None of that…

I didn’t watch the B.E.T Awards the other night.

I’m working on a project at work and need every single ounce of intelligence to finish writing this document (which I’m almost done by the way). Stopping to watch that show would have dumbed me down a few notches and I really couldn’t afford the setback.

I did manage to walk past the tv as wifey was glued to it. I saw Ms. K.ey.s looking RIGHT in those jeans. I saw E.n Vo.gue still looking quite fuggable and then I saw Lisa looking like….ummmmm L.isa Lis.a L.isa….DAYUMMMM she got big. Yeah yeah I know she’s one of my old school jumpoffs and personally, I’d probably still hit that but you never want to think your childhood crushes would….expand so much.


Man, my to-do list is like a fuggin’ scroll. I carry over items from day to day like that shit is long addition. I know I have to do them but I don’t WANT to do them. Either they’re time consuming or they’re just flat out annoying……


I’m finding myself watching less and less television unless it’s sports or a debate or something along that lines. To be honest, one of my favorite shows is The B.ig I.dea on C.N.B.C. For anyone who wants to start their own business or even has their own business, it’s a good show (in my opinion). You’ll see people come up with ideas that you may think are crazy but these fuggas are on their way to being millionaires. Anyway, the news usually has the same shit on it……

All I have to do is look at my monthly bills and go to the closest gas station to know we’re close to a recession. I don’t need every news program reminding me.


I bumped into an old co-worker yesterday at lunch.

Now said ex-co-worker didn’t work in the same group/department as me but we had frequent dealings as I worked with her on marketing material. With that, she also despised, I mean truly hated, working with one individual in my group. Her face would get all distorted whenever she would ask me who she should work with to finalize the proposal and I would say “Earl” ** name withheld to protect the innocent**

Knowing that she hated his guts, I had to bring up his name today when we saw each other.

Me: So ummm, you ever see that dude you hated…what’s his name……Earl?!?!

Her: Actually, I see him everyday. We’re married.

Me: What the f*ck?!?!

I mean she would tell me she would not hesitate to kick this dude in his nuts, now she’s rubbing them. Nightly.

Life’s some funny shit.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 26, 2008.

10 Responses to “None of that…”

  1. Damn I was all over the place with this post.You see where my brain is…..

  2. yeah that was quite random.

  3. Do you ever say to yourself “I am really crazy!”? ROFL!

  4. ROTFLMAO @ them being married!!! that’s why she hated him.. she was loving him in the dark!!! hahahaaaa

  5. She hated him all right…..all the way to the altar. Gotta love it.

    And yeah….I feel you on the craziness of work. My to do list is now a document.

  6. I think that is so sweet that she and Earl are married!

  7. LMAO @ Earl getting her in the end. I think she was tryin’ to hide it!

    And the same to Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa!

  8. rubbing balls?


  9. You are a funny, funny man. I LOL, hard on that last comment on the female hating the nuts and now rubbing them, nightly.
    Too funny.

  10. DWL @ Earl

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