Put it to rest….Nite Nite….

I want Hi.l.ary to stop.

I want her and her campaign to stop, give it up and let BO focus on the general e.lection. They are $20 million in the red. She’s already loaned her campaign over $6 million. Where does it end?

You ever have sex with someone and they are just not doing it for you? I mean, you can’t wait till it’s over but during the act, you’re distracted. You’re checking your Bl.ack.berry….playing with the remote….thinking about other people…..No matter how hard they try and f*ck you, it’s just not working anymore…….and you feel like that person is wasting your time…

See the parallel?

(*in no way was the above statement meant to be sexist by the way, so don’t come at me*)

I just happened to be in W.est Vi.rginia earlier this week for work, so I tuned in the local stations and talk radio just to hear a different perspective on things.

People were pissed on the calls even with Hi.lary crushing BO on Tuesday. They don’t think BO is playing fair and I even heard a comment that I never thought I would hear in my lifetime for something outside of sports, maybe.

“The only reason BO is winning is because he’s a black man”


They made it sound like his wins in the primaries were due to affirmative a.ction.

Don’t let all of the rhetoric fool you. Judge for yourself and decide who you want and who represents your best interest. But don’t be naive either.

We all know Am.erica has SERIOUS issues with race, class, and let’s be real here – gender. Be a member of all three and I’ll be damn if you’re not fighting everyday (Much respect sisters!) for some type of equality.

While I don’t knock the fact that being a woman in a male-dominated society is difficult; solely stating that Hil.ary’s losing campaign is a result of Misogyny is kind of crazy. It means you have one ear open and one closed because BO is facing the same kind of scrutiny, only from the racists in Amer.ica. Did you not see the monkey t-shirt?!?!?

Of course there are quite a few out there who voted purely off face value and only see the race as White Woman vs. Black Man. One lady on the radio earlier this week said ” White women have had to endure years of struggle and defamation in this country” I wanted to call up the station and ask her if she knew about how many years of struggle Black people faced? i wonder if she knows about Me.gan Wi.lli.ams, who was tortured in her same state.

H.ilary is losing this battle because of a poor campaign not because she’s a White woman. How come no one wants to recognize that?

Good campaigns learn to read the pulse of A.mericans and quickly adapt without losing it’s core values. Bad campaigns cry and resort to emotional and kindergarten-ish tactics.

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 15, 2008.

8 Responses to “Put it to rest….Nite Nite….”

  1. Hold up. Where’s Fresh? What’s with this thought provoking, political commentary?

    Barack is nearing the finish line. The endorsement (and 8 delegates) from Edwards will only help to seal the deal.

    Hilary needs to be gracious at this point and concede the contest.

    The Best candidate has won.

  2. Wait a minute. Affirmative Action? Didn’t they stamp that out already in this country? They can’t use that one.

    And the White Woman versus Black Man thing is just ludicrous. Hell if it were not for this PARTICULAR Black Man, the White Woman might have gotten my support.

    How the hell do you loan a campaign money? Isn’t it donor supported and only lasts until the running stops? Or is she gonna pay herself back from the donations to her war chest for the next election cycle where Democrats will be having an open race? (which hopefully won’t happen for 8 more years)

    On the real, Hills is acting like Kwame. Just don’t know when to stop now to make yourself look good later.

  3. Well said Fresh, well said. Hillary just needs to let it go already.

  4. Haven’t been here in ages…

    Agree with the post. I had a lot of respect for the Clinton’s in the past but right now they are getting on my goddamn nerves with this simple ass bullshit.

    This campaign has not done their image nor reputation any favors and they oughta be glad they both make fucktons of money off of their memoirs before this fiasco of a campaign started because I highly doubt those books would have been a success after all the malarkey we’ve heard from them over the past few months.

    Ugh. Color me disgusted.

  5. I’m tired of Hilary… I should have ran for President LOL

  6. Hilary Who? I stopped even considering her as a factor right after the North Carolina and Indiana primary. She is a thing of the past…moving forward though I think B has got to get tougher. He did a bit of that last weekend when he pushed back at “Dumb” (B.ush) and “Dumb but Older” (M.Cain). It’s time to put the energy into telling his story and really being specific about his plan to institute real change.

    B doesn’t really have 4 years…cause I do believe he’ll win this election in Nov. He only has 2 years…thats 2 years to do at least 1 thing that can be spun into a success for the nation. Without at least one success he will have to carry the entire weight of Dumb’s mistakes on his back. I dont care what it is…healthcare, unemployment, something but he has to find one niche and ride it out. Otherwise he can forget reelection for him and for the democratic party.

    Oh and he needs to make J Ed his running mate. If he does that he’s good…

  7. . Let her stay in her in her delusional world. Hill reminds me of ghetto cousin who is always getting his ass beat and always telling folks he won while walking around with a busted open eye. Hey, it’s her money let her spend it on her crack pipe dreams

  8. amazes me how they have all this money for her campaign and to send overseas to the chinese after that earthquake but that we still have hundreds of families living in tents and trailers in new orleans…SMH!

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