Potholes in my Blog.

I’m still on a high from last night.

I’m still on a high from watching VH.1 H.ip H.op H.onors. Granted I feel like this every year because the artists that they’ve honored (so far) deserve it and their music changed and defined the game.

But watching those shows always makes me reminsice something serious.  My brain starts to conjure up memories that so vivid, it’s like it happened 10 minutes ago. Like listening to “How I Cou.ld J.ust K.ill a M.an” by Cypress Hill while waiting for the B41 outside of Kings Plaza on my Sony Walkwan pissed that the flimsy ass cushion on my headphone ripped or fell off AGAIN.

Or being at a house party with a local DJ, knocking down some Zimas while swaying my arms to Hip Hop Hooray…Hoooo…..Heeeeey….Hoooooo

Or listening to my cousin sing Po.tholes in my L.awn which he just saw on Video Music Box as we play handball at the court across the street from the greatest High School in Brooklyn. I remember going to see Tribe, De La and Leaders of the New School at a concert at the Palladium.

Or blasting The Great Adventures of Slick Rick album (yes on wax with the needle) and thinking to myself that it was the best album I had ever heard in my life (I was exaggerating but it is top 10 on my list) then getting popped upside my head because my mom heard me reciting the lyrics to “Treat’em like a Prostitute”  

Cover your mouth because you almost choke
You see the mailmans dick way up your wifes throat

What you think? Did that warrant a open hand pop to the dome piece?

I used to bug out and laugh at my mom when she’d watch tv and see some crazy reunion performance from like the Jackson Five and the Commodores. She would sit there in a daze at first but then she was up, dancing in the middle of the living room floor singing “she’s a brick.(dun dun dun dun)….hooooouse” Then she’d spend the rest of the night and next day looking for her 8-track or album and blast that joint Saturday morning while cleaning up (because everybody’s mom cleaned up on Saturday morning and would wake your ass up to help). 

That’s me now. Standing up last night watching the show. (by the way, it’s one of the rare shows I don’t think is trash on VH.1). Looking for the CDs this morning while my daughter looked at me like I lost my damn mind. Found my De La Soul is Dead CD, popped that in the car.

“Who’s that daddy?”

“De La Soul”


“Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy it”

*singing* Hey, how ya doin’…sorry you can’t get through….why don’t you leave your name….and your number and i’ll get back to you…….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on October 7, 2008.

10 Responses to “Potholes in my Blog.”

  1. See…this is how I felt LAST year watching the show – I was up dancing…on the phone making sure my sis was watching. LAST YEAR, after watching I downloaded everything by Whodini and searched for tracks from just about every artist nominated.

    THIS YEAR…I was mad…and bored. The performances were blah. I LOVE SLICK RICK…I’ve seen him in concert a few times, but last night his performance was LACKING.

    I dunno mayne…maybe it’s just me.

  2. and yeah…you deserved that pop upside the head! lol

  3. Slick was wack but you know what it is for me. A big part of it is just seeing these people again….

  4. how u had the nerve to say that shit with your mom in earshot, ill never know
    i didnt catch the awards
    i remember walkmen
    and correction
    murrow is the best hs
    *off to pop in a few cd’s*

  5. I was rolling till you said that best high school in Brooklyn nonsense….LOL. The best one is the one you didn’t get into homie. BTHS!

    I HEART DE LA SOUL. I also loved the Isaac Hayes tribute…cause I love Mos Def.

    And say what you want….EPMD ripped it last night. Have they been honored yet? Whats up wit dat?

  6. Maaaaan listen…You deserved that pop upside the head and THEN SOME! LOL

    Not to say I never said anything slick around my own momz but best you believe it was nowhere NEAR her earshot.

    Missed the Hip Hop Honors [unfortunately] but I’ve heard enough about it to look forward to the repeat!

  7. LMAO @ that pop upside the head!!!! you deserved it and you know it..

    Son.. I was JAMMIN last night.. De La whew.. I had FLASHBACKS.. and I was so diggin cypress.. took me back to freshman year of college when they performed at my school…SICK!!! and I know you taped it.. just like me.. since i was home today i got to see them replay it and relive it again.. EPMD STRAIGHT KILLED IT and Paris was looking kinda umm 🙂

    Ahhh it was fabulous I love this time of year

  8. What a cool post. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I enjoyed this year’s show so much. It brought back such good memories. Hearing this music brings me back to past times. I remember where I was, who I was with, what I had been doing, etc. So much of my life is centered around music. I do so many things with music playing in the background.

  9. I’m with Opinionated Diva on this one. I look forward to the show every year, but this year’s show was just blah for me. As a matter of fact, I fell asleep during the opening tribute to Cypress Hill, and ended up just watching bits and pieces of last night’s re-run half-heartedly.

    The first few years the shows seemed really focus on paying homage to the honorees. From what I saw last night, the performers were more into themselves than the folks they were supposed to be honoring. I don’t know, I was disappointed in this one. Maybe next year.

  10. No you didn’t say Zima! I don’t know whether to deduct a cool point b/c you actually jumped on the Zima train or give you one for admitting you used to partake…

    Did you ever think we would be old, and the HipHop stars we grew up listening to would be on stage w/their (almost grown ass) kids doing effing reunion concerts??? What the eff?

    I remember the first time I heard those words:

    Cash rules everything around me
    CREAM get the money
    dolla dolla bill ya’ll…

    I thought I was gonna lose my mind. One of my guy friends had been sketching a CREAM inspired doodle on his notebook and I convince him to give me the sketch b/c I was going to get it tattooed on my back.

    I remember wanting to be Lauryn Hill and wanting to marry Rakim. Wanting to own a bubble goose, live in Brooklyn and pictured myself riding the train to Harlem to meet w/my 5 Percenter friends or stop by the mosque for a bean pie (these are the naive fantasies of a midwestern girl mesmerized by east coast Hip Hop).

    Now I’m just an old bitch watching my heroes at effing reunion concerts on TV.

    On the flip side, I am proud to say that my 2 yr old can recite the chorus of Passing Me By – Pharcyde. 🙂

    ’till next time…

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