in my HS Year book.

But being creative – there’s no definition. There’s no boundaries to define you. Whatever comes out of your brain and on to the screen, the page, the canvas, the design is right because it feels right to you. 

With that being said, this post right here is monumental.

I looked on my WordPress dashboard and saw that this is my 300th post. 3-0-0. Say word.

Sure they weren’t all with wordpress. I spent some time over at that other spot till their technical difficulties caused me to pack up shop and roll. But 300 nevertheless. This blog stuff is addictive. It’s worse than crack. Worse than Krispy Kremes. Worse than a good piece of cho-cha.  

At times, I figured I’ll shut this joint down, send emails to a few people with my contact info, Blackberry PIN and roll out. Truth be told, I thought about that months ago. I said when I hit 3-hun-ed, I’m out. But this blog thingy keeps me sane in my insane world. It’s therapeutic. It’s my world outside of my real world.

Let’s be clear though. What I write on here is real. Sure I don’t tell you stuff like I got up, washed my balls, made breakfast and went to work but do you really need to know that anyway? I’m not writing this stuff from my mama’s basement. What you read is what you get, even if you met me in person.  I don’t post pictures only because I don’t choose to but there are a few bloggers who know what I look like. It’s controlled. That way if I see my mug on a billboard one day, I know exactly who to go after! *WARNING* Plus don’t sleep, this world is small.

I know I write super long posts sometimes but you gotta understand, that’s my brain dump and when I finish, it’s that same relief that you get when you’ve held in your pee for hours in the car till you get home.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh…..Sometimes I’m serious. Most of the time I’m cracking jokes. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

One thing I’ve never done on this blog is have a de-lurking day. Well, there’s a first time for EVERYTHING.  So readers, come out and play.  Show some love. 

What’s your name? What’s your sign?
Where you reppin?
What you drinkin’? (I had to throw something different in there)

And if you make it rhyme, oooooooo, I’ma be your friend for life……

I’ll set it off. Someone start beat-boxing….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on October 20, 2008.

48 Responses to “300. Come Out and Play.”

  1. My name is Fresh and I’m a LEO
    Reppin the mighty BK but live in MD though
    When I’m out at spot, drinking alot,
    I tell the bartender “grand marnier straight with no rocks…”

    Uh…Uh….uh….(my ad-libs)…..

  2. It’s that dude brran the Sagittarius
    I’m from Baltimore and yea I know a dude named Darius
    I’m about to start hittin those Civil Engineering books real heavy
    But I gotta ask, why is my bottle of water all sweaty?

    But you don’t hear me tho…

  3. Hmm..got “called out” lol found your blog on a blogroll at another spot I frequent.

    Name is Sam(short for…you figure it out..lol)
    I’m a Capricorn
    Born and raised in the Midwest…did a brief stint in the DMV and moved back to Buckeye soil 3 months ago.
    Drinking Goose w/ cranberry splash Sierra Mist or cran and pineapple juice

  4. @Brran – hahahahaha…You got somethin’ else in that water bottle??!?!?

    @Sam – Hmmmmm…..called out huh? Wassup with those Browns and Bengals?!?!? Geeesh….

  5. Nah Fresh. Just water. Can’t look at a Mechanics book under the influence. That’s just asking for trouble lol.

  6. Lee from BK, yes i’m a Virgo
    Gon’ to Happy Hour, to get my G-O
    O-S-E, that’s goose, I don’t play
    I think for Happy Hour
    I’ll wait for Thursday…

    Five mics, right?! You can admit it….LOL

    Happy 3-hunnit homie!

  7. I’ll save face and not even attempt the rhyming 🙂
    Sabrina from Maryland and a full blown ARIES.
    What I’m drinking? I’ll leave that one alone.

    Congrats on your 300th post?

  8. I’m that Skoolboi that they call Krush
    Make the b-boys cheer and the fly girls blush
    ATL is where I hold it down
    You can usually find me sipping Coke with Crown

  9. Rhyming isn’t my thing, so I won’t go there.
    I’m Bored-n-Talkative from the other side of the world: London
    I’m a Libra and right now I’m drinking plain english tea.

    Congrats on your “3-hun-ed”

  10. Fresh from BK
    It’s 1969
    Happy 300th
    And that’s not just a line
    I can chill incognito
    In Trinidad drinking a mojito
    Or watch the game
    With a beer
    Its all the same
    Living in Philly
    Loving the Roots and Jilly
    Don’t you dare call me silly.

    Ya’ll don’t hear me tho…

  11. Yea, I have been lurking on your blog for quite some time. I kept saying “just introduce yourself and keep it moving, it’s not that serious” LOL. I read your post today and it’s about delurking the lurkers..BUSTED! lol. As for the Browns/Bengals, I can’t tell you NOTHING about that. I’m born an raised here, but a DIEHARD DALLAS COWBOYS fan!!!!

  12. Kisz is my name
    The BX is my plain
    Virgo in da house
    Cranberry twist cuz I don’t have a spouse

    Puttin the BX to shame…watev…lol

    Happy 3-hun-ed

  13. This is hilarious…..

    @Brran – Bruh, I needed to be under the influence for mechanics. Maybe I wouldn’t have had to take it more than once…

    @Ms. Lee – yeah yeah yeah 5 mics. you spit fire son!

    @Sabrina – ummm no rhymes? Do you think anyone of us have a career ahead of us?!?!?

    @Krush – make the b-boys cheer and the fly girls blush….LOL….that’s lyrical…..

    @Bored – LONDON in the hooooooooouse! I gotta get over there.

    @Sixty – Check the BK flow…..Y’all don’t hear me tho….

    @Sam – COWBOYS?!?!?!

    @Kelly – Put the BX to shame…watev…LMAOOOOOO.. Sup Kelz??!?!?

  14. Look at you with friends! 🙂

  15. You don’t really want to come to London, it’s crap.

  16. I have more friends but they don’t want to come out and play….

  17. Okay, guess I’ll delurk too then.

    My name is Bridgette and I’m in H-town
    My sign is cancer which means I’m down
    to earth as I sip on water or juice
    Got a baby in my belly, can’t give her the Goose.

    Hope my rhyme wasn’t too wack. Congrats on hitting 300. I love reading your blog.

  18. Phoenix from Queens
    You know what that means
    Now I live In Florida
    In a place you neva hearda
    I love ginger wine especially @ night
    It helps me breathe easy and end my day right

  19. My name is Y and I’m a Fly Pisces
    I’m a GRITS-Girl Raised in the South
    Cranberry Juice for me, I don’t drink alchohol

  20. It’s da DIVA from BK
    with Tekumba on my side reppin our hood all day
    I’m a twin u know a Gemini
    and u know I’m fly
    happy 300th homie
    so stop leavin me at the bar all by my lonely

    mic check..

    Imma just need to be the background dancer like scoob and scrap.. leave that rhymin to ya’ll LOL

  21. @Bridgette – that wasn’t wack. Wack is if you give the baby some goose…Congrats and welcome!

    @Shottanix – from Queens to Florida?!?!? I would always get lost in Queens with those damn streets. If you didn’t live off Linden, it was a wrap.

    @Y – Do you eat your grits with cheese and sugar?

    @BK – Uhhh. yeah. Background dancer homie! LOL…..

  22. Guess I’ll de-lurk too..

    My name is Ness I’m from around the way
    a lurking Piscean living in the Bk
    Not from here tho – I’m from the land Down Under
    “Whatchu doing here?” you may wonder.
    I work hard, I party, I might go to a lime
    at the bar I’ll drink Mojitos with Ms 1969.

    Congrats on your 300th post – love reading your blog…

  23. This is going to be so wack but here goes
    My name is Tiffany from the H-town
    Southwest side is how I stay down
    Yo, Funky Fresh I might need a loan
    Because I love to sip on that silky Patron
    (that ish isn’t cheap! LOL))

    Happy 300th!!!!

  24. It’s the Ish, your wordpress neighbor
    Representin’ from the Lou with Aries flavor
    Sipping pomegranate mojitos is the lick
    but now I’m guzzling the Tussin’ ’cause I’m sick 😦

    Okay, so I’m not a rapper…

    Congrats on 300!!!!!!!!!!!! Washing your balls before you leave the house is essential!

    ’till next time…

  25. Ness…meet me at the bar!

  26. @Ness – Hell I’ll down a mojito or two or three with you and Sixty…Welcome….

    @Tiff – LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That wasn’t wack. That was the truth!!!

    @Ish – Ish got a lil’ flow huh? That tussion is stronger than the mojito though 🙂 Feel betta homie….

  27. It’s Coop. I’m chillin’
    Fresh is chillin’.
    I’ll pass this test tomorrow, Lord willing.
    I sip Jack and Coke. Understood?
    You want to know my hood?
    Well I’m…from the A
    And I miss my peeps
    I’m a Virgo up in Cleveland
    Gettin my PhD

    Rhyming will not be in my future. lol
    Congrats on 300!

  28. Dej loves drinkin water from the faucet
    dont hate. it dont cost shit
    and aint u heard man?
    that flouride’s good for you
    she’s a leo/cancer
    horoscopes they cant catch her
    she writes the rules. makes it do what it do
    its that
    bk spirit
    u can see it, damn near hear it
    aint really got no cause to fear it
    unless u do shit to make it lethal for u

  29. It’s the girl Sdot outta lurkdome to say
    We lampin’ in the A, but I’m BK all day
    Love a fruity drink but if I had to choose
    Malibu & pineapple puts this Virgo on cruise

  30. Thanx for the welcome Fresh! Toasting you and Sixty with virtual frozen mojitos from Habana Outpost, BK

  31. I’m kayellejaye, pronounced K-L-J
    I rep the DC urrea every damn day.
    I’m a Cap, not corny
    But a fly tenderoni.
    My drink?
    I got too many
    Just order one for me.

  32. My name is Mell and I’m one fierce Lion
    I be repping hard the Isle of Shaolin
    I prefer water but will drink a whiskey sour
    The damn devil water brings out more Lion power
    I spit lukewarm fiyah, Dylan I’m not
    But Fresh’s blog be’s the spot!

  33. @Coop – You getting your Playa Hater Degree? I ain’t mad at cha though…Do you….

    @Dej – I might have to rip the mic away from you. LOL. You know how mc’s freestyle and keep going…that was your flow….LOL

    @SDot – BK all day…E’eyday

    @Kayellejay – You put “urreeaa” in a rhyme….You get any drink for that…

    @Melixine – Leos in the house. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… that’s my shaolin shoutout….


  34. My mic sounds nice check one..My mic sounds nice check two…My mic sounds nice check three are you readyyyyy..
    To rock rock ya’ll with akilahhhhhh keep on and you don’t stop…
    Well akilah’s on the mic and I’m here to say I like checking the Fresh blog out everyday…I don’t like to brag or to get flirty but Always Funky Fresh bangs out the hits on his QWERTY.
    So all you other bloggers should just retire.
    I’m reppin for the chics in the home of the wire, bodymore, murderland which isn’t the word because I’m really reppin like new new in the suburbs…lol….

    Congrats on the 300th post. I have really enjoyed your blog…..and you made me into a runner with the OSAG…

  35. My name is BABS and I’m a VIRGO
    I’m reppin ATL but I’m from Ohio
    Everybody knows that I drink a LOT
    If you wanna make me happy make it vodka on the ROCKS!

  36. Awww damn. And you know I’m from Brooklyn where rhymin’ is not just a hobby…it’s a way of life, lol.

    Yeah, yeah…
    My name is Mel
    Unemployed right now but I’m doing well
    From BK and I’m a true Fire Sign
    Born in the Novie, only raps I rock are Hovie’s
    Sagittarius one of a kind
    I stay fly so I likes the white wine

  37. What up it’s Nerd Girl, shooting from the hip
    Born and raised in Cali, now I rep the ‘Sip.
    A libra, well balanced, that’s my sign.
    Bring me a Corona and don’t forget the lime!

  38. Uhhhhhh…dang I haven’t ever been that good at rhymin…so let me see…

    Wellll, my name is MissB
    reppin the Cap City
    I’m a bonafide bull
    just as stubborn as can be
    I’d love a margarita, prefer it on the rocks
    But work got me stressin so pass me a that patron shot

    How was that??


    YAY!!! 300!!!

  39. @akilah – bangs out the hits with his QWERTY…..LMAOOOOOOOOO….classic

    @Babs – is this your first time here? Just kidding……

    @Mel – What up ch-ch-ch-ch-checkoutmymelonie!!!!!!!

    @Nerd Girl – A corona sound good right about now….

    @MissB – You nice!?!?!?!?! LOL. Work stressin you huh? You takin’em straight to the head….

  40. Well it’s NIKKIDST Fresh Virgo from tha OKC
    OKlahoma that is where I handle my biz
    Still Old School like my Slow Gin Fizz!

    lol!!! Happy 300!!! I enjoy reading your blog!!!

  41. Another one de-lurking…

    Hi, my name is Shanda, I’m a Capricorn
    Originally from Florida, Tampa-born
    Now I’m in Virginia Beach counting the hours
    ‘Til I can sit back and chill with a Midori Sour

    Happy 300th! I love your blog!

  42. @Nicole – OKC in da house!!!!!!!!!!

    @Shanda – Welcome……VA Beach in the house. I was just down there a month ago….

  43. (8) No no noooooooooooooooo you dont love me and i know now! (8)

    me a mix in di reggae caw dis a Pepper from Jamrock
    born and grow and mi naa lef yah
    mi nuh really lurky lurky caw mi love chat
    biggin up di Fresh (can you read my patwa?)

    happy 300! 😀

  44. The name is Nemo the Libra reppin the dirty South…Africa that is. My drink of choice is good old H20, I am a muslim so don’t hit the hard stuff. Big ups to u for your 300th post.

  45. I’m from Rosedale, but it’s right off the Conduit :)…I know right?..helluva transition but I’m making the most of it. Enjoying the simple pleasures in life and stuff…

  46. Yoyo Fresh this is Honest, repping the Parkway but chillin’ in D.C. ahhh ok that’s all I’ve got. Give me a Vodka Tonic and maybe I’ll get creative.

    Happy 300th post.

  47. unh… yeah…
    I’m a product of the Ricas…
    Born in the Af-uh
    Raised in the Am-uh
    HF Holdin it down for the aries
    Based in New York city
    Stayin nice with pineapple and henny.

    remix… can’t stop.. won’t stop… I don’t even know how to stop… unh… yeah… lol

  48. my name is reign and i’m a taurean queen
    givin you a shout from that dallas scene
    i’m a lightwieght but i try to keep it grown
    all i need is two shots of patron

    love your spot, glad you’re gonna keep it going. stay blessed.

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