Blog Jack….Yup, I’m from Brooklyn…

Gimme that blog fool, it’s a full time jack move……

Actually, it’s not a complete jack move because Sixty told me to add to her list. So I’m gonna…

See her list….HERE

See my list….NOW….

Ways you can tell I’m from Brooklyn…..

(1) It doesn’t matter the time or place, the event, surroundings, whatever, I am quick to throw a “YA MUTHA” in a conversation. “Oh I see Fresh is rockin’ a plaid shirt”…I respond with “YA MUTHA” . I mean it’s such a powerful statement. The person doesn’t even have to say anything to me. I can just walk up to someone and say “YA MUTHA” and they feel the effect.

(2) True I haven’t lived in Brooklyn in a hot minute, but when I go back to visit my peoples, I never ring the bell. I always yell at them from outside their window, despite the fact they live on the 6th floor…”Eh yoooo Poookieeeee” Maybe it’s because I don’t want to get in that pissy elevator.

(3) I know I’m not the only one who thought the Br.ooklyn Promenade was a full-time make out spot…….

(4) You can name every sight in the Ed “I GOT IT MADE” video and once you saw that video, every time you went to Grand Army P.laza, your ass danced on the steps……

I’m talented, yes, I’m gifted….Never boosted, Never shoplifted……

(5) Actually I have which brings me to #5. Boosting. The Brooklyn slang. It’s in a class by itself yo (<–see). I’ve boosted from A&S. I’ve taxed from Macy’s in Ki.ngs Pl.aza and the Sear.s on Beverly. Who had the time for lay-away?!?! Actually I would rock lay-away at Dr. Jay’s…….need those Karl K.ani’s son.

(6) I still remember Chock Full O’Nuts being in Downtown Brooklyn……

(7) Forget any other states, you have battles with people from other boroughs who try to come at BK…….You from the B.ronx? C’mon son, y’all got nothin’ but burnt buildings…….

(8 Speaking of which, no matter where you go, where you at, you ALWAYS rep Brookly.n. I was in Minneapolis for work about a year ago and went out to this club, the dj played Biggie….all I heard was “IS BROOKLYN IN THE HOUSE”….and I screamed at the top of my lungs…….It’s instinct.

(9) You would jump turnstiles on the train OR if you took the bus, and you forgot your bus pass, you would sneak on the back on the bus and duck in the doorway hoping the driving wouldn’t see you in the mirror or if you were bold like me, you would get on the front of the bus, and flash your bus pass mad (another slang term: mad is an adjective…watch) mad quick so the driver wouldn’t see that your joint said JAN even though it was JUN.

(10) This is probably a NYC thing in general but I would see the damn commercial or hear it on the radio so much that I know the theme song……Ready…..

Mo-dells….gotcha lookin’ good…..Mo-dells….in ya neighborhood…..

There you have it. My 10…..

This officially sets off Top 10 week for me……….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 5, 2008.

12 Responses to “Blog Jack….Yup, I’m from Brooklyn…”

  1. BWAHAHAAH. I’m not from Brooklyn BUT the last line got me. My parents are from Queens so we spent every summer there and of course visiting family in BK. Anytime anyone ever mentions Modells I bust out with: “Gotta go to Mo’s!”

  2. It’s top ten week for me too. Loving this list.

    Boosting? Uh, I worked at Bloomie’s. I can’t say any more. 🙂

    Yes…I know the Modell’s song (and not the “Gotta Go to Mo’s joint. The original!!!)

    My friend Lisa lived on the same block as Special Ed. For real!!!
    I know his older brothers, Steven and D. LMAO. That’s my video right there….”I got land in the sand in the West Indies……or… think just blink and I’ve made a million rhymes. Just imagined if I blinked a million times. Damn I be PAID. To put it short. I got it made”.

    As for the Promenade? No comment.

  3. Gotta Go the Mo’s….yeah…that’s the updated version when they got too big for the original. It’s funny people still know the jingles though…..

  4. OK, I came over from sixty’s blog. I am LMAO over here. I still tell my husband “Ya Mutha” on the reg. A&S? Hehehehe. How about making fake bus passes (by photocopying) to get on the bus? That was how we rolled.

  5. Uh and Fresh… girl Dee^ is a Tech alumni. Take that Midwood.

  6. ROTLFMAO ahhahahaaaaaa or wait all of you getting on the bus and somebody pushing to front like they had a pass and got jacked.. or going through the turnstiles 2/3 at a time!!! LOL

    DAMN the modells joint.. and yes.. the steps at grand army.. LMAO @ the promenade.. Umm how many people went there after the prom LMAO hahahaaa

    Boosting? Umm see what had happened was LMAO.. and remember the Polo crew? Decepticons/Deceptinets? Riding the shuttle? HAHAHAAAA


  7. LOL!! I used to rock the paper bus passes! And it was funny as hell getting on the train with it!!

    Here’s my list:

    1. I never bought sneakers from Footlocker. It was always the sneaker spot, lol.

    Awww damn! I think you and Sixty inspired a post!!

  8. […] had a relatively deep post planned today but then Sixty and Fresh brought back the memories. Don’t let the ladylike demeanor and smile fool you…I […]

  9. Umm, I’m from Queens, but I feel you…

  10. HILARIOUS!! We had Modells too and kneegrow I aint from the Suburbs LOL!!

  11. LMAO! That Special Ed video – that was vintage. Check out the clothes and the hair. That whole video is a BK special!

    Boosting…I plead the fif! Turnstile jumping…one, two, three, four FIF! LOL

    Ya Mutha…Do you remember fights breaking out from that simple statement?! LOL. “Don’t talk about my moms, yo!”

    The Promenade was the make out spot. Was?

  12. So am I the only one who used to cut and paste bus passes?Or get on the bus, flash it, and hand it to my friend behind me?

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