Peace Out Negativity

Yeah I changed it up a bit. Maybe permanent. Maybe for a day or two. I got tired of the dark background. It felt gloomy a bit. So when I write a post, I never read it over once it’s on the site. I just hit the “publish” button and so be it. I’ll read the comments but that’s it. Well this weekend I actually read a post or two and the shit was a killer to my eyes! So yeah, for now we’ll roll with this. Trust me, it’ll change again.

Speaking of change….

As I approach my  bday (it’s next month), I reminded myself today that it’s time to do some spring cleaning. I know it’ll be August but just roll with me. I took a look around and noticed that there’s waaaaaaaaaaay too much negativity surrounding me in various forms through friends and family. Somehow, someway I let my guard down and now this “thing” is trying to morph itself into a permanent fixture.

It’s like a rock hitting your windshield and leaving a little crack. You tell yourself “ahhh I’ll take care of that later” Later turns into weeks, months, maybe even a year. Then one day you wake up and your entire windshield has a damn crack going across it.

Give negativity a chance to eat, it’s going to grow.

So I’m making list. I HAVE to cut people off, and out for good. The last time I did this, I lost friends over it but I guess they weren’t really my friends if they can’t take some constructive criticism.  Don’t be offended if I call you an idiotic asswipe because of what you did. Chances are I said it because well, you’re idiotic and you’re an asswipe.

The ill shit is some people on this list are family. But I just can’t take their situations on in my life any longer. They gots to go. GETS TO STEPPING (thanks Marty Mar). I stand strong for fam because that’s blood but if I help you and you can’t help yourself, why the hell am I wasting my time and money? I’m busting my ass to help you and you’re not even lifting an ass muscle off my couch. F*ck that. No more.

I’m not carrying the extra weight anymore……….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on July 29, 2008.

8 Responses to “Peace Out Negativity”

  1. I feel you.. I’ve had to do the same and you know what.. SUCH IS LIFE.. I’m saying OSAG would be much easier too without the extra weight! LOL 🙂 Holla at Tekumba if you need some theme music!

    Keep ya head up fam..

  2. Ya feel me homeslice!

    Now about this layout…

  3. I totally agree with the spring cleaning. I just wish I was strong enough when it came to my family. Some of them really gots to go.

    I like the layout.

  4. I am dealing with family issues also, Fresh. After a year off living rent free in the mansion, August is the month to pay up or get out for some extended family members. Why is my gut telling me that on due day, I’m going to hear some excuse as to why I can’t get the math. I’m trying to stay cool but everytime I see a crumb on my kitchen floor or a new mark on my walls, or a light left on….overnight…I get a get-the***&^(** out my mother**&^(&*&&&** house!!!! Knot in my stomach. You know rule number one on the block is to not let anybody play you. I already feel played, like Stevie Wonder’s harmonica and the only tune I know is Have a Talk With God….

  5. BTW, I like the BLACK background better. Sometimes you can only appreciate the beauty by swimming in the Pain. Besides, Black don’t crack! Real talk….We stronger than concrete laced with steel…

  6. I hear you on this. I think it’s smart to stop and “check in” with yourself periodically. Some people just need getting rid of. It’s too bad @ times, but needs to be done.

  7. Sometimes family can bring you down quicker than any friends…

  8. Hey, sometimes you gotta cut folks off, even if they are family. Sometimes, blood ain’t no thicker than water IMO.

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