Revolving Door….Is the love gone?

I’ve been at my current job for a little over 6 years.

Other than wifey, I don’t think I’ve lasted with ANYTHING in my life that long. I get tired of the same ole, same ole quick and usually at the 2 year mark, I’m out.

So for the past 4 years or so, I’ve been fighting myself. Not a quick spar. I’m talking 12 round bouts. In the red corner, it’s Funky. Funky wants to get the hell out of here no matter what. In the blue corner, it’s Fresh. Fresh says stay, hang on tight, calculate your moves carefully. Why does the fight last 12 rounds? It’s complicatedly (I made that up) simple.

I don’t want to just pick up and leave and go work anywhere. I’ve been in this game called Corporate America long enough and with that, I’ve earned the privilege to go where I want to go, on my terms. Do you know how powerful that is? I don’t want to chase money. I sat down one weekend and devised a plan. This thing is like one of those crazy flow charts:


This isn’t my exact chart but you get the picture all what’s going on inside my head. A whole bunch of If->Then statements (for all of you nerds out there)

So a lot of what’s been happening with me over the years is learning how to control my urges. You can’t f*ck everything that comes your way. Just because she has a phat ass and juicy breasts doesn’t mean she has a future. You could sex that and get her pregnant and now you’re stuck with someone you really didn’t give two sh*ts about in the first place. You know…..grass isn’t always greener.

I’ve maintained. I’ve been approached with opportunities and turned them down because they didn’t fit in my chart and at that time, the universe wasn’t aligned (the stars were off) all the while I’m executing on my plan.

What’s the problem Fresh?

Here’s the monkeywrench. Here’s where it gets tricky. Here is when the phat ass/breasts chick throws me off because she starts talking about a 5 year plan and you think there just may be a future. There’s a bit of a shakeup going on in my organization right now and with this shakeup, there are some opportunities that are going to be available. I have been approached with this opportunity to gain my interest. I’m interested naturally but as I told said person, I’m not trying to lose my life either. These guys work way too hard so there would be to be some changes.

Nothing is set in stone but said person is going to put my name in the hat and make a recommendation BUT this recommendation has to be approved by upper management. These actions have kicked off a whole other segment of the flowchart.

You know this blog is like my way of thinking out loud. I started typing this entry confused but after typing and re-reading, it’s clear.

If I get the opportunity, I take it AND continue on with my plan. If anything, that opportunity increases my market value.

If I don’t get the opportunity, that means they don’t think I’m ready or capable and I got f*cked. In that case, I’m out. You know, that’s all good too. I’ll just continue f*cking them they way they f*cked me, bust my nut, toss the condom away, shower, put on my clothes, leave and erase the number out of my phone.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 18, 2008.

7 Responses to “Revolving Door….Is the love gone?”

  1. LMAO!! You are a CLOWN…Hilarious…

    I totally feel you though. I have an itch right now to roll but I am trying to hold tight long enough to see if I can ride my boss’ coat tails as he heads up to the next level on the ladder. If he takes me with him it will be a great opportunity for me and a different boost on the rez, but if he doesn’t I’m doing a Linda McCartney on they azzes…getting that money and hoping the hell on to the next joint. It’s a cold azz world, but hell we gotta put on the bubble goose and sckully and make us a way.

    Good luck Freshy…I know you’ll come out on top either way (men always do LOL!)

  2. You know I have been down this road recently. My advice is to go for the opportunity. The experience of being put in front of the Power Players is always good. Even if you learn that you still need to work on some things….it’s a learning experience, it gets your name out there as a candidate and you get that higher level feedback.

    My last job interview process didn’ land me the job but I am already starting to work on my next move.


  3. Try this Fresh: Take a sheet of paper and write down the pros of going for the opportunity on one side and the cons on the other side. If the cons outweigh the pros, then 86 the idea. But if not, then hey, go for it. Good Luck

  4. Fresh — you go boy! You have the itch so scratch it. LIfe is about that hustle — can’t get complacent. Keep it movin’ baby!

    You’ll be fine!

  5. hey man. do you. aim for the stars.

  6. FRESH.. now you KNOW you can do this!!! I went through the same thing.. You can MAKE it happen.. keep working the plan.. you already mapped it out.. either way your stock will increase!

  7. ok you know I’m still tripping at the flow chart and the if then statement!

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