No questions. Just do it.

I wish I was in the meeting at N.ike when they came up with the phrase. It had to be such an AH-HA moment for them. I bet light bulbs went off in all of their heads.

It’s not a poem you have to memorize. It’s not a quote. It’s short, sweet and to the point and yet, it means so much.

My name is Fresh and I’m a procrastinator. (Hiiiiiiiiii Fresh).

I suffer from a disease called “Putofftilltomorrowitis” (that’s put-off-till-tomorrow-itis). And it’s cost me sometimes. Everything from late fees on credit cards (which I always call to get removed – you should try it sometimes – it works) to not getting “that” girl (I’m okay now. I’m well taken care of 😉 Depending on what it is, the more you put it off, the worse it could get. It’s the easiest habit to get in to but one of the hardest to get out of.

I went to school for engineering which means I have a very analytical brain.  Couple that with the fact that I grew up in Brooklyn and it’s a deadly combination. Extremely deadly. I look at EVERYTHING funny.  So not only do things have to add up no matter how it’s presented, it also has to be legit. My hustle eye stays open. But this is also a detriment for me. I suffer from analysis paralysis. I have to know every single detail before I move forward. Then I do it.

Just do it.

I hate running but last year I took a likening to it. It helped clear me mind and kept me away from the weight dropping vein popping knuckleheads in the gym (plus there are more “sights” on the track). I said that eventually I’ll run a 5K but in due time. I’ve never really pushed myself to see if I can last 3 miles, well the other day, I just started running (on some Forrest Gump shit). 3.5 miles later, I stopped.  Who knew? Maybe it was adrenalin. Who cares?!?! The fact is I did it.

Just f*ckin do it.

So this month, that’s my motto. Just do it. I’m not going to wait and calculate, I’m just going to do. I’ve got to learn how to de-program myself from all of this bullshit and what better day to start than today.

Just f*ckin’ do it.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on July 1, 2008.

13 Responses to “No questions. Just do it.”

  1. Welcome to the 5K club. I knew you could do it. You just weren’t pushing yourself. Congrats Fresh. I am proud of ya.

  2. Holla!!! Welcome aboard my friend.. don’t get mad at me when I start sending you links to races and ish LOL.. especially since you can run them on my behalf 🙂 LOL So add the Just Fuggin Do It to Operation Shrink a Gut and you have what??? 🙂 you the analytical one.. NOT ME

  3. BK, add the two and you have JUST FUGGIN SHRINK YOUR GUT…hahahahahahahaha

  4. Shoot. I am glad it was you! I can’t in no way imagine RUNNING 3.5 miles! I used to hate them damn things at early crack dawn in the Navy! Probably a big reason why I left! But I will ride! Get my bike out and I am gone…

  5. I remember my first 5k. The guy I was dating got me into running. I could only do about 2 miles and he signed me up for a 5k (he was doing the half) and said if I could do 2 I could 3.2. He was right. I (just) did it no problem. They key is to not stop. You’ll find that doing a 10k is just as easy!

    I miss running. 😦

  6. My name is akilah and I am a procrastinator. Like I been meaning to comment but haven’t. Your OSAG got me on a running kick and I finished my first 5k back in April (Oriole run) (36minutes). So now my co-workers have made it their business to keep pushing me to run more events and ultimately a marathon. But anywho…thx for the jumpstart.

  7. Yea for running! Get back in the gym. It’s hilarious shit.

  8. Glad to know I’m not alone. I am also quite the procrastinator and I needed this swift kick in the ass. Not ready for 5K, or 3, but I’ll start with 1. Baby steps!

  9. Congrats on the run! That’s fantastic.

  10. do it do it do it do it! a 5k is one of my goals. i started my training yesterday and was like “WHAT AM I DOING!?!? I’m not a runner!!” But then I told myself to stop psyching myself out and said, yep, “Just do it.”

  11. You went to school for engineering too? Same here.

  12. Hi Fresh…My name is COOL and I’m also a procrastinator.

    CONGRATS on the 5k!!!! I’m taking notes on ur initiative.



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