Internal Conflict

You ever have someone in your life for a minute and things just end for whatever reason?

Just poof. Gone.

I’m not talking about a boyfriend/girlfriend but this could apply to them. Maybe it was a side-dish, a lova lova, some back door booty (not THAT back door – more like they go out the back door when they leave cause you don’t want nobody to see them)

But poof. Gone.

Time goes by and something makes you think about them. You smell the cologne he used to wear on another man or someone says something that reminds you of that person or they pop up in your dream or you miss chatting with them online or reading their blog and hearing about the crazy things they went through that day or there’s a situation in your life that you KNOW they would be good at helping you resolve right about now. Or the realest, out of nowhere, you squeeze your legs under your desk because you had a flashback of how he put it down or you start to laugh for no reason because of a comment they said.

And you get this urge to call them just to see how they are doing. Maybe just to hear their voice and that’s it. That’ll satisfy you. Or maybe to somehow be selfish and ask them for advice or talk random.

But then you remember, your life has been pretty calm without them because when they were around it was drama. Or you ended all communication with them because some sh*t went down and the way you ended was nasty. Or they did something to you and you’re over it now and refuse to relive those memories.

Then it’s a battle.

Sensible you says let sleeping dogs lie.

Confused and dazed you says just one more time. One more call. That’s all I need.

Who wins?


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 14, 2008.

15 Responses to “Internal Conflict”

  1. You know something…

    [Prior to my posting about the tragedy that I did I intended to do one that corresponds to this very same subject…] ***FRESH…GET OUTTA MY HEAD*** LOL

    Since I’m saving it for Monday I won’t respond in depth but please believe I can DEFINITELY relate.

  2. Ha.. I can relate and well LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE..

  3. You call them. You hook up. And then you remember why you ended things and that the nookie wasn’t all that after all.

  4. See. This is dilemma most dudes face… Shorty was the business in the bedroom, but she came with more drama than an episode of Maury. Hmm. *thinking while Jeopardy Music plays in the background* aahhh. One more episode wont hurt… 🙂 But in all seriousness Fresh, things happen in life for a reason. People drift apart and clash for a certain reason. I’m the type of person that doesn’t do do-overs. Once is enough for me.

  5. I say let it go. Don’t call, email, text or send a message in a bottle. The fleeting good feeling will not be worth it.

  6. the answer is noone

  7. I’ve had those conflicts, but i somehow manage to stop myself in time. I try and focus on why we aren’t in contact anymore and that usually helps.

  8. I say we’re human and we love potential more than the actual.

  9. As my grandma would say, “Let that ‘dere dog ‘lone. He’ll bite at ‘cha!”

  10. I always hear they did something crazy and therefore have NOT grown out of the reason we stopped talking OR if we don’t have mutual friends anymore i call someone else who can talk me down off that ledge. then i don’t make that call and no harm no foul, dogded a bullet, etc etc.

  11. Don’t do it. You are only going to open a can of worms. Especially if one of you has moved on but the other hasn’t.

  12. I think I gave into that urge this past weekend. I called my ex, just to see what was up and then I realized how calm my life has been without him.

  13. […] Technically, I’m dating, but it’s no one new.  I needed to admit that to myself.  AFF hit this issue right on the head.  Little things reminded me of some old flames and, well, I just wanted some […]

  14. Came here from Bbran1’s blog

    Yea I have these feelings all the time about my ex. But he leads me on so thats why it still comes up. If I ever do fully get over my last relationship and these thoughts appear again, I have my blog to remind me why some things are best left in the past.

  15. One day, I talked to every man that has been an important part of my life for the last 20 years all before 10 a.m. They just came outta the woodwork on me! It was surreal, to say the least. LOL Several of the relationships ended poorly, some really have never truly ended – 10 years of life support is pretty lame and selfish. I kept thinking Am I gon’ die? I appreciated that they were thinking of me, at any rate.

    I really enjoy your blog.

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