Boredom Blogger’s Block

I think I have bloggers block or something. Seriously. I have sat down for the last two days and cracked up my laptop, logged in ready to blog and as soon as the screen comes up, the words leave me. Boom. Gone. Nowhere to be found – kind of like that guy/girl you were with that one night and when you woke up in the morning, they were gone.

I’m not quite sure what to attribute it to. Maybe it’s old age. The 30’s treat you rough and they say your mind is the first thing to go right? Can anyone lend me some ginkoba or some shit?

But I don’t chalk it up to age. I’m young at heart. Here’s what I chalk it up to. BOREDOM.

That’s my personality mang. I’ve come to realize that I get bored when things become routine and I typically get bored QUICK and usually when BOREDOM sets in, I’m out. It’s only a matter of time.

Let’s see…………..

There’s the flat (high top fade) I rocked and twisted but one day I got up and cut it all off to rock the cesar. OUT.

There’s the girl I went out with who literally wore the same flippin’ outfit 5 days in a row but in different colors. A few days later, I was out. Incidentally, we always had sex the same way in the same place too. OUT.

There’s the motorcycle that I recently sold much to the content of a lot of my close friends and family. Sure going 160 mph on the Beltway is one of the greatest feelings in the world (that’s real) but it became boring riding to gas stations, sitting there and watching people holla at the local hood rats. OUT. Not too mention, 3 people in the crew spilled last year which was enough to freeze the mental and after having my 5 year old (at the time) daughter come up to me and say “Daddy I love you, please be careful” before I finally got my mind right to get on the bike again, I decided it was time to chill. OUT. (for now – I got my eyes on a Harl.ey. I’m talking cereal bowl helmet, cut off t-shirt and timbs (had to thug it out) cruising. Can you see it?!?!

There’s corporate America. Lawd. I’m not completely BORED but I’m getting my Tu.bman on and planning my escape….Fugg that…O…U…mudda fuggin T

The thing about blogging is I’m not the type of person to get you the play by play. I can’t write like that because it puts me to sleep. Well, today I got up, scratched my balls, took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast, went to meetings…YAAAAWWWWNNNNN……

Don’t worry I’m not bowing out of blog world just yet but I know it’s coming. I can feel it in my bones but I won’t just roll out without giving fair warning.

For now I gotta think of shit to write……….

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on April 10, 2008.

11 Responses to “Boredom Blogger’s Block”

  1. First of all…We don’t need the play by play on your uh…ball washing. OUT

    It’s okay to be bored. It’s okay not to write everyday. It’s okay to wait until some shyt develops that you feel like talking about.

    Just don’t up and leave us homie. We need a blog collabo. Holla at your girl in the AM.

  2. I hope you don’t leave the blog world. You can always talk about funny childhood stories or something like that.

  3. I know exactly how you feel Fresh. The past week, I didn’t really feel like blogging. So I went on youtube, browsed music videos and found some old school ones to post. Granted I know I haven’t been blogging nearly as long as you and Sixty have, but one thing I’ve noticed is that you just have to let the dust settle on certain things to get the desire to use/do them again.

  4. Seriously, never speak of your balls again! ROFL

    I hope you get your groove back. We miss you and there is not nearly enough testoerone in blogland.

  5. We all run dry at some point. As long as you let a sista know before you bow out we gonna be cool.

  6. Ok see its folks like you that keep me jonesin” for a good laugh!!! As I head to the airport I had to check ON MO GIN lol

    Real talk on the lil fresh telling you to be careful… Hmm be easy.. holla when I get back!

  7. awww don’t leave!!

    a play by play will do for now. lol.

    i was thinking about getting a bike.

    …but i think i will start with a tattoo first. work my way up. lol.

    eww at wearing the same outfit in different colors everyday. how lame.

    hope all is well your way.

  8. I can relate, homie.

  9. I feel you on that Corporate America ish. I’ll be writing my letter of resignation this week just in case ‘ish pops off.

  10. do the bootleg audio/video posts
    something to switch it up

  11. You know I am with you. I’ve been hella busy here at work but in those moments where I feel like I might want to give a little something to the blog I get here and the words escape me. Funny thing is I have GR8 shyt happening in my life, but even that shyt is the stuff I now want to hold close and share with only a select few. I know my time is coming to an end cause my dedication is less and less and I dont like being half azzed, but for now I guess I’ll keep riding…we’ll know when its time to get off.

    LMAO @ you and ole girl having “old people sex” missionary style on the bed EVERYTIME!!! I knew a dude like that once beleive it or not and I too WAS O…U…eff’n T!!!

    let’s not even talking about how OUT I am with this dayum J…O…eff’n B!

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