Completely Random

Too much in the dome, gotta release….

(1) I hate when I’m out the office for a few days and someone uses my stuff or sits at my desk or my chair and jacks it up. Where’s the manners? I have a cup of change that I use for my afternoon snack runs. My cup WAS filled with quarters, dimes, nickels because that’s what the vending machine takes. I come back and that joint is nothing but pennies….Fugg I’ma do with pennies……

(2) I’m at the movies last Friday and in walks a girl…well…a couple of girls, one pushing a stroller. Ehhh, the baby was sleep, it was 9-something at night, so maybe that kid will just sleep through the movie. I know what you’re thinking. Why the hell is the baby at the movies that late? Maybe they couldn’t find a babysitter?!?! Who knows!?!? Well right before the movie started, guess who woke up? Then to make matters worse, one of the girls takes a call on her cell phone during the movie and all we hear is “Huh….yeah…we’re at the movies……Yes…with the baby……damn, we wanted to see the movie…….she won’t stop crying…..what should we do?” Yeah…exactly.

(3) Hey Sixty, what you gotta say about this?

Notice the words say, “Beyond Di.ddy”

(4) I just read an article in the Washington P.ost about teachers/educators with raunchy My.Space and pages. Click here if you want to read. Can you imagine being up on My.Sp.ace and seeing your teacher assed out in some lingerie?!?!? I wonder if the civil liberties groups are gonna start beefing saying it’s a violation of privacy.

(5) You know what I hate about these websites now, like news sites, they all have these comments sections and as if I didn’t know before, there are truly some ignorant motherfuggas in this world.

(6) I like to drool see a nice shapely ass just like the next man but this shit right here,

Something’s not right son. The contours are off. The ratios don’t make sense. My silicone radar keeps going off. It’s almost like she removes the ass cheeks like they’re dentures at night. Soak’em up so they don’t stink and put them back on in the morning.
(7) So I was blog surfing last night, visiting some sites I haven’t been to in a while and just drifting off to others. Yo, seriously for some pages I felt real R. Ke.lly-ish. 18 year old posting about their drinking and sexual escapades. Damn. Felt like a dirty old man. I hit the “X” quick.

(#8) Now the world don’t move, to the beat of just one drum, what might be right for you, may not be right for sooooome…..where’s that from?

(9) There are times when you just appreciate real good music.

Chris.ette – call me a’ight…301.9xx-xxxx…c’mon girl…stop frontin’

this joint bangs in the whip….this is hip hop…..Big up Ri.k Co.rder.o – for lacing them with some hot videos.

(10) Ummmm…..I don’t have anything else to say…….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 1, 2008.

12 Responses to “Completely Random”

  1. LOL.. that child got IMPLANTS!!! I don’t see why she just couldn’t leave her arse alone.. geez.. be proud of what you got!!! The raunchy teacher myspaces.. LOL get at me.. I’ll tell u who got outted from our kids school LOL

  2. 1) I work part-time at my office and there are many days I’ll come in and my shit will just be moved. Fucking bastards. Then I’ll ask what happened to my stuff and my coworkers are looking like iunno?

    3) Gosh, those babies are so cute!

    4) I’m a grown-ass woman/college student so I already know my professors be doing some off-the-wall shit on the weekends.

    6) I don’t know if they’re real. I feel you about the ratio business. Something is just…off.

    9 and 10) Love The Roots! Hate Chrisette Michelle. I can tolerate her on this song thougg and her hair is cute!

  3. 6- Creepy
    7- Glad your not a perv!
    8- Different Strokes!

  4. The OSAG fairy stole your quarters negro. You aren’t supposed to be eating any freaking snacks. LMAO!!!!

    Kim Porter=Dumb AZZ (for real)


  5. I’m used to the 1,2 check…..not the 1,2 step.


    And 75 Bars is off the chain.

  6. those joints from the roots are HOT! love em. you did NOT say soak em so they don’t stink in the am. IG! lmao! yeah… those proportions are nonsensical.

  7. 1) Nah they didn’t steal your money! And have the nerve to leave some pennies behind? Damn!

    2) Yep. They are really that young and dumb these days.

    3) No comment.

    4) Hey the teachers gotta get their internet freak on SOMEWHERE!!!! Especially since half their students already are old vets at that shyt!

    5) I would say beyond ignant! I am beginning to think that if it ain’t stupid as hell then you won’t even get it posted in the message board. And the subject never even matters. Because there will be a multitude of dumbasses commenting loud, wrong and usually racist!

    6) It may not be right, but my eyes are seriously enjoying the party.

    7) What you said…

    8) Dang. Scooped!

    9) I agree with the good music part. It is just REALLY hard to find these days.

    10) Me either…

  8. LM-effin-AO at the OSAG fairy!

    6. You know. This is why I hate your guts. Because every time I see that broad, I’m gonna be thinking ‘I’m Gonna Get You Sucka!’ Remember that chick took one of her legs off???? And everything else? LMAO.

    I have to believe this chick sleeps on her side, because there’s no way she can get a good night’s rest any other way. Wow.

  9. How are you going to try to slide my girl, Chrisette, your number?

  10. Black Thought is the truth and nothing but the truth. Him, Mos, Common…but he is the MOST CONSISTENT! This joint CRANKS and I hate Go-Go but I can appreciate the influence on this cut. Great shyt!

    P.S. That azz is horrific

    P.S.S. Did Chrisette call you yet Homie??? LMAO!!!

  11. P.S.S.S. Jay was nice on them ones and twos he still got some skills!

  12. I see me and skoolboi gonna battle for Chrisette?!?!?!?!

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