On the road again….

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Colorado. Yup, Colo-fuggin-rado.

Naturally I’d be bored out of my damn mind (and I am) but I actually don’t care this time. There’s too much going on in life right now that this trip came right on time. It’s kind of ill out here. It’s a different life (for the record, I’m not in Den.ver, I’m like an hour or so away). It’s quiet. It’s serene. I can see the Rocky mountains. It’s really on some laid back shit. I went for a run this morning. Damn near fell out after like 20 mins. This damn altitude is no joke. Thin ass air had a dude gasping. WTF?!?!?!?

So last night we get in and immediately the sales dude (who has been here before) is talking this let’s go to dinner shit. For those of you who’ve read my blog before know I have a one-night-with-coworkers-dinner limit. Any other night, my ass is making some off the wall excuses. Last night, I fulfilled my quota. We decide to meet up in the lobby at certain time, get in the car, drive and end up at…….

HOLY BIG TITS BATMAN, WE’RE AT H.OOTERS………Not exactly my choice of dinner options but maybe they’ll have some good ummm “breasts” (of chicken that is). We walk in and this shit blew my damn mind……Besides the sea of white, which I expected, I see this…..

Not the S.im.pson.s….but FAMILIES….Full blown FAMILIES….Mom, Dad, Little Kids, Babies, sitting down having family dinners surrounded by…..

Imagine this shit walking over to your table to take your order with no ass in some thin ass orange shorts? I don’t know about everyone out there but I can’t see me saying to wifey, let’s go out for dinner at H.ooters and bring the kid. She would give me the classic “Negro please look” And the ill shit is there was a kid in there, no older than 10, celebrating a birthday. Again, WTF?!?!?!?

Now me being me, I ordered boneless breasts. It was subliminal. I couldn’t help it. The waitress though kept giving me the googly eye asking me questions, tell me the night spots, etc. Hmmm. I get back to the hotel and there’s a message from my phone from the front desk hotel clerk basically stating if I need anything to let her know. I asked my coworker if he got the same message, he said no.

Maybe I’m paranoid but isn’t Co.lo.rado where K.o.b.e got in trouble?


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 18, 2008.

11 Responses to “On the road again….”

  1. dang, Fresh. You got the Western White Girls going crazy!

    Hoot.ers has some tasty wings and well seasoned curly fry!

  2. My high school sold hooters calenders and chicken wings as a fundraiser……I’ve never been inside one but the wings are the bomb

  3. Okay. First. I was just about to ask you why there ain’t been that many “Only You Fresh” stories lately. But here you are!

    And YES. ABSOLUTELY that is where Kobe got in his mess. All I gotta say is if you break a Becky off, look broke! I know you ain’t gonna, but just the same…

    Um… Maybe they been hearing them Mandingo stories and you are the first opportunity they had for checking things out…

    And apparently Hooters IS a family restaurant. My little Cuz J. has a pic surrounded by a bevy of tightly clad babes. He is 10.

  4. Put a chair behind your door, take that bible out the nightstand, and pray. The white girls are in full attack mode. Stay away from Abercrombie and Dog Parks! You don’t have Kobe money for Kobe lawyers, LOL!!!

    Never been to Hooters, yet never had the desire to.

  5. Yeah you may want to lock yourself in your room.

    Never been to Hooters, but heard they have some good wings, couldn’t see me taking my daughter and nephew there though.

  6. lol @ that last sentence…yes, that’s where HOBE got GOT.

    I am floored that it has become a FAMILY spot. What’s next…strip clubs????

  7. For real though….Hooters Wings are the truth. LOL

    That being said….trust your friend when I say that if a Front Desk agent is personally calling to check up on you and offer services????? You need to lock your door and call the wifey.


  8. As a black woman from Denver, I can testify to what everyone else has said. A few of my male friends have gotten caught up in “Kobe situations,” except none of those fools have Kobe money. Sadly, one of them is in jail for 16 years. Yes, 16 YEARS! Those chicks are ruthless. Be careful, homie!

  9. Hell Yes!

    Same State!

  10. def where he got in trouble!! lol. you are insane!! too funny! when my crew dragged me to hooters last year, i was shocked at all the families, too. and dudes w/their boys and all their kids and the waitresses are bent over coloring with the kids. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!??! twilight zone indeed.

  11. LMAO @ you.. you almost got Kob.e’d!!! you woulda had to change your jersey number and all.. LOL

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