Attention all Parents of Young Boys…

Attention all Parents of Young Boys………

Please take note.

As a father to a young daughter, I will NOT hesitate to put my foot up your young boy’s ass. I have no problem splitting assholes on an as needed basis.

Now technically I shouldn’t have to resort to such measures because as parents, I would sincerely HOPE that you instill some sense in your aspiring young man. But there are a few cases which “Fresh intervention” is required.

Like this past weekend………….

I’m out chillin’ with lil Freshalina and her 6 friends…(yes I said 6…it was her b-day weekend..a long one at that)

Anyway, Daddy (me) makes an executive decision and says it’s time to leave the park, much to the dismay of the young divas. It was getting late and the crowd was getting “older”. It just felt like it was time. As we’re walking out of the park, I hear……

“Pssst ma let me holla at you”

Oh by the way, the young divas range in age from 6-10 years old.

You tell me?

Who the f*ck is “ma”?????

And Who the hell are they “holla”-ing at?!?!

The one who made the statements was 9 years old. 9. N-I-N-E. He was with a 10 year old and a 17 year old boys.

Now maybe I over-reacted but I LOST IT on these kids. (and for the record, my daughter wasn’t “the one” they were psst’ing too or so they say but she was walking next to the one they apparently directed it at).

It wasn’t cute. Not one bit.

If that was me back in the day, my mom would have smacked the testosterone out of me. I would have just reached puberty!

What’s next? Grabbing a girl’s hand, butt, calling her out of her name? You tell me.

Whose ass can I put my foot up next? The parents who think that shit is cute when lil Leroy knows the words to Sou.lja B.oy? The brothers and sisters? B.E.T? Music artists? Video directors?

You tell me.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on July 8, 2008.

18 Responses to “Attention all Parents of Young Boys…”

  1. Man I so feel you. I done had to stare down a few silly ass GROWN muthafuckas who thought my (at the time) 15 year old was a good prospect for their bullshit!

  2. BTW that was NOT a good thing for them to do at a gas station of all places… Especially AFTER I paid for gas…

  3. As the parent of two young boys….please commence to azz whooping if you catch my sons being disrespectful out in the street (and then call me and I’ll whoop their azzez when they get home).

    You KNOW how I feel about kidz that act too grown. Hmpmh.


    These young fools done lost dey minds!

  5. More proof that chiiren [TODAY] are OUT OF CONTROL! [While it’s sad, it’s certainly NOT surprising…*SIGH*]

  6. Fresh you are NOT wrong.. I had to reprimand 2 of the girls that were at his party this weekend for ARGUING.. one of them says WHY DID YOU INVITE HER.. WTF

    My son already KNOWS that is NOT acceptable!!! I don’t get parents who think its cute.. WTF Like sixty said.. whoop they arse and then call me so I can whoop it too when he got home..

    Sad part is its not just the boys.. its girls too.. when I told the parents they say well he is handsome.. BIATCH that’s where she gets it from.. ugh

  7. they might not have daddies so i’m glad you showed them how one is supposed to act! get it fresh!!

  8. Na’w its a jungle out there….you got to wile out.

  9. I don’t blame you for the spaz out. That also let’s her know how she should be treated. Good move, Fresh.

  10. Oh goodness – is this what I have to look forward to? My girl is only 3, I can only imagine what these little boys will be hollering in the next 6 (!?!?!?!) years! If you’re ever in MS, please feel free to do some splitting on our behalf.

  11. You’re better than me. I woulda choked ol boy out. But that seems a bit harsh doesn’t it?

  12. WOW!!! That is crazy…not 9?!?!?! Yeah good call on your part…little kids are a mess these days!! I blame the parents!!

  13. Jesus take the wheel. I had to tell a dude off a few years ago who thought it was cute to ‘ma can hi holla at ya! And am grown. A nine year old? are you kidding me? What is next?

    Jesus take the wheel.

  14. Only by getting corrections from MEN can these young boys correct their behavior. Go for it. If you see my nephews acting a fool, feel free to let ’em have it. Oh, and thank you.

  15. I Blame Hip Hop! Thats my answer for everything these days LMAO!!!

  16. lmao
    i feel u man
    these kids are actin too grown for no damn reason

  17. No, you didn’t overreact. Fuck that shit…

  18. Yeah, you were well within your rights to choke that kid! 😉

    Roycee is crazy! LOL

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