I’m back.

Let’s just say I was in hiding for the last couple of weeks. (Damn it’s been 2 whole weeks since my last post!) No need to worry. I wasn’t in hidng because someone was about to beat my ass for f*cking their wife/girlfriend/jumpoff, although I had a brief run-in once but that’s another story. I’m saying, everyone’s done that right? Right?!?!?!

My absence was mostly due to a well-needed vacation, which was strategically planned I might add.

See, the weekend I left to go away was the same weekend that 20,000+ educated, mostly beautiful sexy black women descended on DC to celebrate their centennial sisterhood and flaunt their pink and green. I knew this and had it all planned. I’ll take a couple of days off, catch up with some peoples, maybe actually meet my internet BFF and attempt to mack some of her FIONE sisters. Sounds like a plan right?

Well about 3-5 days before the magical festivities, wifey and I are up watching the news when these IDIOTS decide to ANNOUNCE this info. In their words ” IT IS EXPECTED THAT CLOSE TO 23,000 BLACK WOMEN WILL BE IN WASHINGTON DC THIS WEEKEND FOR THE AKA CENTENNIAL blah blah blah” Neither I, nor wifey, needed to hear the rest.

I just felt hot sitting there and I didn’t even do shit wrong. But I could hear the wheels spinning in her head doing the math.

Fresh + 20,000 beautiful (some eligible) black women + Fresh past ex and a fling being members of that organization + Fresh probably going out that weekend + Fresh seeing these black women = HELL TO THE NAW.

Literally the next morning, I was informed that we were going on a mini-family vacation in which we would conveniently depart the morning that most of those women would arrive and conveniently arrive back home the day after most women would depart. Women I tell ya.

Although I was crushed, I needed the time away. You ever have so much shit in your head that you start one thing and get so distracted that you don’t come back to it until weeks later. You ever drive home from work and get home and really have no idea how you got there. Which road did you take? Was there traffic? That was me.

So I came back refreshed, with a little more focus, a little clearer head. It’s something to just sit down and watch kids play. No worry in the world. Just fun and enjoyment (till they start buggin you cause their thirsty). And I still managed to catch the remaining bunch of those beautiful women.  😉



~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on July 24, 2008.

17 Responses to “Ooops…”

  1. I’m a new reader and have been checking your archives. Welcome back and that story was funny as hell.

  2. HAHAHAAAAAAA Glad you are back safely my friend!!!! LMAO @ feeling hot and didn’t do nathan.. IT WAS THE THOUGHTS THE THOUGHTS lol

  3. hahahahaha. glad you got focused.

  4. Mrs. Fresh ain’t stupid!!

  5. sdg1844 – thanks and welcome to the site homie……keep coming back, don’t let these commenters scare you off!!! they crazy!!!

    BK – NATHAN!!! and it was like a sauna up in the mickey flickey.

    Jam – i’m focused man. very focused.

    Y – I’m saying tho’…she could have cut me some slack on this one.

  6. That’s what yo’ ass get for trying to pull a sneaky one on the Mrs.! I am surprised she didn’t do some Oran “Juice” Jones shyt on ya.

    “Close ya mouth, cause you cold busted!”

    Only You Fresh! (ain’t said that in a while…)


    dats funny as hell…DWL

    Oh..yeah…hi, pepper here, newish to your blog, minding my manners. (did i do this already?)

  8. props to tha wife – she knows what’s up… lol

  9. Haaa!!! See that is what you get for trying to be sneaky on the Mrs.! Mini family vacation…

  10. I was just thinking I was going to send you some hate mail this weekend for going MIA.

    Welcome back. Glad you are reFRESHed!

  11. Why your comments hating? I posted the same thing twice and it went bye bye!

  12. See….your wife is one smart lady. And gangsta too? LOL
    LOVE IT. She’s just protecting her investment in a down economy homie.

    Welcome Back Brooklyn. We missed you and BOY, did you miss out. 🙂

  13. Feeling the blog and the post. Thank you for shooting straight and keeping it gully….

  14. LMAO!!! That is HILARIOUS!!! Mrs. Fresh was NOT playin!!! I hear that…if I wasn’t one I would did the same thing. LOL

  15. Pepper – Welcome. You don’t have to mind your manners around me…it’s all good!

    Ruthibelle- why you gotta side with wifey? huh?

    Babster – Hate mail? C’mon homie….

    Sixty – Thanks for rubbing it in….Damn you.

    MDNBK – I’m BKNMD…gully it is.

    MissB – man you and your peeps…I was ready for y’all. I’m telling you….I’ma have to sneak to one of those regionals!!

  16. Sixty-eight = Man not sure why my comments hating….I gotta check that out.

  17. FRESH!!! Next Regional…NYC!!! LOL…

    but Ms. Fresh aint havin that!!

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