His Story

Never in my years.  Never in my life.

But you know what they say.

Never say never.

I’m sitting here speechless. History has been made.

Did anyone else see Mi.chelle O.bama give him a pound before his speech? Gotta love it.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 3, 2008.

12 Responses to “His Story”

  1. I am so proud, My President and First Lady!!!

    Oh, and I peeped the pound, absolutely loved it!

  2. SPEECHLESS.. I feel you fresh.. I never thought I would see it.. but I’m proud baby!!! LOL @ the pound.. yup.. saw it.. and laughed about it.

  3. The pound was so cool!

    I am feeling rather proud too! And I can see pride in the eyes of people today at the plantation.

  4. wow. I was hoping he’d make it. Although, I’m not technically “American” I’m pretty proud as well. I’m gonna have to go and search for video of the speech as I can see the pound.

  5. maaaan i’m SO proud right now. so proud.

    and i absolutely HEART michelle for giving him that pound. like, ‘we did it, dawg, we did it.’


  6. A Change is Gonna Come. Finally. Now we need to handle McCain.

  7. i too am very proud! i had a old school “oh no she didn’t” feel when she gave him that pound!

  8. Shiiiidddd! I am shining up my voter’s registration card right now!

  9. yeah… Michelle is straight gangsta… that pound just made it more evident that a change is about to come. BaRACK the VOTE

  10. Saw it and I loved it!!! [It’s definitely a beautiful thang :-D]

  11. Yessss….

  12. This is truly a time that I wish my Grandparents had lived to see. The number 8 means “new beginnings”, a change, even. I think I may need to take another trip down to Selma AL, to the Voter’s Rights Museum, just to see where it all began.

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