I’m saying.

It’s March which means the blogging every day thingy probably won’t happen. Some of you figured it out already. Some of you *ahem, Babs, NoMoMsBehavn* already called me out for my lack of updates. LOL. It’s the end of the quarter and the end of our year which means hibernation – somewhat. I know I know, excuses, but hey, I gotta give some reason for my absence.

Let’s randomly jump back into things.


That was the cover of the N.ew Y.ork P.ost today in what has to be the funniest shiggedy I’ve seen in a while. So the gov of .N.Y was getting his rocks off the night before Val.entine’s D.ay and got busted. Couple of interesting notes here. Forget the fact that another politician got busted. If you haven’t figured out that senators and governors and congresspeople and mayors are getting their rocks off, you live in a shell. So maybe dude wanted to get off so he’d last longer for his wife. Maybe? Doesn’t dude look like the type to do some wild shit too? He was probably assed in leather out yelling “spank me, i’ll cut taxes”…….And he brought his ho over state lines. that’s a violation. Dude, you ain’t know you can’t transport hoes.?????? Fugg is wrong with this dude. Lastly, he dropped like 4G for 2 hours. 4G’s!!?!!?!?!?!? That’s 2G’s per hour. 33 bucks a minute. And you know that muddafugga lasted like 5 minutes so she profited like a bandit.


You see this bullshiticus right here? One dude has a self portrait of himself on his chain and the other clown ass dude has a fuckin’ cr.ayola box (the 64 joint) around his neck. I need to do some shit like that. I gotta one up these dudes. I’m going get my whole blog around my neck as a diamond crusted scroll. Damn clowns.

Speaking of Se.an Kin.gston – Why oh why am I walking around singing his damn song?!?!? We can go to the slums, where killers get hung….shawty I could take you there?!?!?! Let me ask you. If you’re going out on a date, would you want to go to the slums?!?!?

If it wasn’t for the elections, I probably wouldn’t watch the news. That stuff is too damn depressing and depending on which station you watch, you get hit with different types of sensationalism. One teenager kills his mother and siblings for reasons unknown. Another teenager kills her family because they disapproved of her dating situation. Depressing. And to top it off, I see this article online at C.NN today.


I’m really at the point where I can’t even look at Billary any more. It’s the negative bullshit ads that make me turn away from politics. Did you hear that ole girl that she used in her 3am phone commercial is actually older and an O.bama supporter? Crazy.

I figured out what makes my I.Q. drop lower than watching 2 hours straight of B.ET. It’s watching F.lavor of L.ove for 30 minutes. Talk about trash t.v. I know there’s another show on VH.1 which is basically the white equivalent to Flav’s show. Has anyone watched it? I want to know if it’s the same silly ass nonsense. Anyone who thinks these chicks on this show TRULY love that little cockroach and doesn’t have an AGENDA is truly…truly….ig’nant…..he called them T.hing 1 and Th.ing 2…ig’nant……..he spells her name See.zinz……ign’ant….

Directv sucks donkey balls. I think Craig and Day-day are my customer service reps. So after having it up to my neck with their bullshit, I called today to cancel my service. Don’t you know these summamabitches are trying to jump through hoops now??????. “But Mr. Fresh, we can give you half price off the next 3 months of service for your inconvenience. How about you give me forever free off my service, dumb clowns.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 11, 2008.

16 Responses to “I’m saying.”

  1. Take your azz to bed. Up late, overworked and angry. Forget those folks….go hug up on Mrs. Fresh…you’ll feel better in the morning!

  2. He was probably assed in leather out yelling “spank me, i’ll cut taxes”…….!!! LMAO

    He’s supposed to resign today. I personally don’t care that he was getting his rocks off, but I do care that he spent over $80K of taxpayer’s money doing it! And I am crackin up at you for breaking the price down to $33 dollars a minute! DAMN!

  3. Hey Fresh! Yeah, I still don’t understand the $4300 piece of stuff! Da hell kind of voodoo/power/gold does that chick possess?

    The other ridiculous show that you are referring to is Rock of Love with Brett Michaels from the group Poison. And yes, it’s almost as bad of FOL. Less weave, more tattoos, and amazingly, more physical/sexual contact between BM and the girls. Hubby watches, so I’m punished by default.

  4. ABSOLUTELY DEAD.. my friends from home sent me that cover.. I almost choked on my breakfast!!!

    Did you say spank me I’ll cut taxes??? BWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Lawd gad u a sing sean kingston song? ah wah di ras wrong wit you? me a go call tekumba fi you

  5. LMAO @ “Ho No”! My mom was telling me how the chick who ran the Emperor VIP Club (Spitzer’s ho supplier) is like in her early twenties. I told moms I’m in the wrong business… Lol.

    I am so stuck on $2K/hour. All I can say is WOW.

  6. Im still tryna see what this female looks like Fresh.

    IMO no P***y is worth 4G’s…especially not for a one or two time affair.

  7. Dude did you get yout Mac situation resolved? The rest of this I am too disguisted to speak on especially the Sambo’s with the gold chains.

    Dod what you gotta you know we aint goin no where!!!

  8. Glad to see you’re back!! I think the Rick Ross chain is comedy and I love that now we can;t even get a picture of him without the chain. Make it go away!

  9. maaaaan
    i was bout to put out an APB on ur ass
    Spitzer resigning
    i dont really care wo he fucks
    as long as he’s doing his job
    his approval rating wasnt high anyway
    oh well
    the coonery.smh
    do the scroll medallion thing
    go head
    let me know how that works out for you

  10. I clearly loose my mind watching Flav 3 – not to mention my breakfast, lunch AND dinner when I watch him kiss someone, ewww!!!

  11. Lurker in the house!!! everyone has covered all topics thoroughly but let me put you up on the directtv. I let them make it in February and they were calling with all kinds of favors but they were only temporary. I now have UVERSE through AT&T. It goes through our phone line and DOESN’T go out when it’s storming! Get 3 rooms no additonal charge, free tech support and home visits, same programming lower price, and they threw in a 160 gig dvr.

  12. You ever notice on every season of FOL, there is a herpes lip bump issue?! I ain’t sayin, but I’m sayin.

    That Rock Love show on VH.1 is almost as bad as FOL, all the women are drunks and all of them are willing to get down with the get down on the first episode.

    Sean Kingston looks like the love child of Biggie Smalls (may he rest in peace) and Shabba Ranks (may his face rest in peace).

  13. rock of lov.e feels less bad b/c its not black women losing their mind over that sorry excuse for a man. i refuse to watch it this year. those necklaces? mad abt it. the post is straight scandal and does not care. wow…

  14. You never cease to amaze me. You crack me up everytime I come here.

  15. Bullshiticus. ROFL!

    That was worth the wait! Missed you!

  16. I’m always cracking up at your posts. Bullshiticus? LMAO! I’m getting tired of hearing about Spitzer and the damn election. I can turn on the news now and predict the stories. Almost no need to watch.

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