I courted wifey.

Yup, that’s right. Courted. Not took her to court. Courted. Pursued. Persistence.

I did my homework. Full out investigation. Analyzed details. Checked her out.

I eased my way into it. Took my time. Stickie notes, letters. Did the little things like buy the original CD that her favorite song was recorded on.

I listened so hopefully I would never have to ask what she wanted for a gift. (doesn’t always work 🙂

Nothing overly bearing.

And then when it was time to make my move, I man’ed up and went for it. Why? It felt like the right time.

See I went to the relationship race track just like all of you but when I showed up for this race, I was ready. I was prepared. I trained mentally and physically. My mind was right. My body followed. So when the gun went off, I knew I had to pace myself in order to finish.

Some of you go to that relationship track and have no idea what you’re in for.  You see other people do it and you think it’s easy. But you go because you heard or THOUGHT you heard the right words.  But you’re not ready. You think you’re ready. But trust me you’re not. And it shows.

As soon as the gun sounds, you start sprinting. Running as fast as you can. Eventually, you run out of breath, you legs get weak, your brain tells your body to shut down. Your “heart” can’t take it. Some people get warned. They listen to what their brain is telling them and they will try and adjust. But a lot of people, they’re ignorant and keep sprinting. Then they stop. Never to see the finish line. And you know what happens next? They leave the track. Never ever to come back and when someone asks them about it, they say something like “I hate running” or “that track isn’t for me”. When really they should be admit that they weren’t ready to tackle the track and they need to go back to prepare and come back. Then run the next race. Even better, they tell their friends that the track is bad for them. One bad apple huh? But those that trained. They’re focused and even when a lane gets cluttered, they adjust and move on.

Very rarely do you find a true genuine love sprinter. Rare. Most sprinters are doped up, only to get busted later. It’s all a facade.  So it kills me when I hear stories about people meeting online on Tuesday, fucking on Wednesday (if they wait that long), moving in on Friday and then breaking up on Sunday, only to leave a person distraught never to want to get on the track again.  I understand we live in a fast society.  I’m sure if they had a drive thru value pack menu for men/women, it would be the longest line ever. You’d wait then huh? Stop frontin’ . Just to pull up and say “can I get a #4 please? Can you supersize the breasts?!” We want things now. Or Yesterday. We can’t wait because you were supposed to be married at 25, kids at 30 and yadda yadda yadda bullcrap.

And then it bugs you out. Irritates the crap out of you when you find out someone else conquered that track. “But I’m better than her/him.”  Better don’t mean shit.

Some people just know how to train………

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on August 6, 2008.

27 Responses to “Velocity”

  1. That’s it in a nutshell. Brilliant post.

  2. 🙂 Every once in a while you pull one out yo arse.. this HAS to be the wiser at thirty – **** post.. 🙂 I LOVE IT

  3. Wonderful post. This needs to be required reading before entering into a relationship.

  4. Man this one is so good I almost jacked it!

    You keep on keepin’ on! Still running my marathon too!

  5. See….this is why we’re friends! You said a mouthful with this post. Brillziant 😉

  6. Excellent post, Fresh-a-lot.

  7. Wow! Great post!

  8. These heffas don’t date today. They entice men by acting overly sexual and the man is attracted to THAT…and because they haven’t worked on anything else BUT the sexy walk or the glitter on the boobs or the…”I’m cool cuz I’m open to anything…” a man LOOKING to be a family man slips their azzes right into the potential booty buddy column. The thing that cracks me up are the women who don’t think even for an INSTANT that they have been labeled FROM THE MOMENT THEY OPENED THEIR MOUTH THE FIRST TIME and still think if they play their cards right…they could be THE ONE.

    My husband courted me too and it was slow and easy. Respectful and RIGHT. He did what he was sposed to do from the BEGINNING and I never, EVER had to wonder about his intentions.

    I’m just as lucky as your wife is.

    A whole lot of women today really, REALLY have got it allllllll twisted. And them fools listening to the wrong fools. *sigh*

  9. What a great post! A lot of women need to hear how it should be done from a male point of view.

  10. I love to hear a man’s side of the coin. Excellent! Slow and steady definitely wins the race. The RIGHT race.

  11. Wow! This was on point.

  12. Always on point!

    ****Some people just know how to train………****

    You said it on this post!!!

  13. Maybe the best entry I’ve read about relationships to date. Kudos, good sir.

  14. Amazing post. Truer words haven’t been spoken.

  15. GREAT post!

  16. As always…laying down the pearls. But that’s how Brooklyn do, huh? 🙂

  17. Damn, that was the truth.

  18. Damn! Tell it like it is! I love your no-nonsense philosophy on relationships, and as a woman in her 20s I wish my peers would read this post and follow your advice diligently.

  19. Hey Fresh-
    Courting? Shoot, ask some folk the meaning to that word and they couldn’t tell you. Courting that special one comes from experience (sometimes). Some folk go through the dating faze, relationship faze, and the one-night stand faze (aka the cut buddy)- However, to court, takes time and patience that comes from maturity.

    -After Hours


  21. It is a slow process that no one seems to be interested in anymore. Excellent post.

    PS. Happy Birthday!

  22. Thank you all. Much love.

  23. Very good post!!!

  24. This is quite profound and appropriate with Olympic season!

  25. irresistably good– wisdom comes with age, but i take it you had common sense already!

  26. This is an EXCELLENT post. It fits with what I am going through.

  27. This was very nice. I need me one of you. lol. But for real I understand what you are saying. People want things quick and don’t want to stay in it for the long haul.

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