Commercial Break

We interrupt this program for a special announcement. We have to take a “pause for the cause” real quick.

A girl at my job calls me and asks for advice. “I’ve got a situation” she says.

She’s really feeling this dude but dude has a girlfriend that he lives with and a child with that person.

Hmmmm………oh wait, it gets better.

Dude invited her over his house – yes, the same one he lives with his girlfriend – for some lunch time rumbling and bumbling (read: sex, ass, booty)

Hmmmmmm…….ok. I always thought that dudes who cheat in the same house they live with their “mates” were idiots……but wait it gets better….

The same dude apparently was caught cheating previously and his so called girlfriend tested out a knife on dudes forearm.

Her: So Fresh, what should I do?

Me: *blank stare* Are you fuggin’ kidding me? Are you really standing here telling me this shit asking for advice?!?!? I’m not wasting my breath on this…Go to your room…..(that’s my new shit right there. I don’t care how old you are, if you ask me a childish question, I treat you like a child and say go to your room..By the way, she’s 34)….

Who’s dumber?

We now return to our regularly scheduled program of Top 10 week……..


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 6, 2008.

10 Responses to “Commercial Break”

  1. LMAO @ go to your room! I gotta use that cause there are a lot of kids out here doing dumb shyt!

    No but wait…so she has been to the house to have secs with him in the past? Nah dont stop her, tell her to go and keep going, she deserves to get sliced the fugg up. We need bytches like that eliminated so I appreciate the girlfriend getting rid of her so none of us has to. Teamwork Ladies…let’s go!!!

  2. P.S. hope she aint your sister or nothing cause if she is I regret having to call her a byrch but hey I calls em how I see em LOL!!

  3. OH MY WORD.. STOP IT.. shut up!!! yeah that go to your room is coined.. I will pay homage to you whenever I use it.. I’m wit Roycee.. I wanna see her arse on news.. but I didn’t know.. BIATCH you knew when you saw her draws hanging on the shower curtain and the baby toys in the living room!!! you knew once you walked in the door cause a woman’s house will ALWAYS smell like her!!! Dumb arse.. she needs to get her arse whooped.. Its a wonder dudes don’t want to commit when dealin wit f*ckery like that its easy for them to not have to.. jackass

  4. SMH. I don’t even know people MY AGE that are this dense…

  5. LMAO @ go to your room. Consider that phrase jacked (with appropriate credit paid of course). Umm, I’m wit everyone else, don’t tell her to stop. I want to see her on the news too. She’s earning that azz whoopin.

  6. Mmmmkay, a Ginsu knife? Yeah, that’s enough for me. Some people never learn.

  7. Go to your room! Jacked(with proper disclaimer of course).

    Nothing else needed to be said. Ginsu girl will handle her.

  8. Why is she seeking advice now? She didn’t need any advice when she was frolicking with another woman’s man and some child’s father. DUMB HEFFAS GIVE ME HEADACHES.

  9. Yeah, I’m jackin it too. Go to your room!

    It’s sad what some women will do for a little D I C K.

  10. Method Man kicks that “Go to your room with that shit there…” on Break Ups 2 Makes Up. But I’ll pretend like this was my first time hearing it. 😆

    Anyway…I hope you told her to go ‘head and get her freak on. Then as she walked away, asked her if you can help yourself to whatever you wanted at her cubicle after that dude’s crazy ass girlfriend knifed her up to all be damned. 😆

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