Random for Friday

This is one of those days. Its Friday and its gloomy and raining. I don’t know about you but getting out of bed this morning was NOT a priority. So as a result, I’m random with it.

– Are they going to debate or not? I mean WTF?!? Its a yes or no answer. The Repubs use every strategy up their ass to attempt to confuse the general public. Enough with the “maybe”. We’ve spent the last 8 years with a “maybe”.

– This economic crisis is bad but the damn media is making it worse.

– If there are two things I can’t stand, they are: (1) when people don’t iron their clothes and (2) when parents don’t do their kids hair. First, how much are irons? 14.99 maybe? I mean if its the end of the day and you’re a little wrinkled, its whatever. But when its first thing in morning and it looks like you took your shirt out the hamper and shook it a few times, that’s unacceptable. Everybody misses a spot here and there but fellas, when you got those wrinkly lines on your pants, I know you hung them up on a wire hanger and neglected to think about running an iron through them. If you’re a grown ass adult, being wrinkled is unacceptable.

Now, it annoys me when I drop off the little one to see kids without their hair done. The boys got the little beady beads. Get a damn brush! Girls hair all crazy. Fugg. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when wifey roll and I gotta do lil Freshalina’s hair. You’ll catch me walking around mumbling like “this is some bullshit” but I do what I gotta do cause I can’t have her leave the house and kids talking about her. Hell that shit doesn’t look professional but damnit its neat. I am the KING of ponytails!!!!

– You know why I like the fall season so much?!? It marks the return of knee high boots for the ladies!!! Plus I like the wardrobes better. No more pick a tshirt and jeans and sandals showing your dawgs fighting each other to see what toe is the best. You gotta put thought into that shit now. I’m a sucka for a woman who knows how to dress.

– I’m twittering. Wait that don’t sound right. Shit sounds suspect. I’m on twitter now. That’s better. I figured I’d give it a try so go check it out and if you’re on there, add me. It’ll be fun to put in my randomness.

(Someone took funky fresh. Bastids)

Damn I got a meeting. I’m out!!!!


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “Random for Friday”

  1. LOL @ you and your randomness!!!! you got bit by the twitter bug too!!!! I’ll add you I guess I’ll get to using it LOL

  2. Too funny!! ROFL!!

  3. See, I just left Twitter two days ago! It’s fun at first, but then it’s just annoying. I’m addicted to facebook now.

  4. I thought that was apart of Home Training 101. When I was staying at Georgia Tech over the summer, I was shocked to learn that a couple of my roomies didn’t know how to iron slacks or dress shirts.

  5. The Fresh One? LMAO…..why are you soooo extra? Combing lil Freshalinas hair? Awwwww. so cute. Good job Daddy!

  6. this takes me back to the days of my dad putting that big ol side twist in my hair! that was Not cute…but it was neat…lol

  7. the media’s sole purpose is to depress you… we should know that by now… either they over cover a disaster or they throw people in your face that are doing a helluva lot better than you

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