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Your significant other, your boo-boo, sugarbear, bun-bun, snuggums buys you a gift. (Notice I didn’t say f*ck buddy because if your f*ck buddy buys you a gift either (a) you were just THAT good last night or (b) they want to be more than a piece of skin for occasional tapping).

Anyway the gift becomes damaged or lost. You go to the store where it was purchased and they have the exact same item but they also have the item in another form (i.e. color) that you like more. Let’s consider all other things are equal like price.

Is it foul if you get the other item because you like it better even if they had the original?

Let me give some examples to put it in perspective.

Ladies, you’ve always wanted a marquis cut diamond but your man shows up with a princess cut diamond. Somehow it gets damaged and when you go to the store, they have both, the princess and the marquis. What do you do and is it foul if you show up with the princess cut?

What about if it was an item less expensive like shoes or a dress? Do you get the other item knowing that this person probably put some thought into the gift?

What if you were the person that gave the gift? Would your answer change? Would you feel slighted?

Holla at me….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 24, 2008.

9 Responses to “The Fresh Poll”

  1. Somebody in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!! No seriously, that’s a conversation to have.. unless I’m trying to replace WITHOUT him knowing then I’m getting the EXACT same thing.. but if he knows something happened to it and I go to exchange/fix, etc.. I’ll let him know and if he isn’t cool with it I wouldn’t exchange it.. now in the case of the diamonds.. I mean THAT had major thought put behind it and I wouldn’t even think to change that one.. I WANT MORE GIFTS

  2. I woudl let him know that the original was damaged/lost and I want to replace it. So having said that, I’d get the other form, because he knows I’m replacing. But if I didn’t want him to know, and I can’t think of any instance where I wouldn’t want him to know, then I’d get the exact match to what he’d purchased.

  3. If it’s gonna be obvious to my boo boo that I exchanged his gift for something better I wouldn’t do it.

    For instance, my ex bought me a medium sized leather jacket that was too big. I tried to exchange it for a small but it was sold out everywhere. They did have a jacket that I liked better in my size. But since he took the time to pick out the one he gave me I ended up keeping it in the larger size so I wouldn’t hurt his feelings.

  4. I would exchange it for what I like. If he’s my…he should be okay with that. Depending on his personality I may call and ask him if he’d be okay with it first….but again, if he’s my boo…there really shouldn’t be a problem, and I’d feel the same if it were vice versa.

  5. I need to know the details on what REALLY happened!

  6. Dude, what did you do?!?!?

    Unless I am trying to hide the fact that I replaced it, I’ll go ahead and get what I want. Especially if it’s my money.

  7. What makes you guys think I did something?!?!?!?! Wasn’t me.

  8. What did Mrs. Fresh do then? Like I said….I need details.

  9. Me? Well I’d do the obvious. Lie and say that they didnt have the original “at the time I went” and because I really felt bad that the item got damaged, I made the sacrifice of getting the item in the different color, shape, etc. because it was either that or nothing…I’m a little disappointed that they didnt have the exact one he bought me, but I’m learning to live with it *wink wink* AND EVERYONE WINS!!!


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