Stadium Love

When the phone rang last night, I didn’t even have to look at the caller ID. I just picked it up and said hello.

“You watching it?” She asked me.

“Yup” I replied.

“Okay, talk to you later” she said.

This wasn’t our typical Sunday conversation. Her words were short and you could hear it in her voice that she wasn’t the same. Truth be told, neither was I.

She is my mom. We were watching the ceremonies before the final game at Yankee Stadium.

To about 99% of the black population, last night didn’t mean a thing. Who cares? Its baseball and its a stupid stadium. Hey, I respect that opinion to an extent but before you question and criticize, understand why I was so adamant on watching that last night.

No I didn’t play for the Yankees. Yes, they are my favorite baseball team but last night was important not just because of the team and being a dedicated fan but more because of the memories.

When I was younger, my mom would bring me to Yankee games. Every summer we hit up about 3 games. Just me and her. And my mom was a fan. Cheering, yelling with the big fat drunk white man sitting next to us. She could tell you stats. She could tell you the players and yes, she’s a black woman. (In fact I only know one other black woman who is like that and she’s a blogger too 😉 Sixty what up!?) When you would see guys and their sons at the games, I was there with my mom and not once did I think boy I wish my pops was here because my mom filled the void admirably, with no questions asked and no ill feelings. She never complained about taking me to a game. It wasn’t her job. I was her life.

When my birthday came around, I knew I was going to a game. So I’d put on my Willie Randolph fake jersey blue t-shirt, my fresh Yankee hat and my new white pair of Wildcats from Stride Rite and we’d roll. 2 train, transfer to the 4. 161st here we come! Hot dogs, pretzels, game programs. I had it all. Comraderie. Family time. Just me and mom.

So last night was nostalgic. It brought back a ton of memories for me. It brought me back to my youth. Eventually we stopped going to games. I went to college and moved away. We did go to a game 3 years ago. I finally got the chance to pay for the pretzels. That lady would NOT let me pay for the tickets!!

I’m looking forward to starting a new tradition but for now I have to say farewell, Yankee Stadium. Me and mama Fresh will miss you.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “Stadium Love”

  1. Awwww. Although I am a poor pitiful Mets fan…I was saddened at the last game to be played in the House that Ruth built.

    Another NY landmark bites the dust. I love Mama Fresh for being a real sports fan!!!!

  2. awww
    i like momma dukes

  3. deep.

    that was a very good look from Mama Fresh.

  4. Awww. That was serious. My mom and I are both Yankees fans (dad and brother ride for the Mets) and we talked last night about the end of an era. She mentioned that they were frisking people on the way in to make sure they didnt have screw drivers to take their own memorabilia. I had to laugh when she said, “It was a good thing; I would have come out with a chair and had it sitting in the front room covered in plastic.” Farewell Yankee Stadium. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Awww that is sweet!

  6. Fresh.. this brought back MAAAAD MEMORIES.. My mom was a METS fan but I LOVED the yankees.. so we would ALWAYS attend the subway series up until I was about 16.. that was OUR moment.. my brother didn’t like baseball.. my sister thought it was dumb.. well ME I LOVED going to the park… and YANKEE STADIUM.. Man that place is filled with not only baseball memories for me but every time I made the ALL-CITY team.. the luncheon was held there.. I received my FIRST plaque for track and field there.. my mom watching in the clubhouse as I stood there the ONLY one from my squad.. all the memories.. Yes.. I’m saddened that yankee stadium as we know it will be gone as well..

  7. Yo Fresh! did you hear how the new stadium will have 5,000 seats LESS, the tickets will basically triple, HOWEVER, there will be more luxury suites and rooms for partying and such? Craziness…

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