Funky Fresh Sports Talk

I can’t talk. No really. I barely have a voice.

You see your boy Funky Fresh had tickets to both W.izards playoff games. On Thursday night, you can pretty much say I lost my voice. Yelling at Le.bron J.ames takes effort. Anyway, I recover on Friday afternoon and Sunday, I’m back at the game only this time by the middle of the 2nd quarter, my voice is going again. By the end of the game, yup, I don’t have it. Soooooooo….at the very least, I can type…..

I don’t know about other areas, actually Atlanta is like this too, but if you’re single dude, hit up a b-ball game. LAWD LAWD LAWD…

One more note on the game. So for those of you who don’t follow basketball or don’t really know what’s going on in the W.iz.ards vs. Ca.valiers series has drama with Le.bron vs. De.Sha.wn St.even.son. Basically Le.bron said something about De.Sha.wn, then De.Sh.awn called Le.bron over-rated then Le.bron says it’s like comparing J.ay-Z to Soul.ja B.oy blah blah blah So all this shit goes back and forth and you know, it’s creating a fierce rivalry right? So now I hear Ja.y-Z has a diss song for De.Shawn now……now…..this shit has officially gone overboard to me.

Now I rep for H.ov because he’s Brooklyn but this shit is stupid. C’mon H.ov, let these dudes handle it on the court…….Why even bother getting involved? I’m sorry that was a sucka move. Shouldn’t he be with B on the b-each? Remember when you said “A wise man told me don’t argue with fools, ’cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who”. Hmmmm…………..Just stay on the sideline and let Bron handle his bidniz. And to top it off, they played the ‘diss track’ in a club in DC with some of the Wiz.ards there. Can it get any more disrespectful? Your home team is getting clowned in the club by the opposing team?!?!?!  I wasn’t born and raised in DC but damn. Can you imagine if the P.atrio.ts went up in a club in N.Y.C before the S.uper B.owl and dissed the G.iants?!?!

They have this thing they do during timeouts at the game where they’ll put the camera on the crowd and find a couple and make them kiss for the camera. This shit is hilarious ESPECIALLY when they put it on a couple who really isn’t a couple or even worse, if they’re creeping. Listen up people, if you’re gonna creep, don’t go to a fuggin’ basketball game. Other than you, there’s 19,998 other people here and with that 6 degrees of separation of shit, SOMEONE IS GONNA SEE YOUR ASS. But if you’re not creeping, I’d highly advise you to take that opportunity and kiss your woman. You will get major brownie points for that. C’mon man. You kissed your woman in public for everyone else to see. She’s gonna eat that stuff up…PDA homie. P.D.A…

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on April 28, 2008.

10 Responses to “Funky Fresh Sports Talk”

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  2. LMAO.. well welcome to the world of can’t talk!!!! I sold my tickets for sunday’s game cause I didn’t feel up to it.. damn.. now did u hear the song? its HILARIOUS I mean wow.. anywhoo.. you right I can’t believe it even made it to that mess..

  3. Thanks Fresh for the link, my boy has been looking for that song and I look super cool for sharing it.

    I got caught on the kiss cam last month. Was with the Intern, he AINT MY MAN. Not whatsoever. I made him kiss my cheek. I was so embarrased. And yes my phone was blowing up the next day.

    And YES b-ball games are all that for the singles.

  4. Yeah. That shyt is overboard.

  5. Doesn’t Jay-Z have bigger fish to fry? And I mean that literally because we all know Bey likes her Southern food…

  6. Uh….forget the Jay Z beef. You and me kid. We are gonna beef in the schoolyard tomorrow. 3pm. Get the Vaseline, hold my earrings. Where you been man? LOL

  7. Unnecessary song and honestly it gave dude too much shine…

  8. you’re silly! i’m just glad the bobcats got larry brown! he’s gonna be larry brown of the championship, not larry brown of the 12 wins in a season.

  9. haha
    ur a voiceless mess

  10. Everytime I’m at a Bball game, all I see is couples…I think I go on the wrong nights or something.

    GO WIZ!!!

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